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Is data migration holding your company back


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What every manager should know about Data Migration. What happens to your old data? Is holding on to an old software beneficial?
This article is not meant to provide all of the answers but rather to start the discussion on data migration

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Is data migration holding your company back

  1. 1. IS DATA MIGRATION HOLDING YOUR COMPANY BACK? Danny Doobay, MBA, BA (Hons.) The SkeduleX Advantage Technologies
  2. 2. Is Data Migration holding your company back?You are convinced that a newer, more powerful management software wouldprovide more functionality and benefits, lower your operating costs, and increasethe overall competitiveness of your centre or clinic. But you are worried about theyears of data you have amassed in your existing software and are apprehensiveabout making the move.You have a number of questions.1. Will I lose my data?2. Will I have to run two separate systems, old and new?3. Can I have this information transferred to the new software?4. Will my application be down and for how long? Legacy data is information5. How much will all of this cost me? collected and recorded by your organization over time. It is an accumulation of business knowledge, an important business resource, which cannot be replaced by just adding new technology. Transferring data from one system to anotherLegacy data is information collected and recorded by your organization over time.It is an accumulation of business knowledge, an important business resource thatcannot be replaced by just adding new technology. Such data could be multi-source, including database records, spreadsheets, XML, text files, other digital filesand paper-based documents.
  3. 3. Time accumulated business knowledge in legacy data can be capturedUnquestionably, every effort should be made to have the data transferred to anynew software. Faced with these critical questions, many business owners andmanagers hold-on to old software applications and endure significant loss ofcompetitive advantage to their business. And with each passing day the challengesgrow larger. To state the obvious, these businesses:1. Add more data [in some cases, more bad data] to existing system.2. Put up with less than optimal performance with their existing software. Data migration is the process3. Tolerate poor productivity due to poor enabling technology. of transferring data from an4. Spend more on labour charges to compensate for the weaknesses existing software system into in the existing software. another, or from one5. Delays can be detrimental. Older hardware requires more hands- computer to another on maintenance, has a lower performance, is more prone to failure and represents a business risk.Where do you start?Your new software supplier may have the answer. This supplier may have thecapabilities to migrate your old data to the new platform you are about to acquire.What is Data Migration?Data migration is the process of transferring data from an existing softwaresystem into another, or from one computer to another.For the most part, data migration is performed as an automated process, asopposed to manually copying data to the new system. A good data migration process includes data cleansing. As a rule, data cleansing is performed in the migration processes to match the requirements of the new system, improve data quality, and eliminate redundant or obsolete information.
  4. 4. Data Migration is a complex process. For starters it entails more than a simplymechanical transference of data from one system to another. A typical datamigration procedure includes 5 basic phases: plan/design, extraction, cleansing,load and verification. Depending on the complexity of the migration, these phasesmay be repeated several times before the new system is deployed.A good data migration process includes data cleansing. As a rule, data cleansing isperformed in the migration processes to match the requirements of the newsystem, improve data quality and eliminate redundant or obsolete information.It is not unusual for some of the headaches in your old system to reside in thedataset you have built-up over the years. Thus, simply transferring the dataset toyour new system may actually transfer those issues to your shiny, new program. Itis therefore prudent to have your dataset examined and cleaned before loadinginto your new software.However, don’t assume that all data migration includes data cleansing. Ask yoursoftware vendor if data cleansing is part of the migration process.After the data is loaded into the new system, the results are subjected to dataverification tests to ascertain that the data has been accurately transferred,completed and is supported by the new software.Plan and act, don’t procrastinate!So how should you move forward!Your response will depend on the size of your organization, the complexity of yourdata system and your budget.If you are a smaller organization with a low data complexity contemplatingupgrading your software, discuss your data migration concerns with your newsoftware supplier. Ask for a data migration plan, cost, downtime and timeline.If you are a medium to large organization with a moderate to high datacomplexity, in addition to discussions with your software vendor, you may alsowish to establish a migration management team to work with your softwarevendor. Your team should put into place an internal control process relating to themigration procedure and plan, scheduling, communication, security, etc.
  5. 5. The Baylaan Time-Tested Approach Baylaan combines a proven methodology, robust planning and well-defined strategies to deliver tested solutions for your data migration. Recognizing that data migration is all about data, we placed special emphasis on understanding the dataset(s). This proven approach reduces the business impacts of data migration: costs, data loss and downtime. Our proven methodology starts with a ten-point plan for migrating your data to your new SkeduleX Software. The nature of the migration program isdetermined by several factors: the size of the organization, the complexity of thesoftware, size of the dataset, equipment and storage considerations, etc. In largerorganizations, we work closely with the IT team to develop a program that suits Baylaan combines a proven methodology, robust planning and well- defined strategies to deliver proven solutions for your data migration. Baylaan tested data migration approachthe organization, provides the optimal migration, and work to achieve budget andtimeline considerations. In smaller organization, Baylaan develops andimplements a migration plan in consultation with the owner or manager. In allcases, we involve users anddata experts in the migrationprocess.Understanding that no twomigrations are alike, eachmigration is meticulouslyplanned and executed. Westrive for a non-disruptive datamigration with minimal impacton your business.
  6. 6. SkeduleX - In a class of its ownSkeduleX is a fully integrated software solution developed by BaylaanTechnologies specifically for Medical Assessment, Treatments and CaseManagement. It provides full integration with HCAI and seamless management ofyour workflow from lead entry to invoicing and reporting. Here are seven reasonswhy SkeduleX is a superior software. 1. HCAI - Create and submit OCF 18, 23 and 21 directly to HCAI is less than one minute. No web Login. These records form part of your document management system in Skedulex. There no queuing system. See your submission status, instantly. Upgrade to Skedulex! 2. Accounting Integration: SkeduleX is integrated with QuickBooks, one of Canada’s most popular accounting software. We synchronize your billing Give your centre the information from HCAI, EH and other sources with QuickBooks - advantage of seamless eliminating the need for separate billing and accounting entries. Our QuickBooks integration saves you about 2-3 minutes for every invoice. In workflow management addition, enjoy all of the features in an accounting package. from lead entry to 3. Skedulex Portal: SkeduleX portal allows you to communicate seamlessly reporting, invoicing with your external resources (Practitioners, Doctors, Psychologists, and accounting. Interpretation and Transportation companies), increasing efficiency, accuracy and documentation i.e. your doctors could view and confirm their appointments, receive and send documents and messages; Patients may also use it to register with your Clinic, saving you another 2-3 minutes of data entry per file. 4. Secure File Transfer: SkeduleX’s Secure File Transfer is done with unmatched efficiency. Send files to third parties without leaving SkeduleX. Receive files from third parties and SkeduleX directs those files to your patient folder. No website to log into! This is a safe and secure way to send and receive files in full compliance with PIPEDA. 5. A simple scheduling solution: SkeduleX’s full scheduling solution simplifies your bookings into a single, easy-to-learn interface. Our Semi-automated process allows you to schedule both internal and external appointments. Book your appointments in less than 30 seconds! Have our portal communicate this request with your Practitioners, Doctors, Interpretation and Transportation companies, etc., instantly. View your appointment schedules for each practitioner or the entire centre; by day, week, or month. Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive booking and Calendar system!
  7. 7. 6. Productivity Tools: Our productivity tools generate standard letters, reports and performance Matrix in minutes, saving you valuable time. There are no limits to the number of letters or reports you can produce. 7. Training: Training is crucial to the efficient operation of any software. We will train your staff to operate Skedulex efficiently and effectively. In addition, the software has built-in manual and training modules for additional reference.About the AuthorDanny Doobay has been a Business and IT consultant to industry and government for more than 25 years. He has also project managed software development, implementation and data migration. He is currently the CEO of Baylaan Technologies, a software solutions developer based in Markham Ontario. Danny can be reached at or 905-202- 4716. Danny Doobay, MBA, BA (Hons.)Follow Danny on:Call Baylaan today for a free demonstration!Danny Doobay, CEOBaylaan Technologies Inc.66 Bullock Drive, Unit 3Markham, OntarioL3P 3P2Tel: 905-202-4716Fax: 905-202-5263Email: ddoobay@baylaan.com