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Evolving HR - GLF 2014|2015


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Over the last two decades HR has worked hard to evolve from being administrators or reactors to being business partners. Now its time to raise the bar again. Find out where the bar is headed, and how far you are from reaching it. For a full list of findings from the Global Leadership Forecast 2014|2015, visit

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Evolving HR - GLF 2014|2015

  1. 1. The New Role ofHR . Evolving HR From Partner to Anticipator How Do HR Professionals Contribute to Business? 18% Antlclpatov Uses data to predict talent gaps in advance; provides insights about how talent DDI ' relates to business goals. » Tm coxinii-xu lhuim 9 K ciioimi t. ,.iim—, iiii; .‘UlL‘(; .iH1 gm: l2iiL1> Ensures compliance with policies/ practices: responds to business needs by providing tools/ systems when asked. Openly exchanges information with the business about current issues: collaboratively works toward mutual goals. ©Dcu| upItiL'Ii| Diiliciixium]iIIurim| inIi.1|. [iiC ZUI4 . -H1’Ig! IlVI(L‘IL'AJ /