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R Service Bus


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Presentation of RSB (R Service Bus) given at the Vancouver R Users Group on September 15th 2011.

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R Service Bus

  1. 1. RSB Service BusOpen Analytics
  2. 2. about://me
  3. 3. Goals "The R Service Bus is a Swiss army knife that allows you to plug R into your processes independently of the technology used by other software applications involved in the workflow."
  4. 4. Machine to Machine RESTful API SOAP API Directory Polling
  5. 5. Humans Too
  6. 6. Slow Jobs? RSB is asynchronous at core Email, Directory and REST API are asynchronous Synchronous behavior simulated for SOAP API
  7. 7. Repetitive Jobs? R Scripts & Sweave files catalog Just send the data
  8. 8. Big Data?
  9. 9. Use Cases RSB is used in production in pharmaceutical, biotech nology and finance companies.
  10. 10. Technically Java / Spring / CXF / ActiveMQ RServi is a war too Released as WAR and Tomcat bundle (with RServi) A couple of R packages Pluggable result store (default: file system) Pluggable statistics store (default: none, Redis adapter provided)
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. Got it? Want it? Get it!Open SourceAGPLv3Builds / Support