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EDIT & Scientific Publishing in Natural History Institutions


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EDIT & Scientific Publishing in Natural History Institutions

  1. 1. Scientific publishing in Natural History Institutions 3rd Meeting Copenhagen 7-8 October 2010 Laurence BÉNICHOU & Daphne DUIN Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle
  2. 2. Programme committee Laurence BÉNICHOU – Publications manager Scientific Publications department Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle Daphne DUIN – EDIT Stakeholder Liaison Officer Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle Danny EIBYE-JACOBSEN – Managing Editor, Steenstrupia Natural History Museum of Denmark Isabelle GÉRARD – Head of Publications Service Royal Museum for Central Africa Sponsor
  3. 3. Context • Rapid changes in scientific publishing / digital era • Isolated desk editors / lack of resources • Specificities related to publishing in natural history sciences Decrease in titles publishing descriptive taxonomy Long shelve life publications (sustainability) Library exchange programmes Nomenclature • Scientific publishing in the public sector
  4. 4. Aims • Formulate recommendations on dissemination and access, at two levels: the publishing level in our institutions the decision makers • Question the way we work to catch up with the technology to keep fulfilling our mission • Inform, network, bring together people working on the same job with the same purpose • Identify opportunities and barriers
  5. 5. 1st meeting: Paris, 2008 • Within EDIT 25 out of the 28 EDIT members are publishers around 65 journals (+ 45 book/monograph series) 70% available online 28% have an impact factor • Isolated teams • Long-shelf life • Same production process, different business models
  6. 6. 2nd meeting: Bratislava, 2009 • Opportunities and challenges for electronic publishing Nomenclature rules Sustainability: electronic archiving Exchange programmes and their future • OA journals and impact on publishing strategy Improvement of the accessibility of publications and small journals Challenges for existing cost models
  7. 7. Outcomes of the meetings • Empower individual staff International network of personnel in NHIs with capacity to take initiatives, such as writing conference papers and project proposals collaborations between publishing and library departments But more work to do • Support collaborative projects Joint negotiations with commercial partners EJT
  8. 8. Surveys • 2 questionnaires About Journals and Monograph series About Exchange programme Find sustainable resources to continue to do the community building that started in 2008
  9. 9. 3rd Meeting: Copenhagen , 2010 • Trends and developments Enhanced publications Open science and scientific publishing New role of scientific journals Acquisition policy and business models of research libraries in a digital era • Collaborative solutions A joint Nordic approach to Open Access and research distribution EJT: a new journal Journal aggregation and integration for enhancing the access and impact of taxonomic publications GRIB, a bibliographic index of EDIT and BHL-Europe A concrete case of digitalization partnership
  10. 10. Breakout sessions TOPIC MODERATOR 1 Economic models L. Bénichou, MNHN 2 Library exchange programmes G. Higley, NHML 3 Copyright R. Linklater, RBGK 4 Dissemination of natural history books N. Massen, NHBS 5 Fast-track publishing Z.Q. Zhang, Zootaxa 6 Co-publishing I. Gérard, RMCA Registration: D. Eibye-Jacobsen
  11. 11. • Room to allow people to network, essential for technician and decision makers • Decision makers need good technical expertise and collective strategy • Fact that the field of taxonomy is changing because of the new technologies: cybertaxonomy • Share expertise with colleagues from libraries 3rd Meeting: Copenhagen, 2010
  12. 12. • Production of “checklists” • Production of recommendation to NHIs Outcomes expected from 3rd Meeting: Copenhagen , 2010
  13. 13. We thank And the Natural History Museum of Denmark WEBSITES ENJOY THE MEETING