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Buzzdeck Advanced Analytics

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Buzzdeck is an active monitoring platform that helps you evolve, capture, analyse, then react to your impact on social engagement, sales and ROI. Visualising over 100 different data feeds from more than 25 sources there is no other service that offers such comprehensive, easily viewed, easily used analysis of social and online presence. Born and proven in the challenging music space for music artists, big labels and managers to track sales, Buzzdeck is now offered to all verticals, including TV, Films, Brands, PR/personalities and books/games/apps.
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSpun out of the acquisition of it’s mother company,, amusic sales website for artists such as Radiohead, Arctic Monkeysand over 9,000 others, Buzzdeck is an action oriented, sociallistening analytics platform.Born out of the music industry to track sales, but applicable to mostother verticals, Buzzdeck is growing across markets agnosticallyoffering low cost subscription to any company, production orperson for monitoring their market impact at increasing levels ofengagement.Visualising demographics, authenticated social trackers, twitter data,sales data, custom feeds and geo-heat mapping, Buzzdeck’sdashboard reports market engagement presence in order formarketeers and managers to analyse, then act on their nextdecision, as well informed as possible.
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYMany analytics tools are overly complex and provide little actualconsumable business intelligence or insight. Consequently their output isnot widely distributedBuzzdeck changes this, by making the insights far easier to digest. Thismeans it is accessible to everyone within a business rather than juststatisticians and insights teams
  7. 7. CUSTOMERS “Buzzdeck gives us the platform to plot an artist’s online data alongside offline campaign events. From there, we can try and draw out causal relationships between the different campaign elements, allowing us to focus our time and resource where we know it’s most useful.” Daniel Ayers, Director of Digital Services, Sony Music UK “Buzzdeck was crucial in helping us analyse andreact to the online activity around Plan B’s album release. The insight it gave us was invaluable in helping to build a successful campaign for this number 1 selling album release.” Jack Melhuish, Head of Marketing, Atlantic UK
  8. 8. CUSTOMERS Buzzdeck is the trusted platform by both labels and independent management companies to track some of the highest profile recording artists currently active. We have previously used some of these artists in promotional material with the agreement of the artist management & data owners. These relationships can be leveraged to build the profile of the business.
  9. 9. CUSTOMERS Buzzdeck has been engaged by SXSW to track all the activity around their music, film and technology festival in March 2013. Tracking up to 8000 artists prior, during and after the event, Buzzdeck produces comparative charts on which artists who are the hottest.
  10. 10. PRODUCT
  11. 11. LICENSING ‣ Customers such as Sony, Music, Atlantic Records, Concord and Kobalt/AWAL have enterprise licenses. ‣ Smaller independents or managers are offered a private hosted solution for a limited number of profiles. ‣ All other users, such as Roc Nation, are currently using the public facing service at
  12. 12. FEATURES - TIMELINE ‣ All daily statistics for up to a year can be displayed on the same chart ‣ Campaign events can be automatically or manually imported and displayed below the chart allowing you to see their direct effect on sales and social media interest ‣ Show and hide individual statistics to personalise your view
  13. 13. FEATURES - HEATMAP ‣ Coloured regions indicate number of people, clicks or views for each statistic in that area ‣ Events within a selected time period are displayed on the heatmap, allowing you to see the effect of that event on local area ‣ Navigate the map with the same controls as Google Maps, allowing you to view large or small geographic regions easily
  14. 14. FEATURES - DEMOGRAPHICS ‣ View and compare gender and age percentages and proportions for different social networks in a single view ‣ Compare difference between demographic of friends and visitors ‣ Solo channels to see the demographic data in isolation and use this to identify the ideal advertising strategy for each network
  15. 15. FEATURES - FEED ‣ Real-time impression of current online impact - updates every 30 seconds ‣ Word Cloud lets you see most used words and filter feed by these words ‣ Feed content is warehoused for 30 days to allow in-depth analysis of the last month ‣ Follow links to original content and authors directly from the feed view
  16. 16. FEATURES - FEED CHARTS ‣ The chart displays the most prolific tweeters for the search terms associated with the profile - this could be an artist or product name, or a campaign hashtag. ‣ This enables competitions to be run, or advocate- based marketing strategies to be deployed for seeding viral content ‣ The user can follow links to authors twitter pages directly from the feed chart view
  17. 17. FEATURES - TAG CHARTS ‣ Compare a tagged group of profiles across any metric and time span ‣ Allows comparative analysis of performance either by social channel or by any other common metric - even custom data
  18. 18. FEATURES - EVENT COMPARISONS ‣ Comparative view of the timeline around specific events to allow the user to evaluate the efficacy of different advertising and social strategies that may have been deployed during different campaigns ‣ This view can be used to build a set of ‘steps to success’ for efficient campaign planning
  19. 19. FEATURES - METRIC COMPARISONS ‣ Comparative view of the timeline for the same metric across a number of profiles to see how they compare on a daily view ‣ Select different groups of profiles and time spans to customise the comparison
  20. 20. FEATURES - SIMPLE SET-UP ‣ Settings allow simple connection to a large number of websites and services to enable the platform to gather metrics data ‣ Simple, clean UI with step-by-step instructions make the set-up easy even for basic users
  21. 21. FEATURES - CUSTOM TRACKERS ‣ Buzzdeck allows the user to generate pixel and link trackers which can be embedded in websites, e- mails, mobile apps, or anywhere else where HTML content can be used or accessed ‣ Pixel and link trackers generate daily traffic data for total and unique numbers of views / clicks and location data derived from the IP addresses of end-users ‣ The metrics for pixel and link trackers are displayed on the Timeline and the Heatmap
  22. 22. FEATURES - CUSTOM DATA ‣ Import of custom data (e.g. daily sales figures) can be achieved via a simple cut- and-paste interface that lets the user copy data from a spreadsheet and store the data to their profile ‣ This allows any custom data source to be ingested into Buzzdeck for viewing on the timeline, and enables a large number of different sales data formats to be ingested
  23. 23. FEATURES - SALES DATA ‣ Buzzdeck already supports a number of sales data imports such as iTunes, Spotify and the Official Charts Company, and this is expanding on a regular basis as customer needs dictate ‣ The product is easily extensible to support new sales and other metrics imports if they are a requirement for new customers / markets
  24. 24. FEATURES - REPORTING ‣ Schedule reports in either summary, detailed weekly or detailed 4-weekly PDF formats to be sent out every week on the day of choice ‣ Send out any of the report types immediately to any e-mail recipient for any of your profiles for an on-the-spot update
  25. 25. FEATURES - ENTERPRISE SECURITY ‣ A key feature of the product for enterprise customers is that it supports bespoke cloud-hosted installations ‣ These can be administered directly by designated admin users within an organisation, allowing them to add and remove new users and assign them to profiles, etc ‣ This means that sensitive metrics (e.g. VPN sales data) can be kept within the IT domain of the data owners, and service access can be restricted to authorised IP addresses & personnel only ‣ This additional security is key for large corporations who would not consider importing their sales data into a public- access service
  27. 27. TV & FILM Any...ARTIST - CELEBRITY - TV SHOW - FILM - COMPANY in any country Fast National Ratings Viewing figures URL link & pixel trackers buzz Radio & WebSocial Media deck plays Buzzdeck installed on secure cloud server Log in from anywhere in the Multi user accounts world on any with restricted access Custom data import device from any private Sales source
  28. 28. TV & FILMLINK TRACKINGBuzzdeck has it’s own link shortening system and real time reporting X Factor website from Facebook Factor twitter from Facebook Factor APP from Facebook
  29. 29. TV & FILMYahoo! Paranormal Activity trailer page 2 more client targets - Twitter and the movie’s Official website
  30. 30. TV & FILM Monitor featured video in the same way... Screenshot: Yahoo! Movietalk page: Link trackersbehind content
  31. 31. BOOKS, APPS & GAMES
  32. 32. BRAND ANALYTICS ‣ The ability to match metrics, demographics and location data from the music space with those of products allowing brands to choose suitable music for campaigns is a unique capability ‣ Enterprise security that allows corporations to keep their sales and marketing data within their own secure domain with a private instance of the Buzzdeck platform
  33. 33. BRAND ANALYTICS The location of engaged fans who directly interact with productsREAL TIME LINK TRACKINGBuzzdeck has it’s own link shortening system Web to Vacuum cleaners to Carpet cleaners to Bare Floor cleaners
  34. 34. PRICING MODEL ‣ Users subscribe at £50 per profile per month, with tiered discounts at 10, 50 and 100 profiles. ‣ A private hosted solution costs an additional £1,000 per month set-up and management fee. In most cases the hosting costs themselves are borne by the customer, allowing them to use their existing hosting partners. ‣ A full enterprise solution, allowing access restrictions to be applied (via ‘IP whitelisting’), and an unlimited number of users and profiles is charged at £8,000 per month. ‣ 30-day cancellation terms apply to all types of account.
  35. 35. what can we tell you ? +44 7815 685 393 USA +1 310 734 8411