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DePe - Supplementary reading materials

  1. 1. Assignments and Supplementary Reading Materials<br />Week 5/6 – Customer Validation, Creation and Company Building<br />Required Reading: Excerpts from Mark Suster’s, “Hunt deer, not elephants.”, Product Market Fit <br />Optional reading: HYPERLINK ""Lean Startup Analyzed<br />Discussion question: In the market for your opportunity, identify some customers that are “elephants” and some customers that are “deer.” For bonus, identify a “rabbit” customer.<br />Week 4 – Customer Discovery and Business Model Canvas<br />Class: How do I define my organize my business and learn from my customers?<br />Assignment: 1) Draw your ecosystem. 2) Fill in a business canvas for your idea. See How to Create Your Business Canvas from DePe Team<br /> <br />Required reading: How to Create Your Business Canvas Draw your Ecosystem, Business Canvas in Brazil, The Lean Canvas <br />Resources: Lean Canvas Generator, Lean Canvas Site (has some extra resources and collaboration tools, use invite code: lean2010)<br />Week 3 – Idea Generation<br />Class: Where do ideas come from?<br />Required video: Malcolm Gladwell on Spaghetti Sauce + for bonus HYPERLINK "" UX Inspired Design, & What I wish I knew when I was 20<br />Required reading: The World is Flat, Microtesting, Validation (skim this one)<br />Optional reading: Startup ideas from a Investor, 9 Business Selection Criteria, 13 Sentences about startups<br />Start-up blogs and resources: Techcrunch, Start up Ideas<br />Week 2 – Failure Day<br />Class: Is it okay to fail?<br />Required video: HYPERLINK ""Mike Maples at the Founder Showcase – three pivots (start the video at 12:00 minutes, can stop watching at 35:00 minutes) <br />Required reading: Failure Day Slides (please link to slide share), It’s okay to change your mind product, How not to die <br />Optional reading: How UX can drive Sales, How Odeo became Twitter (funny), 18 mistakes that kill startups<br />Week 1 – Introduction to EntrepreneurshipClass: There are many types of entrepreneurship, not just high tech.  It’s easier than you think and college is the best time to start. <br />Required video: How to Live Before You Die.<br />Required reading: Intro to Entrepreneurship Slides (must answer at least one question from lecture), How to Start a Startup (skip the section on Raising Money), <br />Optional reading: What Startups are Really Like, The 3 Advantages of a Startup <br />