5. e20 impact keynote_benefits from e20_as


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5. e20 impact keynote_benefits from e20_as

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Maximizing Your IT Investments with Enterprise 2.0 Andreas Stellatos Principal Sales Consultant, ECM/E2.0 SEE
  2. 2. <Insert Picture Here> Program Agenda • Business Challenges • Enterprise 2.0 • Getting Started with Enterprise 2.0 • Customer Examples • Closing - Q&A
  3. 3. <Insert Picture Here> Business Challenges: Source of Inefficiencies
  4. 4. Content in Our Organizations: Snapshot Documents, Images, Email…ever increasing Online content is exploding into 988 exabytes in 2010 and generally the Digital Universe is growing into 35 trillions of GBs within the next 10 years*. IDC: Digital Universe Decade, Are You Ready?, May 2010
  5. 5. Paper-Driven Processes Increase Costs and Cause Inefficiencies Processes take weeks instead of days or even hours. Cannot easily find, access or share information. Paper documents are easily lost or misplaced. Responding to customer or partner requests takes time, and inaccurate or out-of-date information gets distributed • Costs • Shipping/Mailing (remote to corporate) • Handling/Processing (copying, faxing) • Storage • Destruction • Inefficiencies • Increased document cycle time • Decreased employee productivity • Reduced document security and control • Inadequate customer and partner service
  6. 6. • Difficulty accessing new information outside of silos – discovery costs are high • Communication vehicles cause process lag and jeopardize content security & accuracy • Overall corporate knowledge suffers • Inability for workers to expand networks and share interests decreases efficiency Knowledge Workers Operate in Silos
  7. 7. • Inability to associate content to multiple business applications • Users across systems cannot easily share and collaborate on business processes • Inefficient human element of business processes causes process lag • No single source of truth for content driving business processes SharePoint Processes Span Multiple Systems Creating Process Gaps
  8. 8. 60% Work is often duplicated because people are unaware of each other’s work. 54% Opportunities to innovate are missed because the right people do not work together. 40% of IT budgets are spent on integration 30% of large enterprises run 5 or more packaged applications 83% of employees waste time searching for information 80% of an organization’s content is unmanaged 35% growth in email and data annually Content Explosion & Silos Disconnected Teams Process Flows Span Multiple Apps Individual, Team & Enterprise Challenges *Harvard Business Review – Harris Poll of 536 Knowledge Workers “Benchmarking Your Collaboration Strategy” – Forrester, November 2009
  9. 9. “Enterprise 2.0: Driving creativity, productivity and collaboration” UK study reveals: •The average worker spends over an hour (61.55 minutes) a week locating documents or files either from e-mail, personal folders or in the company / shared file servers •People waste 74 minutes a week copying, pasting and re-entering the same information into different documents •80% of workers use their e-mail to store information and files •96% are open to the introduction of new technologies to help make their working practices more efficient •In the past, 44% found insufficient training was a barrier to adopting these new technologies, while one third (35%) did not find them simple or intuitive to use •40% of social network users say they are easier to use than workplace software
  10. 10. <Insert Picture Here> Enterprise 2.0: Connecting People, Content & Processes
  11. 11. Collaborate/share info with Team Members Enterprise 2.0 Explained E2O Create/ Access Content Improve Processes
  12. 12. Web 2.0 in the Enterprise = Enterprise 2.0 Connecting People, Content & Processes Enterprise 2.0 is the use of Web 2.0 tools and technologies in the workplace that empower end users to collaborate more effectively, find and share information in the proper context, and improve the business processes in which they work.
  13. 13. Enterprise 2.0 Enables Next-Generation Workplace
  14. 14. Mike Blackmore Architect, BT Management Integration
  15. 15. Source: “Leading in Times of Transition: The 2010 CIO Agenda”, Gartner, January 2010 Top CIO Initiatives for 2010
  16. 16. Distributed Capture Centralized Capture Content Repository Enterprise Applications Workflow/Monitor Document Attachments • Capture documents anywhere Decrease shipping costs Eliminate paper handling and storage costs • Store and manage all images & documents in central repository Reduce cycle time/improve process insight • Route and delegate images/documents and monitor process Ensure document accuracy • Attach and access documents from applications E2.0: Streamline Paper Processes & Unify Content
  17. 17. HR Finance Sales Legal E2O IT Marketing Create Richer Connections • Group/team workspaces • Social user profiles • Personal and group activity feeds E2.0: Empower Knowledge Workers to Connect, Contribute, Share & Access Self-Service Contribution • Company/product blog • Team project wikis • Discussion forums Share & Access Anywhere • Company/customer portal • Corporate intranet • Content management repository
  18. 18. Initiate Order Enter Items and Prices Credit Check Create PO? Provide Payment Submit Order C R M Check Customer Info E2.0: Bridge Process Gaps MDM Hub Check Price in ERP Credit Info from ERP Authorize Payments Order Fulfillment Invoicing E R P Yes No Discount Requested Authorize Discounts G A P SE 2 0 • Store • Access and Share • Collaborate
  19. 19. <Insert Picture Here> Getting Started with Enterprise 2.0
  20. 20. What You Need in an Enterprise 2.0 Platform Information Access Modern User Experience Content Explosion & Silos Enterprise Content Management Disconnected Teams Social Computing & Collaboration Challenge … Enterprise 2.0 … Process Flows Span Multiple Apps Social BPM, Certified Application Integration
  21. 21. Enterprise 2.0 Platform User Experience Integration Infrastructure Search Web Services Adapters Content SOA & BPM Social Computing & Collaboration Third party repositories CRM ERP Legacy Applications BI Data Sources Enterprise Portals Team Spaces Dashboards Composite Apps & RIA Collaborative Applications Multi-Channel Access Content Management Security Enterprise 2.0 Solution
  22. 22. Enterprise 2.0 Platform Oracle WebCenter Suite Integration Infrastructure Search Web Services Adapters Content SOA & BPM Oracle WebCenter Services Third party repositories CRM ERP Legacy Applications BI Data Sources Enterprise Portals Team Spaces Dashboards Composite Apps & RIA Collaborative Applications Multi-Channel Access Oracle Content Management Identity Management Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Solution
  23. 23. Integration Infrastructure Search Web Services Adapters UCM SOA & BPM WebCenter Services Wikis, Blogs, Mashups, Analytics, RSS, Social Networking Third party repositories CRM ERP Legacy Applications BI Data Sources Enterprise Portals Team Spaces Dashboards Composite Apps & RIA Collaborative Applications Multi-Channel Access Identity Management Oracle WebCenter Suite WebCenter Spaces Personal Spaces, Group Spaces & Templates .NET App Accelerator WebCenter Framework Portlet Integration, Metadata Services, Composer, Business Dictionary, Task Flows WebCenter Real Time & Intelligent Collaboration Instant Messaging, Presence, Conferencing Connections, Brokering, Indexing Oracle WebCenter Suite & Services
  24. 24. Integration Infrastructure Search Web Services Adapters EAD SOA & BPM Core Content Services Third party repositories CRM ERP Legacy Applications BI Data Sources Enterprise Portals Team Spaces Dashboards Composite Apps & RIA Collaborative Applications Multi-Channel Access Identity Management Capture Web Content Management Archiving Imaging Oracle Content Management Digital Asset Management Document Management Information Rights Management Records & Retention Oracle Content Management
  25. 25. Oracle Enterprise 2.0: Integrate and Extend Your Business
  26. 26. <Insert Picture Here> Enterprise 2.0 in Action: Use Cases & Benefits
  27. 27. • Achieve better integration with suppliers • Lower purchasing costs • Develop products • Solve problems • Develop products and services • Manage knowledge • Enhance company culture • Foster collaboration • Training • Identify and recruit talent • Acquire new customers • Improve customer service • Develop products • Enable customers to interact with each other • Marketing B2C ~ Customers B2B ~ Partners B2E ~ Employees How are Companies Using Enterprise 2.0?
  28. 28. E2.0 Improves Customer Satisfaction (42%  80%) Wind River • Customer service portal • Personalized experience • Collaboration tools • Composite application • Oracle E-Business Suite integration • Web content management
  29. 29. COMPANY OVERVIEW • Global leader in device software optimization (DSO) • Technology is deployed in more than 300 million devices worldwide by industry leaders like Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Motorola, NASA, and Mitsubishi CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES • Replace an Online Customer Support Application built on PHP, PERL and CGI. • Integrate with Oracle eBS and iSupport. • No clear view of customer SOLUTION • Personalize customer online experience based on the product and services relevant to their profiles • Composite Application with eBS functionality surfaced as ADF components and related content from UCM through WebCenter • Extensible Enterprise 2.0 platform to rollout out discussions & wiki & blog RESULTS • Improved customer experience leading to increased customer loyalty • Increased customer satisfaction from 47% to 82% • Flexible infrastructure leading to fast upgrade time and lower TCO Wind River Personalized Customer Service Website WebCenter Suite + UCM
  30. 30. Université Laval is Quebec City’s largest university, with 42 thousand users - including students, faculty and employees. Oracle Enterprise Content Management powers: • the document repository for digital e-learning environment - a student and professors’ portal where content is managed by Oracle WebCenter 11g; • content management system for www.ulaval.ca in addition to 30 peripheral Web sites; and • manages electronic documents for researchers, faculty, and services, including the library where more than 5 million books are scanned, stored in Oracle Universal Content Management and published over the Web. E2.0 connects people, content & processes
  31. 31. E2.0 Retires 46 Legacy Applications British Telecom • Composite Applications • Flexible User Interface • Design dashboard • Collaboration tools • Web 2.0 experience
  32. 32. COMPANY OVERVIEW • One of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services • Over 110,000 employees, operations in 170 countries, generating more than $29 B annually CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES • Disconnected view of the business from within each holding company: BT Global Services, Openreach, BT Retail and BT Wholesale • Design dashboard including enterprise applications along with custom application data to better track performance SOLUTION • Global Line of Business Portal with complete integration using SOA Suite, OBIEE, WebCenter Suite, UCM and IdM Suite • Injected ability to discuss, comment, and adjust business processes leveraging WebCenter’s Web 2.0 Services RESULTS • Proactively correct service outages with early alerting to maintain agreed service agreements • Due to quick success, many new projects will leverage the Portal platform and add new Web 2.0 experience for customers, partners, and employees British Telecom Global Line of Business Portal
  33. 33. National Revenue Agency Bulgarian Ministry Of Finance Requirements • Need to consolidate intranet and general unstructured information • Great volumes of scattered content became challenge and cost-effective Solution • Oracle Content Management deployed as the central repository for ALL unstructured content plus centralized document, fax, email capturing with Oracle Document Capture. • About 40million records/documents and rising, access from HQ & remote sites Benefits • Adhere to Gvmnt compliance regulations • Greatly reduced volume of paper moving around the organization • Big federated records management project under way
  34. 34. Solution • Implemented Oracle Universal Content Management to create a central information hub, highly secured and reliable. Institutul pentru Tehnologii Avansate Content Management Solution Results • Ensured continuous highly-secured access to highly-sensitive information • Eliminated duplication and unused content • Improved quality, availability and awareness of critical information • Accelerated internal business processes • Increased operational efficiency COMPANY OVERVIEW • Institute for Advanced Technologies is part of Romanian Intelligence Service and has a primary role of assuring the technical support for the entire institution, specially the ones related to information&technology and communications CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES • Create a centralized, highly-secured repository for all the organization national-wide data • Manage in a secure and efficient manner the content of the organization • Speed up the approval time for specific workflows or document flows • Enforce policies of retention and security on the content stored • Create very complex document workflows
  35. 35. Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Enables the Modern Enterprise • Connecting People, Content & Processes – Modern User Experience – Enterprise Content Management – Social Computing & Collaboration – Business Process & Application Integration • Improving Enterprise Productivity – Faster Time to Market – Drive Innovation – Competitive Advantage Gartner MQ Leader • Enterprise Portal • Enterprise Content Management • Enterprise Records Management • Web Content Management Forrester Wave Leader • Enterprise Portals • Conventional Web Platform • Web Content Management • Enterprise Content Management
  36. 36. Questions? • Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 blog: http://blogs.oracle.com/enterprise20 • Twitter: http://twitter.com/OracleE20 • Facebook: http://facebook.com/OracleE20 • Is your organization ready for Enterprise 2.0? Take an assessment to find out! http://getsocial.oracle.com
  37. 37. For More Information search.oracle.com or oracle.com