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Company introduction

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VariArts - The Art Of Travel En

  1. 1. VariArts TravelThe Art of Travel
  2. 2. Chapter One – About usChapter Two – Special Interests Travel Chapter Three – M.I.C.E Services Contact Us
  3. 3. ABOUT US Started in luxury travel since 2005 One of China’s top DMCs and Special Interest Travel Providers A team of 10 staff members Strong-connection-enabled themes: arts & culture, academics/education, sustainability & volunteering, business & networking, health & wellness.
  4. 4. OUR PEOPLE Lin Xus personal and professional relationship with China extends across the academic, entrepreneurial and creative spheres. She is a China scholar, art lover, and eco-living promoter. After founding a successful and unique DMC, VariArts Travel, she continued with a vision to create the first high-end travel and event consolidator in China. She first founded China Luxury Travel Network (CLTN) and built a solid team to consolidate inbound high-end travel. The next step was the establishment of a strategic partnership with HelmsBriscoe to create its China branch, consolidating the meeting service and procurement industry for the first time. Lin’s current endeavor is the establishment of a cutting-edge high-end outbound travel platform under the name “SlowTravel”, to bring quality, sustainability and real experiences to Chinese globetrotters. Lin got her Masters degree in East Asian Studies at Stanford University after completing a business degree at Peking University. She has conducted research on Chinese politics, economic policy, and social studies of the Asia-Pacific region as well as cultural research in China. She worked as an executive in Asian business development and investment consulting in the US, France, and China before starting VariArts group in 2005. She has strong relationships with entrepreneurs, various levels of Chinese government, Asia-focused academics and creative professionals on three continents.Lin XuFounder/CEO, VariArts Travel Group
  5. 5. OUR PEOPLE Mary Ma’s detailed experience in the hospitality industry over the past twenty years has put her on the vanguard of China’s MICE industry, making her one of the most knowledgeable and qualified persons not only here at VariArts, but throughout all of China. Years of time in hospitality have made her an old hand in the trade, having worked with incentive groups from Europe, the United States, and Asia, as well as high-ranking business delegations from around the world. Mary spares no effort in welcoming visitors to China, working with personal inquiries and global tours with zeal. A native Beijing expert on the hospitality industry, her first job was in the Shangri-La International Hotel Group for 12 years, successfully handling international conventions and conferences such as APEC leadership conference, ASEM, and managing the visits of several other former Presidents/Premiers visiting China. For the following 8 years she worked with destination management companies, adding to her repertoire of event creation and management skills until joining VariArts. Mary Ma VP of Operation/MICE Dandan Zhong Director, Special Interests TravelDandan Zhong’s passion for the travel industry, like the places she has visited, is seemingly unlimited. She isa walking resource on China’s hidden gems with a deep understanding of the tourism market, wherefinding the next hot spot is a personal zeal. Dandan translates this knowledge, combined with her lengthyexperience in the industry as a project manager with Wild China, into a revolutionary view of the travelindustry in China: that a vacation is more than the most expensive hotel and the gaudiest tourist trap. Shedoggedly dreams to bring the spirit of the adventurer back to the Chinese travel business, and leads otherstowards creating new possibilities for travelers with the experiences, knowledge, and emotions a trip toChina can instill.Dandan received her bachelor’s degree in Travel Management from Beijing Institute of Tourism. Her pastexperience has been in premium travel and destination management in the past seven years, serving anarray of valuable clients like Rockefeller Kellogg, Columbia, and Harvard. During the Beijing 2008 Olympics,she was involved in the culture programs for sponsors like Panasonic and NBC.
  6. 6. OUR PEOPLE • Extensive knowledge of China; • 5 years experience serving more than 70,000 clients; • Account Manager for French-speaking market; • The green spirit of the VariArts team; • 4 years experience; • A specialist in special-interest tours, handling FIT clients; • Has lived and traveled to the four corners of China; • A journalist and reporter; • Bringing creativity into tour and MICE programs; • Henry’s untiring personality is only matched by his fervor for developing the finest events and programs ; • 5 years experience; • A specialist in MICE services;
  7. 7. TESTIMONIAL“I think it went fantastically well and I was always amazed how everything fellin place without glitches. The guides were great, fantastic.” - Pedro’s family“Great people, Great memories that I will carry for life time.” -Ayman Talaat, Managing Director, ExtraMile event“Very professional and they really took into account the particularcircumstances of the clients.” - Jon McGrath, Groups and Leisure Travel consultant“There is only one comment I can give – EXCELLENT. I have been received agreat compliment from all Directors about the setup and tours that arrangedby your Company” - Sally Leung, WTP More testimonial please visit: ory/testimonial/
  8. 8. SERVICE LIFECYCLE Pre-sales Post sales • Information • Reservation • Customize • Brief local • Pre-trip information • Gifts Program Design During trip Post trip • Daily check • Feedback from clients • Immediate response • Feedback to local • Be flexible operator • Budget • Adjustment for future programs
  9. 9. Chapter One – About usChapter Two – Special Interests Travel Chapter Three – M.I.C.E Services Contact Us
  10. 10. SPECIAL INTERESTS TRAVEL Spiritual & Religion Art & Architecture Minority Culture Culture & History Eco Tours Family Fun
  11. 11. CULTURE & ART An Infusion of Tea Culture The more China changes, the more its tea culture stays the same. Rarely will you enter a Chinese home or office without being offered a cup of hot tea. From yak butter tea in Tibet to puer in Yunnan to oolong in Fujian, tea is tightly intertwined with life all over China. And China’s tea traditions are aThe Tao of Well-being gateway to many of its other treasures. Chinese Art & its Creators Sipping a cup of tea before a night of PekingThough so much of the talk about China opera, or a trip to the hills where tea leaves With over 4000 years of documented history,these days is about its teeming cities and are harvested, offers a multi-sensory China boasts a wealth of homegrownrising GDP, China is still the home of a great experience of this 5,000-year-old civilization. knowledge unsurpassed anywhere in thedeal of traditional culture, from Taoism to world. Celebrated fields of study that haveTai Chi. While many civilizations were still in ITINERARY emerged from China include Tai Chi, Wushutheir earliest stages, China was perfecting Shanghai - Hangzhou - Fuzhou - Wuyi Gong Fu, Qi Gong, Chinese opera, acrobatics,the arts of calligraphy and Chinese medicine, Mountain - Beijing and calligraphy. CLTN creates educationaland building monuments that even today tours and training programs that are highlyastonish with their grandiosity and technical esteemed, well organized opportunities foracumen. While the Great Wall and Forbidden those who wish to use their travel timeCity are still standing, Tai Chi and traditional learning one of China’s renowned practices.Chinese massage are also still alive and well, Leading professionals and universityproviding a connection between professors to lead all educational aspects ofcontemporary China, and its long rich the tours.history. ITINERARYITINERARY Beijing - Xining - Kunming - Zhongdian -Beijing - Chengdu - Mt. Qingcheng - Chengdu Lijiang - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai
  12. 12. FAMILY ADVENTURE China Family Adventure Trip This family adventure trip takes you to the some of the most popular destinations in China: Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Guilin and Yangshuo. Starting with a comprehensive introduction to the key historical sights of Beijing, China’s modern capital steeped inThe Last Natural Wonders history, this tour moves to the start of the Gone with the Wind – Adventure on the ancient start of the Silk Road, storied Xi’an, Tibetan PlateauAlthough China’s unprecedented urban before moving on to Shanghai, the “Paris ofgrowth might get all the press these days, the East,” and finally ending at the country The Qinghai-Tibet region is one of the mostthe Middle Kingdom is still home to some of town of Yangshuo, beautiful as if it was lifted mystical in the world. Stretching acrossthe world’s most magnificent natural from a painting. western China, the area is home to Tibetanlandscapes, diverse animal and plant life. Buddhism, Mount Everest, and the source ofFrom the giant panda to the black-necked ITINERARY the mighty Yellow River -- the “cradle ofcranes, some of China’s most unique species Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Suzhou - Guilin - Chinese civilization.” It’s a land mysteriousare in danger of extinction. Fortunately, in Yangshuo - Guilin and majestic, full of ancient monasteriesnature preserves and research centers across tucked in among snowcapped mountains,the country, work is being done to protect and crystalline lakes surrounded by lushthese splendid creatures, and restore their grasslands. For centuries, travelers havedwindling populations before its too late. come to Tibet to study Buddhism, drink inLocated in the hills of Sichuan, and the the atmosphere and admire the gorgeousmarshlands on the eastern Tibetan Plateau, scenery. Traveling through Qinghai and Tibetare biospheres dedicated to the preservation is to step back into time and to enter intoand appreciation of China’s wildlife. Here you one of the most special places on earth,can travel back in time into the heart of where monks still study in monasteries, andprimeval forests still untouched by modern believers still travel hundreds of miles todevelopments, and do your part to help make pilgrimages to mountains, lakes, andensure the future of these ancient creatures. temples.ITINERARY ITINERARYChengdu - Wolong - Wanglang - Jiuzhaigou - Xining - Qinghai Lake – Gonghe – Mardo –Ruoergai - Chengdu - Guilin - Longsheng - Yushu – Nangchen – Riwohe – Chamdo –Guilin Ranwu Lake – Bomi – Bayi – Lhasa
  13. 13. EDUCATION & SEMINAR Literature and Education in China – a Tour through the Ages As one of the earliest centers of human civilizations, China’s educational and philosophical legacy spans almost four thousand years of continual history. The ancient teachings of China’s greatestSights and Sounds of the Chinese philosopher Confucius formed the backbone Business Suitcase Seminar TourOpera of ethical and philosophical doctrine that continues to influence the daily life of more Chinas relatively recent emergence as aThe term "Chinese Opera" covers a dazzling than a billion of people. This illuminating world economic power, coupled with itsvariety of regional styles. These numerous tour will take you on a whirlwind journey distinct culture, vast geography, and uniquepopular forms of drama and musical theater from ancient to contemporary China, government, can make doing business in thecan, in same cases, trace back to the Third touching on everything from education to Middle Kingdom a complicated endeavor,Century CE, and were popular with everyone literature and beyond, while stopping at the with potential and unintended pitfalls. Forfrom the common people up to the court of sites often considered to be the most crucial example, understanding certain culturalthe Emperor himself. The many styles all tell to the development of the Chinese dynamics, such as the Chinese idea of Guanxi,ancient tales of kings, scholars, and soldiers civilization as we know it today. a favor-based system of relationships, isthrough song and dance, aided by colorful necessary in successfully conducting business.costumes, make-up, acrobats, jesters, ITINERARY Therefore, the China Luxury Travel Networkstorytellers, acting, poetry and martial arts. Beijing - Qufu - Jinan - Hangzhou - Shaoxing - has teamed up with Chinas leading Hangzhou - Shanghai consulting and business related serviceOn this trip, we walk in the footsteps of providers, in order to clarify Chinas vastChina’s most famous opera stars, learn face geography and unfamiliar business practices.painting, visit the opera costume collectorsto discover the most famous and influential ITINERARYbranches of Chinese Opera: Peking Opera in Beijing - Tianjin - ShanghaiBeijing, Qinqiang in Xi’an, Kunqu in Shanghaiand Pingtan in Suzhou.ITINERARYBeijing - Xian - Shanghai - Suzhou
  14. 14. ACCOMMODATION Various accommodation experiences Whether it’s at a luxury 5-star hotel, boutique courtyard resort or village home stay
  15. 15. DINING & NIGHTLIFE Authentic dining experiences at the most popular local restaurants, or sharing meals with local villagers
  16. 16. TRANSPORTATION Travel is about on the road;We make sure it is comfortable and fun.
  17. 17. GUIDE & EXPERT Travel is about the places you visit the people you travel with and the people you meet
  18. 18. Chapter One – About usChapter Two – Special Interests Travel Chapter Three – M.I.C.E Services Contact Us
  19. 19. UNIQUE MEETING SERVICE Catering for all MICE concerned issues: - Cocktail - Meeting - Convention- Gala Dinner (+Award, + Entertainment) - Theme Dinner - Offsite Banquet with Expertise - Special Event - Activities - Corporate Training & Team Building - Tailor made
  20. 20. Offsite catering banquet at historical venues
  21. 21. Offsite gala dinner with entertainment
  22. 22. Offsite theme dinner with entertainment
  23. 23. Theme dinner on the Great Wall
  24. 24. Special entertainment during the offsite theme dinner in Shanghai
  25. 25. New product release & award, offsite cocktail & indoor banquet
  26. 26. Offsite gala dinner at unique venues
  27. 27. Performance & entertainment
  28. 28. VIP ground operation solution & services
  29. 29. VIP ground operation solution & services
  30. 30. Various team building activities, such as “Conquer the Wall”, “BMW motor wild race”
  31. 31. Various team building activities, such as “beach volleyball ”, “boat racing”…
  32. 32. Chapter One – About usChapter Two – Special Interests Travel Chapter Three – M.I.C.E Services Contact Us
  33. 33. CONTACT USFor M.I.C.E inquiry For leisure travel inquiryMs. Mary Ma Ms. Dandan dandan@variarts.comT +86 10 8532 4808 ext. 616 T +86 10 8532 4808 ext. 608 Jian Guo Men Wai Diplomatic Compound 7-1-141, Beijing 100600, P.R.China T +86 10 8532 4808 F +86 10 8532 4809 E