WWII: D-Day to VE-Day


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  • Eva Braun
    Eva and Hitler’s dog Blondi took poison,
  • WWII: D-Day to VE-Day

    1. 1. WORLDWAR II D-Day to VE-Day
    2. 2. Essential Question How did Allied troops defeat the Axis powers in Europe?
    3. 3. Vocabulary Operation Overlord D-Day Dwight Eisenhower Battle of The Bulge V-E Day
    4. 4. ACTIVATOR Last Class’s Answer the EQs How did the war develop on the Mediterranean & Eastern fronts?
    5. 5. DISCUSS/REVIEW Where has Stalin been requesting Great Britain and the U.S. attack the Axis forces?
    6. 6. DISCUSS/REVIEW Who was the American general that led the successful Operation Torch in North Africa?
    7. 7. ATTACKING FRANCE • Supreme Allied Commander – Following the success of Operation Torch, Eisenhower is placed in charge of all Allied forces in Europe – He will lead the attack on France • Tricking the Axis Forces – 3+ million troops and thousands of planes, tanks, etc. are gathered in southern Great Britain – Germans expected an attack in France and believed it would be in the northeastern seaport of Calais – Real Allied target: Normandy
    8. 8. OPERATION OVERLORD • Operation Overlord – Codename given to the Allied assault on Normandy, France – Largest amphibious (land + sea) attack in history – American, British, & Canadian forces would land & take the beach • D-Day – Military jargon/term referring to the day combat begins – D-Day for Operation Overlord was June 6, 1944 p. 510
    9. 9. IMPACT OF D-DAY • Heavy Casualties – Approximately 4,500+ Allies dead • Allied Advances – June 6, 1944 – D-Day – July 1944 – 1 million Allied troops have now landed in France – August 1944 – Vichy France falls; Allied forces liberate Paris – September 1944 – France, Belgium, and Luxembourg are liberated • Charles de Gaulle Returns – De Gaulle triumphantly returns and becomes President of France
    10. 10. DISCUSS Now that the Axis Powers have been defeated in France, how should the Allies proceed with the war?
    11. 11. IMPACT OF D-DAY p. 508
    12. 12. BATTLE OF THE BULGE • Battle of the Bulge – Desperate, Hitler orders a counterattack hoping to split Allied forces and affect supply lines – Hitler sends a majority of their troops to one spot to fight hoping to create a “bulge” in Allied line – Despite initially surprised, Allies push back Nazis – Signifies the end of the war, just a matter of time
    13. 13. MALMEDYMASSACRE • Malmedy Massacre – During the Battle of the Bulge, a group of American troops were surprise attacked by a unit of Nazi soldiers – Rather than take the soldiers as POWs, the Nazis began to execute/murder them – Considered among the worst war crimes of World War II • Harold Billow – Survivor of the massacre – Resident of Mount Joy, PA
    14. 14. DISCUSS How did the Soviet victory at Stalingrad affect the war on the Eastern Front?
    15. 15. p. 508
    16. 16. DISCUSS/REVIEW How was Germany at a big disadvantage in World War I?
    17. 17. How is Germany in a similar situation now in WWII? p. 508
    18. 18. DISCUSS Whatever happened to Mussolini?
    19. 19. DEATHOF IL DUCE • No Escape for Mussolini – April 1945 – found by Italian citizens in a German truck dressed as a Nazi soldier – Shot dead by Italian resistance fighters – Body was hung upside down in Milan and spit upon by his own people
    20. 20. DISCUSS How does it all end for Adolf Hitler?
    21. 21. DEATH OF DER FUHRER • Allies Invade Germany – 3+ million from the west (USA/UK) – 6+ million from the east (USSR) • Hitler Refuses to Surrender – Hid in an underground bunker as Soviets invade Berlin – Marries girlfriend Eva Braun – Hitler does not want to be put on trial for war crimes (Holocaust) or captured/tortured by the Soviets – Hitler commits suicide only 2 days after Mussolini is killed by his own people in Milan, Italy
    22. 22. DISCUSS How does it all end for Nazi Germany?
    23. 23. VE-DAY • Unconditional Surrender – April 1945 – Allies invade Berlin and defeat German military – May 1945 – German leaders agree to an unconditional surrender • VE-Day – VE = “Victory in Europe” – Signifies the end of WWII in Europe – Celebrations are held throughout Europe and in America – American and Soviet troops met in Berlin and celebrated together
    25. 25. SUMMARIZE TOTD: Answer the EQ How did Allied troops defeat the Axis powers in Europe?