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How to use SEO & Social media to get more traffic - Ladies In Blogging Presentation


Published on presentation about how to get more traffic to your blog or website by using both SEO and social media.

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How to use SEO & Social media to get more traffic - Ladies In Blogging Presentation

  1. 1. How to use SEO & Social media to get more traffic@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  2. 2. Who Am I Obligatory Slide• Got on the Internet in 1986 at my school lab• Working online with search since 1996• Paid & Natural Search – all aspects plus social• Worked in-house within e-Commerce, Publishing & High Tech• Have worked with Google (SEO for product sites), Orange, COI, NatWest/RBS, National Gallery, CIPD, Fidelity, GalaCoral, NBC Universal, Readers Digest, Bayer, Virgin Trains, Family Search, Amadeus, AMD, AmEx & more• Chosen as a founding Modern Muse, contributed to a book on promoting websites among others, 2x judge of the UK Search Awards, one of the SEO Chicks, write for HuffPost ...and blog at MostlyAboutChocolate(.com) @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  3. 3. Organic/Natural searchSpider is let loose on the And then creates a copy of that web page in Spider indexes web pagesweb, following links from site its database (index)to site A user carries out a query in the search engine (Algorithm based) Results displayed from index Algorithm to determine relevancy @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  4. 4. Elements of Ranking – 200 factors including:• Title Tags • Advanced Linking• Meta Description • Authority• ALT Tags • Age of domain• URL/Page Title • H1, H2, H3 (and• Keywords in the accompanying CSS) content • Image Optimisation• Internal Links (images • On Page Text vs. keyword rich text)• URL • Internal Links Structure/Categories • Links to External Sites@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  5. 5. SEO Trends & Techniques• Traditional techniques still best – Keyword research & mapping – Optimised on and off-page assets – Lower importance on title tag – Myth of optimal density• Site architecture – Site load time more important• Increasing importance of social footprint• Bad link penalty• Fresh & unique content boost• Continued importance of links – Link profile changes – Focus on natural – Brand links = brand boost @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  6. 6. Keyword Research• Check that the words are what everyone uses and not just internal/personal jargon• Check you are using a more frequently searched term for roughly the same meaning – “social media” vs “social networking”• Go for a longer tail – 3 - 5 words convert better• Each page needs an individual focus• Write naturally but with awareness of target terms• Too: @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  7. 7. Search Results Title Tag MetaDescriptionURL of page Site links @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  8. 8. 2nd page for “RaakaChocolate”. Better title: “Raaka Chocolate: Seasonal Shopping for Raw Chocolate” Or“Raaka Chocolate: Whyoh why do people like to eat unroasted moth eggs?” @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  9. 9. rel author@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  10. 10. rel author@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  11. 11. rel author@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  12. 12. masters/tools/richsnippets@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  13. 13. Where to Put Links@MostlyAboutChoc 13@JudithLewis
  14. 14. KEYWORD PROXIMITY@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  15. 15. How Links Work• Every link has a value• The bigger the circle, the more value/authority the page has• The arrows are links• The more links leading out from a page, the less value they pass on• Blogroll links are not good @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  16. 16. How PageRank Works... Sort of(the math is wrong in this example but is used for simplicity) @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  17. 17. PAID LINKS• Any link not editorially given technically should be no-followed• If an up-front request is made as part of the approach, that means the link is no longer editorial• If you get something in exchange for a link, it is paid for - but no-follow and disclosure are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS• Google & the ASA are DIFFERENT – Google says you need to no-follow links that are paid, the ASA says you have to disclose payment if you are swaying consumer opinion @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  18. 18. @MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  19. 19. GOOGLE+@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  20. 20. HOLY COW!!!@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  21. 21. Referral Traffic from Social@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  22. 22. Traffic Comes from Everywhere@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  23. 23. Rules for Blog Success• No such thing as minimum keyword density• No such thing as minimum or optimal word count• No such thing as optimal styling (i.e. bold, italics, etc)• No such thing as optimal inbound link count• No such thing as the ‘right way’• No such thing as the ‘only way’• 450 – 600+ updates to the algorithm per year – there will never be an absolutely ‘right’ way• DO NOT CHASE THE ALGORITHM – You’ll always be miles behind and waste energy & effort doing so @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis
  24. 24. ? QUESTIONS?@MostlyAboutChoc@JudithLewis
  25. 25. You Can Stalk Me Online...Twitter: @JudithLewis @MostlyAboutChocLinkedIn: http://www.BYND.comPersonal: http://www.decabbit.comBlog: http://MostlyAboutChocolate.comOther Blog: ...and the list goes on @MostlyAboutChoc @JudithLewis