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Events clips


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Events clips

  1. 1. Representation of Events: Clips
  2. 2. BBC : RiotsThe Riots: Sky NewsSouth-East Today BulletinClip from CBBC Newsround 5/1/2008E! News Channel
  3. 3. Recent Story about Jailed Rioter res g ir l Mi ll i onai   gu ilty iot y obs rivi ng r of d
  4. 4. Newsnight Clip•As endless experts were brought out during the week, Newsnight hitprobably the lowest point by inviting David Starkey, the historian who hadbecome a household name earlier in the year for his appearance on JamiesDream School, onto a panel to give his verdict.•This raised a lot of questions about what constitutes an expert, as his area isTudor History. Clearly he was on to say something controversial, which he dulydid.•Starkey complained afterwards that the other panellists kept interruptinghim and that he was bullied.•I find it very hard to make that reading as he seemed determined to shoutdown anything they might say.
  5. 5. BBC News Coverage of The Riots• The writer Darcus Howe offers his explanation and rather than listen to what he says, the newsreader keeps interrupting him and misrepresenting his views.• She also gets his name wrong and accuses him of having been a rioter.• It backfires as he tells her what he thinks of her. Later the BBC had to apologise.• Interestingly, the clip has had almost five million views since.