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As I Jumped

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As I Jumped

  1. As I jumped off the building...
  2. I saw a loving couple on the 10th floor hitting each other...
  3. I saw the usually tough and strong Louis on the 9th floor, crying...
  4. 8th floor, Cindy just found out that her lover is sleeping with her best friend...
  5. 7th floor, Colleen is taking her daily anti-drepressant medicine...
  6. 6th floor, jobless George still buys seven daily papers searching for a job...
  7. much respected Mr Blackburn, on the 5th floor, is trying on his wife's undergarments...
  8. 4th floor, Rose and her boyfriend are fighting again...
  9. Pensioner Marvin, on the 3rd floor, still hopes someone would come and pay him a visit...
  10. Before I jumped off the building, I thought I was the unluckiest person in the world...
  11. but I soon realized that everybody has his problems...
  12. and after all that I had seen my life did not seem that bad at all...
  13. The people that I saw on my way down, are now looking on...
  14. after all they had seen, they came to realize that their lives are not that bad after all.
  15. Don't give up! Your life is a beacon to others. Always.
  16. It's never THE END.

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  • DeeKayEfron

    Aug. 3, 2017


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