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Rhyme Time


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Rhyme Time

  1. 1. Rhyme Time Select the Rhyming Word
  2. 2. dog rhymes with hog house chair Click on the word to hear it again. Click on the picture to make your selection.
  3. 3. boat rhymes with duck bus coat
  4. 4. bat rhymes with cow cat rose
  5. 5. king rhymes with ring fruit bicycle
  6. 6. shell rhymes with carrots books bell
  7. 7. lock rhymes with radio sock turtle
  8. 8. kite rhymes with light car hat
  9. 9. wall rhymes with horse scissors fall
  10. 10. bear rhymes with bird ball pear
  11. 11. bug rhymes with rabbit rug lamp
  12. 12. fan rhymes with fish van zebra
  13. 13. gate rhymes with camel crayons plate
  14. 14. To play again, click here… Developed by Jennifer Mitchell, CCC-SLP To end, click here…