How social media can add value to smart government


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This presentation is about social media and smart government as it applies more to the UAE. provides examples of best practices for SM use in the UAE Government

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How social media can add value to smart government

  1. 1. How Social Media can Add Value to #Smart_Government? Dr. Saeed Al Dhaheri Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – U.A.E @DDSaeed GCC Government Social Media Summit 2013, Dubai 1-4 September 2013
  2. 2. Agenda Smart Government and M-Government concepts Public expectations and potentials of Social Media Examples Conclusions 2
  3. 3. Smart Government announced in UAE “A smart government is forward looking, innovative, fast, reach people, and never sleeps” “I want UAE government services to be delivered to the public through mobile phones” H.H.Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Where do you think those announcement made first? 3
  4. 4. SMART Government: what does it means? Social Mobile Analytics Radical - Openness Trust S.M.A.R.T 4
  5. 5. Smart Government: what does it means  Facilitate and enhance government Innovation in providing innovative solutions to the public  An effort towards citizen-centricity  Harnessing the power of PPP  Government efficiency  Easy access, efficient services and transparent government  Should meet public needs and exceed their expectation Social Media Plays a crucial rule in smart Government 5
  6. 6. Government-Public Interactions on Social Media Channel Twitter    12k followers to Dubai smart gov ‫ #الحكومة_الذكية‬is mostly used (70+ tweets) #smart_government Facebook     Dubai smart government page Abu Dhabi e-government page Links to services activities LinkedIn     Smart government group (59 members) Other groups Content in English only No presence for UAE smart government yet 6
  7. 7. Public expectations from government and SM potentials Public expectations from Government  Immediate information accessible by any device  Easy to use services and available anywhere, anytime and meeting the preferences of individuals  Gov service offerings shaped by public needs  Transparency Social Media Potentials for Smart Government  Social Media enables 2-way communication  Citizen participation with gov is possible  Improve awareness  Improve promoting gov services  Collaboration with citizens to solve gov problems (co- creation, crowd sourcing)  Collect feedback about gov services  Increase transparency in gov interactions with citizens 7
  8. 8. M-government provides gov services to the public using smart phones  Enhance the delivery of public services  From e-government to m-government  From web-sites to m-sites  Mobile smart phones and SM is becoming the way of communication with gov  Provide services in innovative way  Increase cooperation between gov departments to provide services  Guidelines for service delivery through mobile apps is essential  Enterprise (or government) app store 8
  9. 9. Examples:  Crowdsourcing to solve gov problems  Public and gov collaborate together  Awards for innovative solutions 9
  10. 10. Examples: Al Ain Municipality services for the Deaf  Servicing the needs of all the customers groups  Services provided using sign language  Services include site plan, investigation certificate, Home services,,,etc 10
  11. 11. Examples: Dubai SME “SeedApp” Fund “SeedApp” Fund       Supports UAE nationals to develop apps Partnership with Dubai SME agency Promote creativity and innovation Covers 60% of the cost to develop Apps supports entrepreneurship activity in UAE Public is invited to vote for the app concept online (i,e crowdsourcing) “SeedApp is a significant step towards integrating the human component to m-government," Al Janahi said. 11
  12. 12. Exmaple: MoFA idea contest  Promoting Logo design contest through SM  Increase awareness about the contest  Acknowledge respondents  Announcing winner 12
  13. 13. Examples: Smart App for Smart Government – Abu Dhabi City Guard  Allows AD residents to report Incidents  Collaboration between several gov department  Citizens engaged to improve security and general safety of Abu Dhabi  Capture video, photos, voice  Location on the incident  Follow up on the case  App available for iPhone/android/blackberry 13
  14. 14. Conclusions  Social Media (if used properly) plays a vital role in enhancing smart government communication  Social Media should be part of the overall government services and information strategy  Need to explore other social Media channels such as LinkedIn and Google+  Employee-centric strategies to use a combination of organization and consumer SM tools  Metrics is needed to understand and quantify the value of citizen experience 14
  15. 15. “The government is not a power over people. It is a power to serve the people” H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum 15