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Rubric descriptors


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Nice simple descriptors to help students make a rubric to evaluate a project or any activity.

Published in: Education
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Rubric descriptors

  1. 1. Rubric for ________________________ Student / Group __________________ Date: ____________________ Class: ______________ Evaluated by: Self Peers Teacher Objectives: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Criteria Level Level Level Level Comments and suggestions for improvement:
  2. 2. Rubric Descriptors Limited Adequate Sound Extensive Few / Little Some Most / Several All With assistance Limited assistance Mostly accurate Fully accurate Limited Understanding Some understanding Good understanding Thorough understanding Major errors Some errors Few errors Error free Limited development Some development Good development Well developed Imprecise Somewhat precise Generally precise Very precise Poor / Minimal Fair / Satisfactory Good Excellent Unclear Partly clear Mostly clear Extremely clear Rarely Sometimes Usually Always Inconsistent Somewhat consistent Mostly consistent Always consistent Little evidence Some evidence Good evidence Strong evidence Incomplete Partly complete Fairly complete Totally complete Inaccurate Some accuracy Mostly accurate Fully accurate
  3. 3. None A little Quite a lot Complete