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AWR: Getting into gear 2: The Facts


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AWR: Getting into gear 2: The Facts

  1. 1. Get into gear with the…. Agency Workers Regulations Step into 2nd gear AWR The facts ……
  2. 2. Enforced October 2011A temporary agency worker’s right… to same working conditions… as permanent workers
  3. 3. What same conditions? Basic hourly rateRest breaks Performance related bonusUnsociable hours premiumsShift allowance Overtime rate Lunch vouchers Annual leave
  4. 4. Same conditions apply when? After 12 weeks service
  5. 5. Any other conditions? From day one temporary agency workers need …… awareness of vacancies access to facilities
  6. 6. Do you know how to be compliant? These companies do…..
  7. 7. For your free….. Need help? email AWR Team
  8. 8. For your free… Poel is the number one procurer of temporary agency labour in the UK. We help companies to optimise their relationships with recruitment agencies, adding value, saving money, and improving standards. Our key benefits include: Cost savings Streamlined administration Visibility and control Legislative compliance Cash flow Agency workers regulations compliance