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Who's doing CRM well?


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Who's doing CRM well? This presentation explores three examples: Zappos, LOVEFiLM, and Victoria's Secret.

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Who's doing CRM well?

  1. 1. Who’s doing CRM well? Sept. 2012
  2. 2. My online purchases usually start with a search fora promo code. But searching for a Zappos promocode, I landed here:
  3. 3. “ a level of service that supersedes the value of a coupon ”
  4. 4. Zappos’ mission ofsuperior service is notjust about this guy…
  5. 5. It’s about putting the customer at the center oftheir business and CRM is a part of that. Customer Service CRM Customer UI Social
  6. 6. The Zappos email journey starts here: Note the tone of what could be a boring transactional email.
  7. 7. Zappos invites you into their community: They don’t ask you to write a review for their benefit, they ask you to write it to help others “ if you’ve ever read a customer review, you know how ” helpful they can be
  8. 8. And they ask you to join their email databasein a way that is in keeping with their tone Their newsletter is billed as a “fun and informative” communication – not access to “inside deals and offers”.
  9. 9. Zappos’ communicationsinspire you to make apurchase, rather thanrelying on promos anddiscounts
  10. 10. Zappos uses transactional data to sendtriggered emails
  11. 11. They surprise anddelight their bestcustomers
  12. 12. The Zappos customer email journey: Purchase Review Email Product VIPConfirmation Product Newsletter Anniversary
  13. 13. What can you learn from Zappos? The power of FUN Engender a community feeling Provide inspiration Triggered emails Surprise and delight
  14. 14. (The largest DVD rental and streaming video company in the UK.)
  15. 15. LOVEFiLM’s early customer acquisition effortsfocused on member-get-a-member Note the offer testing and online tracking
  16. 16. LOVEFiLM uses email in smart ways
  17. 17. LOVEFiLM uses email in smart ways We employed a regression model, that scanned transactional behavior, to select those ex- customers who were the most frequent users of the service before they lapsed. We then looked at longevity of membership – the insight being that people who ‘scored’ highly on both metrics would be most likely to come back. Source: Quant Marketing
  18. 18. LOVEFiLM uses film-related creative to maketheir emails fun – even bad news
  19. 19. What can you learn from LOVEFiLM? Member-get-a-Member Test and Learn Approach Winback Email Customer Recognition Leverage Fan Interests in the Creative Transference of Emotion
  20. 20. Remember when all Victoria’s Secret didwas send a pile of these to your doorstep?
  21. 21. Victoria’s Secret sends targeted retention andtriggered emails: Victoria’s Secret monitors the time between customer store visits; they email customers whose time between trips is increasing to help prevent attrition. They also send triggered emails such as gift reminders.
  22. 22. CRM isn’t just about email. Victoria’s Secrethas focused on mobile acquisition: Victoria’s Secret’s mobile acquisition channels have included online, in store, and email.
  23. 23. Victoria’s Secret PINK customers opt in toemail and mobile by default:
  24. 24. Victoria’s Secret uses mobile to engage withcustomers: Victoria’s Secret uses mobile for customer engagement They also used mobile to support store launches. As consumers walked past the select Victoria’s Secret stores, their phone vibrated and they were invited to download exclusive content directly to their mobile phones.
  25. 25. What can you learn from Victoria’s Secret? Customer Acquisition for Mobile Communications Default opt-in to mobile messages Engage users via SMS instead of (just) pushing out offers Proactive retention emails
  26. 26. Prepared by Devon Dudgeonwww.devoninspiration.comSeptember 2012