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Prez szabolcs

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> End User Productivity: Better Insight through Integrated Business Intelligence Szabolcs Radnai Business Intelligence – Business Development Manager – EE Region
  2. 2. Trend: From Operational Excellence to Management Excellence Time Adaptability OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE 3 „Costs“ „Quality“ „Speed“ „Smart“ „Agile“ „Aligned“ Operational Data Analytical Data
  3. 3. <Insert Picture Here> Agenda • BI (re)defined • Oracle BI and BI Apps Vision • The technology behind the BI Applications • What Are Oracle BI Applications
  4. 4. Embedded Business Intelligence EPM System BI Applications Enterprise BI Platform Data Mining Ad Hoc Query Database Reporting OLAP Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Insight Collaboration Action Loopback BI does not work isolated
  5. 5. Insight
  6. 6. Collaboration
  7. 7. Decision-making
  8. 8. Action “I’m new here…. Where is the action?
  9. 9. Oracle’s Business Intelligence Strategy Continued Investment and Innovation 1995 20102000 2005 Embedded Business Intelligence Oracle Exadata EPM System BI Applications Enterprise BI Platform Data Mining Ad Hoc Query Database Reporting OLAP Oracle Business Intelligence 11g 8i 9i 10g 10g R3 10g R5 11g2.0BI Releases 1.2 8.31.6
  10. 10. Oracle Hyperion Performance Management Applications Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Complete and Integrated From Storage To Scorecard Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Oracle Essbase Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Golden Gate Oracle Exadata Oracle Data Mining Oracle OLAP Oracle Partitioning
  11. 11. The Standard for Enterprise Business Intelligence Most Complete New in Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Oracle Single interface for all kind of (relational & OLAP) analysis Any style of reporting, user type, data source  All types of collaboration within dashboards and workspaces  Initiate in-context actions from dashboards  Scorecard application connected to dashboard KPIs 
  12. 12. OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse Data Mart Packaged Applications (Oracle, SAP, Others) Excel XML/Office Business Process OLAP Sources Exadata Unstructured & Semi-Structured Complete, Integrated. Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Common Enterprise Information Model • Common Metadata Foundation across all Data Sources • Common Security, Access Control, Authorization, Auditing • Common Request Generation and Optimized Data Access Services • Common Clustering, Workload Management, & Deployment • Common Systems & Operational Lifecycle Management Interactive Dashboards Reporting & Publishing Ad-hoc Analysis Detect & Alert Office Integration Search EmbeddedData Integration MobileScorecards Collaborate
  13. 13. Oracle BI Server EE Leading R-OLAP Server • Complete BI Tools Suite • Consistent UI, metadata, calculations, data access, security • Best Performance • Intelligent Request Generation • Intelligent Function Shipping • With multi-pass calculations • Intelligent Aggregate Navigation • Intelligent Caching • Optimized Distributed Data Access • Multi-user Development • Enterprise consolidation & scale • Heterogeneous Data Sources • Relational, OLAP, unstructured Common Enterprise Information Model ORACLE BI SERVER Complete. Open. Integrated.
  14. 14. Best-in-Class Query & Analysis User Interface • Powerful dashboards • Visually appealing • Intuitive • 100% thin client • Across all styles of analysis • R-OLAP, M-OLAP, Scorecards, Reporting, Collaboration, Actions • Across all data sources • Simplified model for users • Federated data access • On-the-fly calculations, even with complex share and time series • Custom members & groups • Share, collaborate, & publish • Consistency & alignment
  15. 15. Best-in-Class M-OLAP User Interface • First, seamless R-OLAP & M- OLAP Browser Interface • OLAP Query Building with member selection • Member selection • Calculated members • Hierarchical calculations • Custom aggregates • Navigate across relational and multidimensional sources • Shared metadata, calculations, dimensions, security • Ragged & skip-level hierarchies • Performance for each source • Microsoft Office Integration
  16. 16. Oracle Essbase Leading M-OLAP Server • Self-Service and Departmental Analysis • Forward-looking: Prediction & what-if analysis • Simple to model complex business scenarios • Sophisticated, cross-dimensional calculations • Procedural, financial, time series & custom calculations • Custom analytic applications • Multi-user write-back • Best M-OLAP Performance & Scalability • Flexible storage – Block, Aggregate & Hybrid • Optimized load performance, trickle feed • High-availability clustering • Benchmarked sub-second response time with 20,000 concurrent users, 15 dimensions, 1 billion records • Integrated with Oracle BI and Oracle EPM • Shared metadata, calculations, dimensions, security
  17. 17. Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management Strategy Management & Goal Setting • Integrated BI component • KPIs as core metadata • Thresholds, owners, history • Auto-generated interactive analyses • Linked objectives & initiatives • Automatic detection • KPI alerts triggered by thresholds • Strategy visualization • Strategy Maps and Trees • Cause and Effects • Watchlists • Annotations & override • All methodologies • Balanced scorecard, six sigma, Baldrige
  18. 18. NEW – Oracle BI Foundation Suite • Bundle of OBI Suite EE+ joined together with Essbase Plus and Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management. • Most comprehensive, and integrated BI product on the market • The strategic BI Tech product • At $3,675 NUP, lower price point than the prices of the elements • End user minimum – 25 • There is no minimum processor count for this. • BI Foundation for Applications to be announced
  19. 19. Reporting Strategy Best in Class Report Builder • Unified architecture for web- based interactive and document- centric production reporting • 100% pure thin client interface – No plug-ins, native AJAX • 100% lifecycle support – Access data, design, schedule, manage all in thin client • For interactive reporting – Web-centric design • For production reporting – Pixel-perfect documents • Microsoft Office Integration – Excel, PowerPoint, Word – Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 & 2010
  20. 20. Interactive Dashboards Geospatial Visualization * Office Integration Mobile Reports Visualization and Collaboration A unified End User Experience Complete. Consistent. Accurate. Applications & Portals Search * Ad-hoc Queries Collaboration * Scorecards *
  21. 21. 22 • Many mapping visualizations • Thematic, dot-density, bar, pie, or color shapes with binning • Multiple layers • Interactive map controls Interactive Spatial Visualization
  22. 22. Oracle BI Collaboration WebCenter Workspaces & Collaboration • Integrated with WebCenter • Search, tagging, tag clouds • Linking & document association • Discussion forums • Chat, presence, & real-time collaboration • Workspaces • Community lists • Business Intelligence in portals • Dashboards, dashboard pages, scorecards, reports embeddable • Standards-based portlet integration • Context passing & run-time editing • Personalization & skinning • Oracle & other portals
  23. 23. First Closed-Loop Business Intelligence Solution THE OLD WAY Disconnected. Open Ended. The New Way: ACTION FRAMEWORK Integrated. Actionable.
  24. 24. Oracle BI Action Framework Alerting & Insight-to-Action Sense • Detect business events & conditions. Respond automatically • Generate and deliver reports • Alert and Notify users • Initiate business Processes and workflows Monitor Progress • Track resolution and progress FULLY AUTOMATIC Define actions in response to insights • Associate with key business conditions Navigate • Guide users to relevant analysis, web content and transactional systems Take Action • Initiate workflows & business processes HUMAN-DRIVEN • Navigate to further analysis • Initiate a business process • Execute a workflow • Deliver BI content • Call a Web service • Collaborate
  25. 25. Oracle Positioned in Leaders Quadrants Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 2010 Magic Quadrant for CPM Suites, 2010 Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems, 2010 Source: Gartner, Inc., “Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms, 2010” by Rita Sallam, Bill Hostmann, James Richardson, Andreas Bitterer, 29 January 2010. This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report. The Gartner report is available upon request from Oracle. Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms
  26. 26. Decision Workflows – Financial Analytics • Business Function Receivables • Role Director, Credits & Collections • Objectives – Maximize cash flow – Control risk of receivables portfolio Target collection efforts to reduce overdue balances Drill to overdue invoice detail Who are the customers and collectors? How long is the underlying overdue balance pending? Is overdue balances trending up? Is DSO on target? Maximize cash flow Drill to due balances by region What is the aging of due balances? Are payment terms in compliance? Is DPO on target? Business Objectives/ Issues Gain Insights Take Action
  27. 27. Building BI Solutions is Challenging Significant Investment, Skills and Time Required License an ETL tool to move data from operational systems to this DW License interactive user access tools License/create information delivery tools Research/understand analytic needs of each user community Set up user security & visibility rules Perform QA & performance testing Manage on-going changes/upgrades Develop detailed understanding of operational data sources Build ETL programs for every data source Build analytics for each audience Design a data warehouse by subject area License an ETL tool to move data from operational systems to this DW License interactive user access tools License/create information delivery tools These steps require multiple different BI and DW technology INVESTMENTS Develop detailed understanding of operational data sources Build ETL programs for every data source Build analytics for each audience Design a data warehouse by subject area These steps require IT or BI staff resources with specialized SKILLS These steps take TIME to understand and perfect as knowledge of best practices is learned Research/understand analytic needs of each user community Set up user security & visibility rules Perform QA & performance testing Manage on-going changes/upgrades
  28. 28. Oracle BI Apps Vision • Simplifying repeatable activities in • Content and logic in subject areas • Data model • ETL • Data presentation • BI Tools • Critical functionality mass in predefined applications • Leverage own technology and architecture
  29. 29. Build from Scratch with Traditional BI Tools Oracle BI Applications Prebuilt Business Adapters for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP, others Prebuilt DW design, adapts to your EDW Role-based dashboards and thousands of pre-defined metrics Easy to use, easy to adapt Weeks or Months Back-end ETL and Mapping DW Design Define Metrics & Dashboards Back-end ETL and Mapping DW Design Define Metrics & Dashboards Training / Roll-out Training / Rollout Months or Years Results • Faster time to value • Lower TCO • Assured business value Source: Patricia Seybold Research, Gartner, Merrill Lynch, Oracle Analysis Speeds Time To Value and Lowers TCO
  30. 30. “Zero to BI in 100 Days” Before  Fragmented systems and processes  Always in “Reaction Mode”, limited ability for “real-time” analysis  Majority of time spent on “gathering” data instead of “analyzing” data  No common approach, standards, or best practices.  Inability to identify root causes and drive corrective actions Ingersoll Rand is a global $11B+ industrial firm providing products, services and solutions to transport and protect food and perishables, secure homes and commercial properties, and enhance industrial productivity and efficiency After  Oracle BI EE and Oracle BI Apps as “Strategic Platform”  Deployed Oracle BI Order Management, Sales, and Service Analytics at 33 sites with just 5 FTEs  Replaced over 300 legacy reports while integrating data from Oracle, MS SQL Server, mainframe data, MS Access, Excel and flat files  Average response time < 8 seconds with millions of records at users’ fingertips Obtaining good, consistent business information in a reasonable time frame has been one of my single largest frustrations with managing this business. This will move us significantly forward on that path.” – Brian Fahnestock, Director, Ingersoll Rand
  31. 31. • Dashboards • Pre-built ETL across multiple applications and sources • Pre-mapped metadata • Pre-built metrics • Pre-built data model The Real Value is Below the Surface Oracle BI Applications
  32. 32. More than just dashboards and reports Answers unlocks limitless combinations • Oracle Answers together with prebuilt Subject Areas = Unlimited analysis possibilities • Almost limitless combinations of analysis entities in support of business objectives • Many metrics and dimensional attributes not surfaced by prebuilt dashboards and reports but in Subject Areas
  33. 33. CRM ANALYTICS ERP ANALYTICS SALES • Pipeline Analysis • Forecast Accuracy • Up-sell/Cross-sell • Cycle Times • Lead Conversion • Sales Team Effectiveness MARKETING • Campaign Effectiveness • Customer Insight • Product Propensity • Market Basket Analysis • Campaign ROI SERVICE & CONTACT CENTER • Service Effectiveness • Customer Satisfaction • Resolution Rates • Service Rep Efficiency • Service Cost • Service Trends ORACLE BI SUITE ENTERPRISE EDITION PLUS AND OTHER OPERATIONAL AND ANALYTIC SOURCES SOURCE ADAPTERS: FINANCIALS • General Ledger • Accounts Receivable • Accounts Payable • Cash Flow • Profitability • Expense Management PROCUREMENT & SPEND • Direct & Indirect Spend • Buyer Productivity • Contract Compliance • Supplier Performance • Purchase Cycle Time • Employee Expense SUPPLY CHAIN & ORDER MGMT • Revenue & Backlog • Inventory Analysis • Fulfillment Status • Customer Status • Order Cycle Time • BOM Analysis PROJECTS • Project Funding and Budget • Product Cost • Project Revenue • Project Billing • Project Profitability HUMAN RESOURCES • Employee Productivity • Compensation • Talent Management • Recruiting Analysis • Learning Analysis • Workforce Profile Oracle BI Applications Suite Complete, Prebuilt, Best Practice Analytics PRICE • Price Segments • Price Waterfall Analysis • Deal Life Cycle • Deal Desk Analysis • Product Pricing Performance LOYALTY • Member Demographics • Membership Trends • Program Revenue • Promotion Effectiveness • Points Analysis
  34. 34. BI Applications 7.9.6 - Business Content Over 8,000 pre-defined assets BI Application Dashboards Dashboard Pages Reports Metrics Sales 14 33 620 596 Price 5 32 92 453 Marketing 5 27 124 325 Loyalty 4 15 60 194 Service 8 15 102 308 Contact Center 5 17 72 209 Financials 6 36 255 488 HR 9 45 238 335 Supply Chain & Order Mgmt 3 22 157 235 Procurement & Spend 5 25 266 264 Project 3 15 146 323 All Industry Apps 44 147 1,117 1,216 Total 109 430 3,250 4,946
  35. 35. Unrivaled Integration with Oracle Apps Extends BI Value. Lowers TCO. View performance “in-context” with budgets and plans INTEGRATED WITH PLANNING AND EPMS Seamless navigation from analytical information to transactional detail ACTION LINKS – “INSIGHT TO ACTION” One login. Right content for each user. INTEGRATED SECURITY* Data Security User Security Object Security BPEL, ESB Oracle BI Intelligence-driven business processes INTEGRATED WORKFLOW *JDE E1 supports User and Object security via LDAP. Data security not integrated.
  36. 36. Example: Financial Analytics Components Pre-mapped metadata, including embedded best practice calculations and metrics for financial, executives and other business users A “best practice” library of over 480 pre-built metrics, 36 intelligent dashboards, 250+ reports and several alerts for CFO, Finance Controller, Financial Analyst, AR/AP Managers and Executives Pre-built ETL to extract data from over 3,000 operational tables and load it into the DW, sourced from PSFT, Oracle EBS and other sources Pre-built warehouse with 16 star-schemas designed for analysis and reporting on financial analytics Presentation layer Logical business model Physical sources 1 3 2 4 Copyright © 2008, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 3
  37. 37. Copyright © 2008, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 3