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Personal Branding for Public Health Professionals


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Building your brand and advancing your career, your organization, and public health.

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Personal Branding for Public Health Professionals

  1. 1. @deBeaumontFoundation @deBeaumontFndtn deBeaumontFoundation PERSONAL BRANDING: ADVANCING YOUR CAREER, YOUR ORGANIZATION, AND PUBLIC HEALTH Mark Miller, Vice President of Communications, de Beaumont Foundation
  2. 2. PREVIEW • What is a brand? • Why create a personal brand? • Shaping your brand • Communications opportunities • Taking the next step @mmiller20910 @deBeaumontFndtn
  3. 3. WHAT IS A BRAND?
  4. 4. WHAT IS A BRAND? A corporation’s brand is not a logo, a tagline, or a series of ads. It’s a collection of perceptions in the mind of its audiences.
  5. 5. WHAT IS A BRAND?
  6. 6. WHY?
  7. 7. WHY PERSONAL BRANDS MATTER Strong personal brands add value to organizational brands: • Increase visibility • Build organizational credibility • Increase engagement • Expand influence • Create a human connection to the organization • Make the work relatable and real
  8. 8. PUBLIC HEALTH NEEDS YOU! As a leader with vision, passion, and a track record of success, you help personify the public health. You can inspire people in the field, be a role model, and help shape the future. Public health needs more… • Storytelling • Creativity and innovation • Tangible results • Personality and humor
  9. 9. YOU ALREADY HAVE A BRAND Another reason to care about your brand? Because you already have one.
  11. 11. THE OLD WAY • What we do: “We make desirable cars with great gas mileage.” • How we do it: “We make our cars with the finest materials on the finest equipment in the world.” • Why we do it: “We want to earn your business. Would you like to buy a car?”
  12. 12. A NEW WAY • Why we do what we do: “We believe there is always a better way, and we always aim to find it. We believe in thinking differently.” • How we do it: “Because we think differently, we marry cutting-edge technology with human intuition and beautiful design to create products that look and function like no other.” • What we do: “We sell computers. Would you like to own one?”
  13. 13. To strengthen and transform public health in the United States by improving the effectiveness and capacity of local and state health departments. To advance policy, build partnerships, and strengthen public health to create communities where people can achieve their best possible health. THE DE BEAUMONT BRAND May 2019 rebranding
  14. 14. CORE BELIEFS • Healthy communities have systems and policies to allow everyone to achieve their best possible health. • Healthy communities need a strong public health system. • Health is more than healthcare. • Improving communities starts with policy. • Local approaches and practical solutions are key to achieving lasting change. Ask yourself: What are your core beliefs and values?
  15. 15. PERSONALITY WORDS Practical Innovative Entrepreneurial Strategic Creative Results-driven Ambitious and realistic Smart Experienced Focused Driven Passionate Effective Efficient Leaders Partners Hands-on Collaborative Influential Respected Forward-looking Ask yourself: What are your personality words? They can describe you now or can be aspirational.
  16. 16. THE DE BEAUMONT BRAND Our personality words informed our design: intentionally clean, simple, and bold.
  19. 19. LESSONS FROM SHAQ • Be authentic. • Make real connections. • Have a plan. • Be consistent. Shaq’s diet program came with a rule: If you cheat, you have to tweet.
  20. 20. LESSONS FROM THE ROCK Audiences: • Kids and families • Females • Charity-minded • Action fans • Wrestling fans • Sports and fitness
  21. 21. WHO ARE YOUR AUDIENCES? • Coworkers • Professional colleagues • Friends • Family members • Social media connections • Potential employers • Community members • etc. Ask yourself: Who are my audiences? Who do I most care about reaching? What value can I offer them?
  23. 23. The 5 WHATs TAKING THE NEXT STEP • What are your goals? • What do you value? • What are you passionate about? • What motivates you? • What makes you remarkable?
  24. 24. The 5 WHATs OPPORTUNITIES • Speaking • Writing • Social media • Blogs (don’t have one? Write for!) • Podcasts • Media • Professional organizations • Awards • Volunteering – a chance to hone new skills and take leadership roles
  25. 25. The 5 STEPS YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION • Take inventory – do a Google search for yourself and set up notifications. • Craft your identity (and elevator speech). • Make a plan and choose appropriate channels. • Monitor results and refine your plan.
  26. 26. The 5 WHATs SOCIAL MEDIA How do you balance your personal/professional life? How do you make time?
  27. 27. The 5 WHATs SOCIAL MEDIA Getting started on Twitter: • Create an account. • Follow your organization, your partners, @deBeaumontFndtn, and some others. Do searches to find topics and people you care about. • Monitor tweets. • Set up notifications for when you’re mentioned.
  28. 28. The 5 WHATs SOCIAL MEDIA Taking the next step: • Like, comment, and forward tweets (with or without commentary). • Find and create your own content. • Follow lists, participate in Tweet chats, tag others, use hashtags, etc.
  29. 29. IN CONCLUSION… 1. Recognize that you have a brand and that what you do (and don’t do) will shape it. 2. Make a plan with practical steps to shape your brand. Think about the role of social media and other communications. 3. Let us know how we can help.
  30. 30. KEEP IN TOUCH! @mmiller20910 @deBeaumontFndtn