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Chocolate Tasting Session #Tree2Tummy at Loncon3

  1. From Tree to Tummy – Chocolate Tasting Workshop #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  2. You are about to get some flyers, a map and a badge ribbon in one pack plus a stack of pots with chocolate PLEASE DO NOT EAT YOUR CHOCOLATE NOW AND DON’T CONFUSE YOUR POTS! You’ll regret it later when we’re tasting together if you do #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  3. Who Am I Obligatory Slide • Expert search marketer with 18 years experience, talk at conferences around the world and teach others to do what I do – • Volunteer with London Girl Geek Dinners to promote women in tech and help them network – • Blog about and Judge chocolate from around the world – • Volunteer on committee of Eastercon 2015 – #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  4. What This Session Will Cover • Where chocolate can grow & types of cocoa tree • How chocolate is made from beans • Tasting a real cocoa bean • Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest • Original Beans Piura Porcelana • Willie’s Rio Caribe • Willie’s Peruvian • Duffy – Panama Tierra Oscura • Askinosie Mababu • Pump Street Bakery - Madagascar #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  5. Please Show Them The Love Please tweet & choose their chocolate bars next time you shop: • Askinosie - @Askinosie donated 4 bars! • Pump Street Bakery - @PumpStBakery donated 6 bars! • Willie’s Cacao - @Williescacao donated 2 kilos! • Original Beans - @Original_Beans donated 2 kilos! • Paul A Young - @Paul_A_Young donated the cocoa beans! • Duffy - @DuffyRedStar Sold me the bars wholesale #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  6. Small Bean to Bar Makers • NOT FAIRTRADE – this system is *NOT* favourable to farmers AT ALL • Most trade DIRECTLY with farmers – by cutting out brokers the farmers get all the money • Many help encourage better farming and fermenting processes • Choose these suppliers not because they donated but because they are ETHICAL & FLAVOURFUL and change the world #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  7. Cocoa Growing Region Image by @cocoaRunners who sell many bean to bar chocolate bars – #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  8. Three Main Types of Cocoa Forastero • Primarily cultivated in W Africa – Ivory Coast, Ghana et al • Fast growing tree with a high yield • Very resistant to disease Trinitario • Indonesia, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and some Caribbean and Latin American countries • Result of accidental cross-fertilization of criollo and forastero cacao trees in Trinidad around 1730 • Combines taste of criollo bean with resilience of forastero Criollo • Primarily cultivated in Central America and some parts of the Caribbean • Around 5 - 7% of the world's production is criollo. • Fragile tree with low yields • The most rare and sought as it produces high grade cocoa with premium flavour #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  9. How Chocolate is Made • Trees take up to 5 years to produce commercial levels of fruit • Pods are picked by hand and cut open • Beans are fermented in their own mucilage for up to a week, then dried and bagged for shipment • Beans are the roasted, cracked and winnowed • Beans are then ground into a paste, sugar & cocoa butter and milk powder are added • Further conching for flavour and mouth-feel • Tempering and making it into a bar comes last #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  10. #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc Cocoa Pod with Cacao Beans
  11. Fermenting Cocoa Beans #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  12. Tasting Your Roasted Bean • Place it in your hand and crush it • Cupping your hands smell the scent of the beans • Deep chocolate • Red fruits • Acidity • Anything else? @Paul_A_Young #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  13. Refining to Cocoa Liquor #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  14. Tempering Chocolate #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  15. How To Taste Chocolate Like A Pro • Look at the piece of chocolate - check for shine • If possible, break the piece of chocolate - listen for a snap • Smell the piece of chocolate repeatedly – see of you can pick out distinctive flavour notes before you taste them • Place the piece in your mouth and DO NOT CHEW IT – allow the chocolate to melt slowly • As the chocolate melts, exhale through your nose and see how many different flavours you can detect • Finally once the chocolate is gone from your mouth, how long does it linger? #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  16. Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  17. Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  18. Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest Tasting Notes: Coffee Honey Honeydew Jasmine tea (fleetingly) @Original_Beans #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  19. Original Beans Beni Wild Harvest Delicate yet distinct, with floral honey, Sun-dried cranberries, melon and jasmine tea. Original Beans has been actively involved in the conservation of this rare source of 100% wild cacao for several years. the cacao grows on “chocolatales” or “cocoa islands” dating back to a pre-Columbian civilization. During the wet season, the expert collectors from several indigenous tribes go out, for weeks at a time, in canoes to collect the wild beans in spots only they know about. @Original_Beans #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  20. Original Beans Piura Porcelana Tasting Notes: Raspberry Lime Kumquat Light fruit Intense flavour @Original_Beans #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  21. Original Beans Piura Porcelana Vibrant, luscious with kumquat, lime, apricot, raspberry flavours and notes of toasted pecan. Discovered by Original Beans in 2007 in the foothills of the Andes, this “forgotten” white cacao, or “Porcelana”, in its original state is ultra-rare and appreciated for its exceptionally vibrant, fruity flavours. Nearly extinct, Original Beans’ collaboration with the regional farmer cooperative has brought this variety back into production. The replanting programme allows local farmers to make the transition from rice to cacao, which is much better for their income and for nature. @Original_Beans #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  22. Duffy’s Panama Tierra Oscura Tasting Notes: Light red fruits Gentle flavours Bit of leather @DuffyRedStar #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  23. Duffy’s Panama Tierra Oscura I buy all the beans from a little island off Panama, buy them direct from Dorothy, the farmer, pay a good price for the beans and donate to an educational project there too. And I love the taste! Light cherries & liquorice with leather & raisins in the aftertaste. @DuffyRedStar #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  24. Pump Street Bakery Madagascar Tasting Notes: Citrus Acidity Heavy yellow fruits @PumpStBakery #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  25. Pump Street Bakery Madagascar We are lucky to have been able to source organic cocoa beans from Bertil Akesson’s 2300 hectare family estate close to Ambanja in the Sambirano Valley. Our bar has a medium roast with a long conch and yields a chocolate with subtle fruity-sweet tartness and high notes of citrus and yellow fruits. @PumpStBakery #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  26. Willie’s Cacao Peruvian Tasting Notes: Dried red fruits Acidity Raisins Plums Dried purple fruits @williescacao #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  27. Willie’s Cacao Peruvian Delectable single estate cacao, with notes of raisins and plums. Chulucanas 70 is instant gratification. An adventure in taste, it melts taking you to the mountains of the Morropon province of Peru, with their native Criollo beans and their distinctive notes of the raisins and plums (check your map!) @williescacao #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  28. Askinosie Tanzania Tasting Notes: Nutty on the nose Slight acidity (tingle in cheeks) Earthiness Roasted notes Some fruits – yellow Tannins @Askinosie #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  29. Askinosie Tanzania We handcraft this single origin 72% dark chocolate (69% cocoa liquor and 3% cocoa butter, pressed in our factory) with cocoa beans we source directly from farmers in Tanzania plus 28% organic cane sugar—that’s it. Notes of strawberry, blueberry, and graham met with a creamy, velvety smooth texture. @Askinosie #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  30. Willie’s Cacao Rio Caribe Tasting Notes: Plastic-y Nuts Roasted chocolate Powdery chocolate – the particle size I was talking about @williescacao #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
  31. Willie’s Cacao Rio Caribe My favourite road trip runs ten hours east of Caracas, along the magical Caribbean coat to the Paria Peninsula and the sleepy village of Rio Caribe. This delectable chocolate, made from the extraordinary beans grown there is an adventure in taste with its complex nut and coffee notes (check your map provided by Willie) @williescacao #Tree2Tummy @MostlyAboutChoc
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