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#RDSummit - 7 Advanced Techniques for Building a Domain with Authority and Trust


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I have edited down the conference talk I gave at RD Summit in Brazil so that people can get a taste for what was spoken about. The reason I edited them down was so that those who paid to attend got the biggest benefit and also because some of the slides had sensitive information so were deleted. Want the full version? Check with RD Summit for their video packages!

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#RDSummit - 7 Advanced Techniques for Building a Domain with Authority and Trust

  1. 1. 7 Advanced techniques for building a domain with Authority and Trust
  2. 2. ➡ Run DeCabbit Consultancy doing SEO, PPC, Social Media and integrated marketing campaigns ➡ Online since 1985, online marketing since 1996 ➡ Worked in-house within e-Commerce, Publishing & High Tech ➡ Have worked with GalaCoral, Google, Vapemate, NatWest/RBS, National Gallery, CIPD, Fidelity, NBC Universal, Readers Digest, Bayer, Amadeus, AMD, AmEx, TotalJobs,, Virgin Startup, Zopa, NSPCC, GE & more ➡ Contact: AM I Who Obligatory slide ! Judith Lewis @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  3. 3. 3 @JudithLewis & @Decabbit This deck was edited down and does not include much information given to attendees
  4. 4. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit So what do I do?
  5. 5. Competitor Link Research: @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  6. 6. Find Influencers @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  7. 7. Facebook Outreach Groups @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  8. 8. Check Their Stats @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  9. 9. Checking Influencers Stats @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  10. 10. Ask ALL The Relevant Questions @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  11. 11. Check if They Will Offer Links @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  12. 12. Find Sites that Covered Infographics Through “Search Google For Image” @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  13. 13. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit It’s not just about buying links
  14. 14. Approaches Have to Inspire @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  15. 15. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Unique Research
  16. 16. Unique Research Surveys work well Research should provide new, unique insight Numbers do exceptionally well – find quantitate research topics Google Dataset search @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  17. 17. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  18. 18. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Be the Answer
  19. 19. Piggyback on other Events
  20. 20. Events Calendar Topics There are topical days every day of the month/year @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  21. 21. Ego Bait
  22. 22. Ego Bait Solicit Expert Guest Posts Compile a “Best Of” List or Roundup List Interview an Influencer @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  23. 23. Post-work follow ups
  24. 24. Checklist of What to do After Building Links Remember to provide a tracking link as otherwise source will not be tracked from many Wordpress blogs Don’t just pay the blogger, thank them Socially promote the article/post and tag the blogger/reporter so they know Monitor traffic from the link Check the website is still indexed Check the link still exists periodically @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  25. 25. Digital KPIs to Measure Converting traffic to website Check sources (email, PPC, Google, direct, etc) Brand mentions Both number of searches for brand in Google and mentions on social media Unlinked mentions can be tracked too Return on Marketing Investment One of the most important checks – make sure the money (and time) you are putting in have a positive return @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  26. 26. Get Value – Base Success on Traffic Referral Traffic: Check the amount of traffic being sent from places you have built links to your site (client site). This will help you see how much value you have gotten from that blogger. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  27. 27. KPI Checks: SEMRush I like SEMRush for ranking checks but also because it is an excellent tool suite for link checks, technical checks and keyword checks. SEMRush also integrates with Majestic and has a host of useful features. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  28. 28. Follow Up With Bloggers Message them twice after the post goes live with traffic updates from their blog to the client site Ensure to show them how you are socially promoting their blog post Remind them of the month deadline of traffic reporting and ask them to help promote the post to ensure more traffic @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  29. 29. E-A-T Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness
  30. 30. E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) “The quality and amount of main content, website information, and website reputation all inform the E-A-T of a website.” Is the author here an Expert of what he is talking about? Is the web page Authoritative? Can you Trust it? “Extensive reputation research is important when giving Highest ratings, and is evidence of the E-A-T of the page." @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  31. 31. Expertise Experts can exist in any field (gossip, humour, fashion, etc.) Experts can contribute to user-generated content too (Q&A sites may have expert users participating) An expert should have an expertise on the topic of the query. There are no general experts. Experts may not necessarily have recognised / formal expertise (education). @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  32. 32. Authoritativeness Very positive reputation is often based on prestigious awards or recommendations from known experts or professional societies on the topic of the website. For topics which need less formal expertise, websites can be considered to have a positive reputation if they are highly popular and well-loved for their topic. Quality raters will look for reviews, references, recommendations by experts, news articles, and other credible information created/written by individuals about the website. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  33. 33. Trustworthiness On-page trust signals include a prominent “About” page, extensive contact information, and well-written privacy policies. These signals are more important for financial and shopping sites, but it doesn’t hurt to add these to any site. A good signal of trust for informational pages is the presence of good references (links to sources) supporting statements in the main content. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  34. 34. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit BONUS MATERIAL: Testing Spam
  35. 35. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit I do also buy links But I do so carefully and strategically
  36. 36. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit It isn’t always smooth sailing
  37. 37. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit I’ve taken penalties… Link penalties
  38. 38. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit So be careful when buying links…
  39. 39. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit Some claim poor quality links still work - offer $59.95 packages or whatever
  40. 40. Test Results @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  41. 41. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit All it showed was Fiverr is useless and searches with clicks don’t always work
  42. 42. @JudithLewis & @Decabbit
  43. 43. You Can Find Me Online Twitter: @JudithLewis @Decabbit LinkedIn: Web: Food Blog: HuffPost: SEO Blog: ShideShare: