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3. (mjk) otd maa

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>
  2. 2. <Insert Picture Here> Maximum Availability Architecture with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Michał Jerzy Kostrzewa EECIS Database Director Michal.Kostrzewa@Oracle.com
  3. 3. Component vs. Complete Oracle Database 3rd Party Servers & Storage 3rd Party Applications 3rd Party Systems Software Customer Integrated ComponentArchitecture Opportunity Improve service and lower cost Database Application Server Applications Clusterware File System Volume Manager Exadata Database Machine IntegratedSystemArchitecture Oracle Integrated Oracle © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  4. 4. Storage Failure Server Failure Data Protection Database Availability Challenges Protect from planned and unplanned downtime Site Failure Human Error Data Changes System Changes Storage Failure Data Protection © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  5. 5. Comprehensive Data validation and protection • Built-in checks detect and repair corruptions – In data and redo blocks using checksum validation – Detects writes acknowledged, but actually lost by the I/O subsystem • Various levels of checks configured by administrators – Choose the desired protection level (data / data + index blocks) © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  6. 6. • Virtualize and shares storage resources • Online addition and migration of storage • Advanced data striping for maximum I/O performance • Mirroring protects from disk failure Automatic Storage Management Low-cost protection from storage failure © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  7. 7. Oracle Recovery Manager Ensures valid database backup and restore • Intrinsic knowledge of Oracle database file formats and recovery procedures – Block validation – Online block-level recovery – Unused block compression – Online, multi-streamed backup • Fully Integrated with: – Oracle Secure Backup – 3rd party backup tools © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  8. 8. Data Recovery Advisor Reducing downtime by eliminating confusion • Automatically diagnoses data failures • Intelligently determines recovery strategies – Aggregates failures for efficient recovery – Presents only feasible recovery options – Indicates any data loss for each option • Can automatically perform selected recovery steps – Using Recovery Manager or Enterprise Manager © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  9. 9. Storage Failure Server Failure Data Protection Database Availability Challenges Protect from planned and unplanned downtime Site FailureData Changes System Changes Human Error © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  10. 10. Flashback Error Correction / Total Recall Fast Recovery From Human Error Flashback Database Flashback Transaction Flashback Table Flashback Query © 2010 Oracle Corporation • ‘Flashback’ operates on changed data only • Reduces correction time from hours to minutes – Correction Time = Error Time + f(DB_SIZE) • Simple to use command instead of complex procedures • Applies to all types of user errors
  11. 11. Storage Failure Server Failure Data Protection Database Availability Challenges Protect from planned and unplanned downtime Site FailureData Changes System Changes Human Error © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  12. 12. • Run all databases for all applications on shared platform • Adapts to changes in workloads • Highly available and scalable • No changes required to applications • Trimmed-down RAC One Node forr non-critical databases Real Application Clusters Protecting from Server failure © 2010 Oracle Corporation SALES
  13. 13. • Dynamically assigns databases to groups of servers • Unassigned servers go to spare pool • Policy managed with Min/Max & relative importance • Cluster reconfigures if a pool falls below its minimums Dynamic Cluster Partitioning via Server Pools © 2010 Oracle Corporation FRONT OFFICE SPARE BACK OFFICE
  14. 14. Storage Failure Server Failure Data Protection Database Availability Challenges Protect from planned and unplanned downtime Site FailureData Changes System Changes Human Error © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  15. 15. Oracle Data Guard Protecting from Site Failure • Best corruption protection for Oracle Database • Automatic failover to standby database • Software code path on standby different than primary • Multiple Oracle corruption detection checks Automatic Storage Management Real Application Clusters Data Guard © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  16. 16. Zero Data Loss Over Long Distance Data Guard DR sweet spot • Far enough to avoid regional disaster • Close enough for zero data loss • Uses order of magnitude less network messaging than disk-based remote mirroring solutions Data Guard © 2010 Oracle Corporation up to 300 miles
  17. 17. • Standby database in simultaneous read and recovery mode • Offload read-only queries to an up-to-date physical standby • Use fast incremental backups on a physical standby Active Data Guard Eliminating idle data center redundancy Automatic Storage Management Real Application Clusters Data Guard Recovery Manager Active Data Guard © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  18. 18. Scale Out Reader Farm using Oracle Active Data Guard Primary Database Active Data Guard Reader Farm Application Servers L O A D B A L A N C E R Standby Database © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  19. 19. Oracle GoldenGate The Oracle Solution for Information Integration Capture Delivery Capture Delivery Application Source & Target Region A Source & Target Region B • Utilize multiple systems for transactions • Enable continuous availability during unplanned and planned outages • Synchronize data across data centers around the globe Application © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  20. 20. Storage Failure Server Failure Data Protection Database Availability Challenges Protect from planned and unplanned downtime Site FailureData Changes System Changes Human Error © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  21. 21. Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture Remove the need for planned downtime Add/Remove Storage Table & Index Redefinition Undo Human Error Add/Remove Nodes Rolling Patches & PSUs Rolling Upgrades Automated Upgrade Testing © 2010 Oracle Corporation Data Guard
  22. 22. Edition-based Redefinition New in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 • Enables online application upgrade • Code changes installed in the privacy of a new edition • Data changes are made safely by writing only to new columns or new tables not seen by the old edition • An editioning view exposes a different projection of a table into each edition to allow each to see just its own columns • A crossedition trigger propagates data changes made by the old edition into the new edition’s columns, or (in hot-rollover) vice-versa © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  23. 23. Oracle GoldenGate Ideal for Planned Maintenance Capture Delivery Trail Files Trail Files Capture Delivery Real-time changed data Failback Data Flow Application Reconnect Oracle Database 8i/9i/10g Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Compare & Verify • Upgrade/migrate with zero database downtime • Verify data consistency • Minimize risks with failback by using master-master replication © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  24. 24. Recovery Manager Active Data Guard Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture HA Best Practices Blueprint Automatic Storage Management Real Application Clusters Data Guard Secure Backups to Cloud and Tape © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  25. 25. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Justice • Ministry of Justice of Turkey has established one of the most eco-efficient e-justice systems in the world, enormously reducing the amount of paper used, carbon emissions and movement of people in the Turkish judicial system • Reduced dramatically the processing times for legal cases, statistics, and correspondence—from hours or days to a few minutes • Developed a centralized e-learning system that has educated 57,000+ employees to date inside the Turkish judicial system • The SMS information system reduces CO2 emissions by minimizing movement of people , goods and the use of office supplies • Saving 460+ tons of paper, 14,000+ tons of water, 800,000+ liters of fuel oil annually, compared to a paper-based environment Business challenge Oracle solution • Ensure a fast, reliable, accurate, and environmentally sustainable judicial system by creating a completely paperless working environment • Increase the efficiency of judges and prosecutors • Decrease the waiting times for citizens and lawyers • Act in a socially responsible way by conserving natural resources and minimizing the impact of the judicial system on the environment Results • Foundation for the 70,000 practicing lawyers in Turkey and the general public to interact with the judicial system via internet by using e-signatures – no travels • System that administers more than 35,000 users and stores 452,857,657 electronic documents and more than 57 million electronic files • Leveraged Oracle database technologies (Real Application Clusters, Active Data Guard, Partitioning), with deployment help from Oracle Partner Havelsan, to achieve eco-innovation and eco-transparency The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Justice administers 133 criminal court jurisdictions, 708 courthouses, 425 penitentiaries and detention facilities, as well as 23 forensic medicine labs in 575 districts—covering, in aggregate, 7,751 courts, public prosecution and law enforcement locations throughout the country. In 1999, the Ministry started implementing the ambitious e-justice system UYAP (National Judicial Informatics System), which won the EU’s e-government award in 2009. Customer profile
  26. 26. Polish National Police (Komenda Główna Policji) • Provided a central source of information, enabling prompt reaction to incidents, reliable information exchange, and swift identification of perpetrators - research from different sources in a single dashboard, search based on fragments of data • New, powerful capabilities to support criminal investigations, (search for leads and clues by comparative analysis of the details of a crime in a given area, and to correlate this data with other information) • Facilitated efficient distribution of forces and police resources • Enabled management to view and compare all types of indicators, such as the number of crimes in a given area and their solved or unsolved status, in real time Business challenge Oracle solution • Improve data transfer, storage, and processing rapidly growing KSIP system, holding crucial police records for things such as crimes, traffic incidents, identity checks, and police activity • Improve the performance and usability of KSIP and optimize the resources available for promoting public order and security • Facilitate criminal investigations by implementing a business intelligence solution enabling the police to search and analyze the data stored on KSIP Results • Integrated data warehouse and analytical system, creating a repository for unified data from KSIP to support efficient and well-informed decision-making across the organization , by implementing: • Oracle Real Application Clusters • Oracle Partitioning • Oracle Advanced Security • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition • Oracle Warehouse Builder Enterprise ETL The Polish National Police employs more than 100,000 officers and 20,000 civil workers across its four divisions―criminal, crime- prevention, support, and technical and logistical operations. It is financed through the national budget, with additional support from local governments and the European Union. In 2000, the Police developed and implemented KSIP - unified information system that connects all police stations in Poland to databases of criminals, stolen property, and wanted individuals. Customer profile
  27. 27. Bosnia and Herzegovina IDDEEA • Oracle Identity Management to give staff role-based access to citizen data, sensitive data, and applications • Implemented Oracle WebLogic Suite to deliver unbeatable performance and scalability for passport processes • Used Oracle SOA Suite to modify processes and share citizen data seamlessly and securely with other government agencies within BiH, the EU, and internationally • ƒAutomated monitoring and maintenance across the technology stack using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control • Oracle Insight post implementation to endorse and validate IT strategy for maximum security and performance Business challenge Oracle solution • Upgrade infrastructure and data security to meet the highest international standards as an official European Union candidate • Enforce data encryption, access control, monitoring, and auditing processes for issuing the latest generation of biometric passports beginning in 2012, in line with EU member states • Maximize public sector best practices and procedures Results • Complete software stack for maintaining continuity and high availability while enforcing security • Real Application Clusters to enables intensive processing and ensuring continuity in event of site loss • ƒActive Data Guardto reuse DR site for reporting • ƒDatabase Vaultfor restricted access of privileged users • Audit Vault security/compliance analysis and monitoring • Advanced Security Encrypted data at sites to ensure information is illegible to unauthorized viewers IDDEEA (Agencija za identifikacione dokumente, evidenciju i razmjenu podataka BiH) is responsible for processing citizens identifications numbers, identity cards, driving licenses, biometrical passports, vehicle registrations, and other identification documents in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Customer profile
  28. 28. For More Information http://search.oracle.com or oracle.com/ha high availability or MAA © 2010 Oracle Corporation
  29. 29. 29