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International Living's Annual Real Estate Investment Forum - this year's conference takes place in the luxurious La Romana, Dominican Republic. See slide for more information.

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International Real Estate Investment forum 2012

  1. 1. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 1 of 25 "Its a pretty boring way to potentially make a lot of money." Choose from Eight "Off-Market" Real Estate Deals Regular Buyers Will Never See This June Only, You Can Access Huge Savings…Get Preferential Terms…and Secure Potentially Big Profits in the Best Undervalued Property Markets Overseas… The catch? You Have to Keep It Quiet. Dear Reader, What if you could get a $103,000 lot overlooking the Caribbean—for just $52,000? Water views on one side and long, green valley vistas on the other. A lot every bit as nice as the neighbors—nicer than some of them—only youd secure yours for half the going rate. Youd be ahead of the game from the get-go… Or how about a 7.7% discount on the official price list in a successful, high- end beach development? Im talking about some of the best stretches of sand south of the U.S.—with palms, jade-colored water, a golf course…and an upscale community thats already proven. Earlier phases here sold out quickly, and property values are poised to increase. This is a smart play, even at full fare. But you could be in for below list price. Plus, in addition, you could leverage your position with a modest $5,000 down payment and no-interest financing. An arrangement not available to the general public. Or what would you say to a 15% discount on the launch price of a beachfrontmhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  2. 2. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 2 of 25 condo in the hottest real estate market in South America? Plus you could be in with a down payment of as little as $725 and payments of less than $1,000 a month during the build period… Again, this is in a place that makes smart sense, even at full price. (The proof: At the official public launch for that last deal, 200 people put their names on the registration list, hoping for a cancellation. But "my" insiders were already in…and had their choice of the best units.) These are real examples of what you call "off market" deals. Deals readers like you have taken advantage of. But deals you couldnt walk in off the street and access. Well-connected insiders take advantage of arrangements like these all the time. Only thing is, with "insider" bargains like Off-Market Deals Put You these you have to keep them to yourself. on the "Inside" You cant brag about the deal you got. "Networking has always played Thats the essence of it. Huge savings, an important role in the world of potentially big profits…but you keep the business, with many a key deal deal quiet. done on the golf course or over a drink at a favoured club. Its 100% legal. In fact, its regular Some property transactions are practice for well-connected investors— carried out in the same way." – really no different than any business deal Smart Money struck among inside players. Its about who you know, as much as anything else. Now maybe this sounds a little mysterious, but actually…its a pretty boring way to potentially make a lot of money. Off-market deals arent advertised. But this June, you could be one of the insiders…well positioned for big gains—outside the States, outside stocks and bonds, often outside the dollar. In the worlds best real estate markets. Ill tell you how in a minute. But you should know: You dont need lots of cash on hand to benefit from themhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  3. 3. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 3 of 25 kind of off-market deal Im talking about. And you dont have to be rich, either. While its often the very wealthy insiders who are well-connected enough to source these kinds of deals…this is an opportunity for you to invest the way they do. This is for anybody who would like to… Take advantage of a short window of opportunity… Position yourself well for gains, despite the anemic economy Stateside… Have a solid hedge against uncertain markets—and currency—at home… Enjoy a toehold overseas where your nest egg can grow—and you can relax… Ill explain how you can access at least eight specific off-market deals in what I think are the very best, most undervalued real estate markets on the planet today. Markets that make sense, even at full price. Ill show you how you can gain insider status, a seat in the room, a chance to get in on the deals, and an opportunity to be ahead on gains…right from the very start. My name is Ronan McMahon, and Im at the helm of Real Estate Trend Alert. You may know me from the pages of International Living. If so, then you know I spend the majority of my time scouting the planet for good-value real estate deals—deals like the ones I just mentioned. Deals like this can really pay off…particularly when theyre made in a market that makes smart sense—even without the discounts and special financing… In the Right Place, at the Right Time, with the Right Deal… A Tiny Investment Can Balloon Here, for instance, are a few deals I personally have jumped in on…and you can see how profitable theyve been. Profitable, I should point out, at a time when the U.S. markets were in free fall…mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  4. 4. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 4 of 25 Lots of investment portfolios lost big and lost fast when the crisis hit. But during that time, I had my eye on the right markets, and I—and the folks following my lead—were pocketing gains. In Panama City, for example, I bought preconstruction for $147,000 and sold shortly after my unit was delivered for $220,000. Plus because of a little- known Panama tax loophole, I was 100% legally able to pocket my profits free of any taxes in Panama. In Brazil back in 2008, I put down the equivalent of just $1,117 on a pre- construction condo unit in Fortaleza—an incredibly hot market. In fact, two weeks after I signed my contract, units exactly like mine were selling for $20,000 more than I paid. When I finally sold, two years later, I pocketed $43,500 in gains. In Ireland a few years ago (back when that country was on an economic tear), I bought a place pre-construction for 128,000 Irish pounds (the equivalent of €162,526) with just a tiny down payment. A few years later, the area boomed, and I sold for €275,000, pocketing a handy triple-digit annual gain. With the right deals in the right markets at the right time—these kinds of gains arent unusual at all. In just a minute Ill give you some specific examples of the returns readers like you have earned taking advantage of similar deals over the last two years. The point is: Even though were seeing an anemic recovery Stateside, not everywhere is in a slump…(and even in a slump…theres usually somebody making money). But Ill come back to that… Prudent, Lucrative Profit Plays for 2012 When you invest in real estate in the right markets, at the right time, with the right deals—it can be a very prudent (and lucrative) way to not only profit, but to diversify your portfolio. In these uncertain economic times, having a portion of your nest egg outside Often the Best Deals Are the States is sensible. And with the right Outside Open Listingsmhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  5. 5. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 5 of 25 international real estate plays…it can be easy, too. "Many of the best real estate opportunities, for major buyers Thats my beat of course…Im in the and sellers alike, take place business of identifying the right places. outside of the open listing process…" —Peter Witte, off- In the last year alone, Ive been on the market expert ground—in some cases more than once— in places like Colombia, Mexico, Belize, Vietnam, London, Ireland, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Canada, France, and thats only a partial list… But what you may not know is that I dont just stop there. I actually sit down with the developers in person in the markets I think make sense, and I hammer out an even better deal I can pass on to you. Ive got a collection of truly extraordinary profit plays lined up for 2012. From apartments to beachfront, cities to rural escapes, theres something for nearly every taste. And thats not all. Today everybodys talking about the disaster in the Euro-zone. But some people are going to make money from that mess. Ill show you how you could be one of them… Ill reveal a basketful of insider, off-market plays this summer in person at the… International Real Estate Investment Forum Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic • June 7-9, 2012 Id like to invite you to be there with me…in the room, and in on the deals…mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  6. 6. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 6 of 25 How One Reader Turned an Off-Market Deal into $48,000 in 18 Months Readers like you are already profiting handsomely with off-market deals. And if youre not taking advantage of these opportunities, youre leaving money on the table. Here are just three examples from deals readers like you were able to access at this event in years past. Just look at the returns… One woman bought an apartment in Joao Pessoa, Brazil in 2010. She paid R$242,000 (thats Brazilian Reals—about US$140,000). Today that apartment is about to be delivered. And its value is a conservative R$325,000 (about US$188,000). Thats a 34.3% gain—in 18 months. In US dollars, that comes to just over $48,000 in paper profit. And this is in a liquid market. She could easily cash out. In another place, a high-end Caribbean development with a golf course and in what many say is the hottest stretch of sand in the region today…one reader took advantage of off-market pricing at this event last year to buy an entry- level condo for $163,000 with terms you couldnt get walking in off the street: Just $15,000 down and payments of $800 a month. Today comparable units list at $182,000—just seven months later. Thats an 11.6% gain in less than a year. Yet another reader made an investment in an office building I recommended in a market where office space is sorely needed. This isnt a super-sexy play. But thats not why it was on the table. It was a deal designed to make readers like you money. And it has. This gentleman secured his office unit for roughly $146,000. Because of the special terms he got with this off-market deal, he was able to really leverage his position. He put down a small deposit and has made a few installment payments, and thats it. And today his unit would go for about $188,000. Thats a 28.7% increase in value in less than a year.mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  7. 7. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 7 of 25 What Well Be Talking About in June… When we meet down in the Dominican Republic in June, Ill get a map out and show you exactly where in the world the best opportunities are today. Ill talk to you about why they make sense and if theyd be right for you. And then Ill show you how you can quickly and easily get in on them—with deals the average Joe off the street cant touch. Remember—Im concerned with smart Diversify…Because You Cant deals in markets that make good sense See the Future for an investor. Now some of these places may be spots "No one can foresee the where youd love to spend some time. future—which is why its best to And thats great when that happens— split your money among a series when you can marry big potential profits of diverse investments." —Jon and a destination that can enhance your Waggoner, USA Today quality of life, too—a place you can enjoy a few weeks or months a year. Or even live full-time… But thats not my primary concern. Im looking at the numbers. Right now, in fact, Im still negotiating on your behalf. So I cant yet give you the specifics about every off-market bargain Ill have on the table this summer. As Im sure you understand, I cant divulge the actual deals until were in the room at this event. Thats the point, really…theyre off-market. Theyre for the insiders only. Of course, I hope youll be among the folks sitting with me at the table…in the room and in on the deals. What I can tell you a bit about right now are the places Im hot on for 2012… the places where Ive got deals underway… Where Ive Got My Eye Today—Markets at the Profit Tipping Point These are the markets Im watching.mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  8. 8. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 8 of 25 Theyre markets that make good sense for an investor, even without the off- market deals. Youll hear more about them this summer when we meet in the Dominican Republic… but heres a taste of what they have to offer… A 100-mile stretch of coast on Ecuadors north shore is arguably the best-value beachfront on the planet today. The beaches are wide and largely untouched. Lush green forest covers the hills. Its been hard to get to until recently. But now, a new highway that leads directly from the capital to the coast cuts the drive time in half. All of a sudden, this area is accessible. Tourists, expats, and wealthy from Quito are already coming. Prices are rising. And premium inventory is beginning to run low. In June, Ill show you how to get in here (with an off-market deal) and ride the tide to profits. Brazil is now a middle-class country with a booming economy. The world cant get enough of its food, minerals, energy, and manufactured goods. In the northeast, miles of wide, white-sand beaches connect little ?shing villages and kite-sur?ng outposts. This is a great place to vacation—as the more than three million visitors to the Fortaleza area last year can attest. The rental market is strong—and demand is increasing. Yet an anomaly in the market means that a one-mile stretch of boardwalk is undervalued—by as much as 50% when compared to what people are paying just to the east. This anomaly makes this opportunity particularly strong…Ill give you the details in person this summer and show you how you could easily position yourself here for gains off-market. In Costa Rica Ive got my eye on more than one region. Pacific beachfront…Atlantic beachfront…inland lake properties. Theres a lot of diverse opportunity in Costa Rica today. Each place Ill bring to your attention is, I believe, undervalued. Theres a window of opportunity here today in a spot where the jungle meets the ocean…another in a place you could swear sits somewhere in Switzerland…a third offers amazing water views and extraordinary bang for the buck…Ill reveal the details at this years International Real Estate Investment Forum. Along the Riviera Maya—a postcard-perfect Caribbean coast with coral- sand beach and turquoise waters—theres a spot where the developmentmhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  9. 9. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 9 of 25 is thoughtful and demand for accommodation is high. Youll find a 27- hole golf course and luxury clubhouse among other amenities. Ill introduce you to at least one play here—the kind of thing high-net-worth individuals love to grab. Only you dont need to be loaded to make this one work wonders for you! In Uruguay, youll find not only a very "European" lifestyle, but also some extraordinarily beautiful—and undervalued—beachfront today. A prime opportunity to profit. In one spot I like, in particular, white sands stretch for miles and miles. You can walk on this beach for hours undisturbed by another human being. Birds flap and flutter overhead as waves crash. I imagine its the way the beaches of east Hampton looked in simpler times…long before the industrialists and Wall Street tycoons and movie stars laid claim to it. This is an area poised to boom— for several reasons Ill outline in June— and getting in here early, you could reap considerable returns. Even better, right now you could get in for less than $31,900—Ill have the specifics in hand in June. But suffice it to say…this is likely to be a very attractive, off-market deal. In the Dominican Republic, too, close to where well be for this International Real Estate Investment Forum, theres a lovely pocket of sand and palms that attracts mostly Canadian and European vacationers and is a popular second-home destination for wealthy Dominicans. No crowded beaches…no giant, tightly packed resorts. Theres a proper town center with lots of small restaurants, shops, and cafes. But what makes this a particularly good opportunity right now is that a new road to here from the capital of Santo Domingo cuts the drive down to an hour and forty-five minutes. This new accessibility will likely lead to higher prices. Yet for now, you could still buy a condo for as little as $85,000. Ill have a nice play in place for June that you may want to take advantage of. And thats just the beginning of the opportunities youll hear about this summer at the International Real Estate Investment Forum… In each and every one of those places—and some others, too—Im arrangingmhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  10. 10. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 10 of 25 special off-market deals for attendees only. An early-in, lower-priced advantage hands you a great safety margin. And it puts you way ahead of the pack when it comes to gains. Because as I said before: These markets are worth your attention, even at full price. Why RIGHT NOW Is an Excellent Time to Invest in Real Estate Overseas The truth is, theres a whole world you dont hear so much about in the mainstream press at home. Its the world I spend at least two weeks a month investigating, firsthand. And heres what you need to understand about it… 1. Not every place is in a recession. We may get lots of doom-and-gloom on the home front. But the picture looks decidedly rosier elsewhere. Places where credit wasnt so loose. Places where the economy today isnt anemic, but is actually growing at a healthy clip. These places DO exist. And you can Easily, Quickly, Safely Grow find great investment opportunity Your Nest Egg Outside Stocks, there. Outside the Dollar In some places I like certain pre- An entirely dollar-denominated, construction deals, for instance. stock-heavy retirement portfolio Thats where you buy into a faces a double threat: inflation and development before it has been currency devaluation. constructed. Frequently, developers will offer substantial discounts to buy Both of these can erode your buying "off-plan" like this. The best pre- power and force you to dip into your construction projects will sell out savings sooner and more often than before a shovel goes in the ground. youd planned. And often the best units go to "insiders." But diversification—across asset classes, across markets, across You see, developers often need currencies—minimizes your risk and investor funds to stay in maximizes your return. business. Thats a strong incentive to create simple and And a very sensible way to diversify profitable investor terms formhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  11. 11. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 11 of 25 insiders. In addition, bank finance is through real estate outside the for construction costs will typically be States. With the right deals at your dependent on a certain level of pre- fingertips… its easy. And its those sales. The developer will want to hit deals were laying out for folks this that number as soon as possible. All June at the International Real that works in your favor. Estate Investment Forum. As long as youre buying in a place where the market is poised to appreciate—and a large portion of the general public wouldnt mind owning or renting your unit—youre in a strong "profit position." This summer at the International Real Estate Investment Forum, youll discover the step-by-step secrets to identifying both the right markets and the right deals. And, of course, well have a selection of excellent off-market deals on the table at this event. 2. One persons distress sale can be your smart, below-market buy. Its not just pre-construction that makes sense in 2012, either. The credit and financial crises were all too familiar with in the States DID explode elsewhere, too of course—most notably in Europe. But what is a struggle for somebody else can be a real opportunity for you today. I like the idea of buying prime, quality, and cash-flow-positive real estate for substantially less than my neighbor paid (sometimes half). Sound good to you, too? Im talking about "crisis investing" here. And the opportunities with the strongest and most reliable yields are in Ireland, Portugal, and Spain today. This opportunity exists because banks lent to developers to build. Developers built in anticipation that there would be no problem selling their units. After nearly a decade of runaway demand and floods of cheap money, they took their eye off the ball. They took on more debt and risk than they should have, and they overpaid for land. Credit and financial crises combined with oversupply led to a breakdown inmhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  12. 12. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 12 of 25 many markets. Sales dried up and high-quality, completed units are left sitting, waiting for a buyer. Banks need to purge their loan books. Developers want to lick their wounds and move on. Forced sell-offs are happening… demand is rock bottom. This is a formula for opportunity. In the Dominican Republic this June, Ill show you how to spot special deals like this and teach you how to know when to pounce. But beyond that, Im hoping to have a few of these deals I can put on the table for you. As you can imagine, its all in the timing with things like this. So itll just depend on what I find in the week leading up to the event. But theres money to be made on the "euro meltdown," and Id like to help you make some. 3. Baby boomers are headed south in greater numbers than ever—but you can get there first, for less, and profit from the coming "migration." More than 5 million Americans already live overseas. Their ranks are growing faster than ever. And its a trend thats going to gain momentum. Millions of Baby Boomers are poised to retire with less money than theyd planned on. By necessity, theyll be looking to escape to destinations where their dollars buy them more. That means places like Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Argentina, Belize, and beyond. When you can get there first, ahead of the crowds, you can be well positioned for profit as prices increase with demand. Thats why I look for what I call "Path of Progress" plays. Infrastructure development drives real estate prices. Its a fact. This is particularly so when accessibility is increased within an already established and growing market. So I look for places where a new road is going in, for instance, or an airport is under construction. Places where a new area is going to be opening up. When you get in early in a region like this, youve got a head start on gains. This summer, Ill introduce you to several timely "Path of Progress" plays in proven markets… and walk you through the criteria I use to decide if a dealmhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  13. 13. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 13 of 25 like this is a good one. Turn Your Portfolio into an International Real Estate Profit Machine At this years International Real Estate Investment Forum, Ill hand you the simple, proven tools you need to analyze deals on your own. Ill be there to help you every step of the way. But I also want you to feel confident that youre making sound, educated decisions about your own portfolio. Thats the whole idea, after all: That YOU Ours May Be Stalled, but the control your future. I want to show you Global Economy is Moving how you can easily, quickly, and safely take steps to shore up and grow your "My big error was not having portfolio, using real estate outside the more money invested outside States. the US in real estate…I am a So you can afford to enjoy the lifestyle financial advisor, and spreading you deserve. So you have the freedom to risk by currency and asset class do what you want, when you want, is very important. While the US where you want. economy is coming out of this crash very slowly, the global This International Real Estate economy is already moving Investment Forum isnt like other forward quickly." —Robert W., events. Real Estate Trend Alert Member It is designed to show you (in very practical terms) where—and how—to turn a profit with real estate outside the US and outside the dollar. Its like a crash course, essentially. Only its not just theoretical or academic. Its based on real-world experience and up-to-the-minute intelligence. And youll come away knowing exactly how you can take action. All the speakers are contacts I know and trust personally. International real estate experts…finance guys…currency specialists…legal professionals… developers… and more. Theyre flying in from the far reaches of the planet— each ready to share something practical and profit minded. During this power-packed program in June, well hand you every proven insiders tool you need to turn your portfolio into anmhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  14. 14. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 14 of 25 international real estate profit machine—starting this year. But thats just the beginning. Ill also put on the table at least eight off-market deals in markets I believe in. Theres no smoke-and-mirrors when it comes to picking real estate deals overseas that make good sense…Ill show you how I do it. So you can do it. And Ill hand you some excellent off market-deals Ive negotiated on your behalf. This Summer, Youll See Deals Like These… Now, as I mentioned, Im still working out the particulars of the deals Ill have on the table for you this summer. But to give you a good sense for the kind of deal youll see, let me give you some more examples of deals attendees like you have been able to choose from in the past… A pre-launch offer on a pre-construction project along a lovely stretch of Caribbean coast. In this spot, rental demand far outstrips supply. My "inner circle" shaved 9% off the official launch price. They got in early— so got their pick of the best units. And they were required to put ZERO down. Thats right, no down payment. These properties are already appreciating nicely. The folks who grabbed penthouse units with this special deal paid $199,000—right now, theyre sold out, with the last one selling for $244,000. A distressed deal in the UK where my "inner circle" got in at 52% off the developers list price. This was in a high-end, contemporary condo in the heart of the Birmingham city center, a 15-minute stroll from the financial district with cinemas, galleries, and theaters at the doorstep. This is where young professional and business people want to live and rent. My folks could grab one-bed units at £75,336 ($123,780). Gross rental yields from a unit like this are in the region of 10%. A 15% market discount on a beachfront condo. So instead of $62,000,mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  15. 15. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 15 of 25 they went for $52,700. In this scenario, the buyers were up $9,200 before factoring in potential appreciation or rental income. Or, for that matter, the enjoyment value of time they could spend in this place—a little escape in the sun. At the upcoming International Real Estate Investment Forum in the Dominican Republic this June, those are the sorts of deals youll have access to. Theyre all through contacts I have Enjoyed the Company of confidence in. And in locales I believe Like-Minded People make very smart sense in 2012. "It was good to be in the company I can say that with confidence, of other like-minded people who are because Ive done my homework. looking for investments that make You see, when I dont have my Real sense. The group was very cohesive Estate Trend Alert cap on, Im and everyone got along very well wearing one as Director of a firm and I think all learned strategies called Pathfinder, Ltd., a real estate and ideas about this type of real advertising company and estate." —Steven L., Attendee, International Livings preferred IREIF 2011 advertising partner. Im an active real estate investor myself. Im always on the lookout for potential investments…kicking the tires in new markets… cutting deals with developers and agents. I spend lots (and lots) of time culling the worthwhile opportunities from the many that dont deserve even a second glance. In fact, I see about 200 potential deals for every one I actually bring to the attention of my Real Estate Trend Alert members. Now, Pathfinder may earn fees on these deals. But Real Estate Trend Alert members always get the best price available. And they always hear about the best deals first. Thats my promise. And at this event, youll have access to those very deals. Because this International Real Estate Investment Forum isnt just about pointing you to markets and showing you how to profit in them. Its about taking it one step further, its about handing you—on a silver platter— a real head start on gains. More than a Century of Expertise…mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  16. 16. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 16 of 25 Speakers Committed to Sharing Practical, Profit-Minded Intelligence Ill be on hand to speak to you in June, of course. But Im only one of many speakers I have lined up. On the roster of experts coming to the International Real Estate Investment Forum are pros with more than 100 years of expertise between them. They are top-tier advisors in international real estate, finance, currencies, law, real estate development, and more. Among those on hand will be… Margaret Summerfield, Director of Pathfinder International and a long-time trusted colleague of mine. Though based in Panama Citys historic Casco Viejo neighborhood, from where she directs our research and spearheads our extensive due-diligence efforts, Margaret spends much of her time out scouting. In fact, as I write she’s on a boat off a small, reef-fringed Caribbean island searching for pockets of undiscovered opportunity. Next month she travels to Chile. This June she’ll share with attendees her hot-off-the-presses scouting report from there, offer a full-run-down of her top market picks, and explain why she favors various markets and for whom they’d make the best sense. That’ll help you begin to see how the various opportunities you’ll be introduced to could fit into your portfolio. Juan Fischer is the managing partner of Fischer & Schickendantz, one of Uruguay’s leading law firms. He manages the firm’s foreign-investment consulting unit, advising multinationals and individual investors in foreign direct investments in real estate developments, acquisition of local companies, agricultural enterprises and privatizations. Juan lectures globally on foreign-investment conditions in Uruguay, and this June will be on hand at the International Real Estate Investment Forum to talk about investing in farmland in Uruguay, among other value plays. Daniel Neves will be there as well. In from Brazil, Daniel will focus primarily on the opportunities unfolding in Fortaleza, where, as a partner in one of the city’s most respected real estate firms, he’s well connected and plugged in to the best investment deals. He’ll talk about several pockets of opportunity that exist there today and share with you some strategies for capitalizing on the extraordinary potential for profit ahead of the crowds.mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  17. 17. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 17 of 25 Steve Linder, flying in from Costa Rica where he is the Sales Manager of Pacific Lots, will be with us in the D.R. to talk about the opportunities unfolding in that nation’s southern zone right now. He’ll lay out the very compelling “path of progress” story and show you how your portfolio could benefit by holding a stake here. This place is not only beautiful, popular with international expats and visitors who appreciate the great restaurants and hotels, and easier than ever to access, but it’s also poised to increase in value. Steve will explain why and how you could benefit. Toni Green, who is an owner and broker in the Dominican Republic, will join us to talk about the local market – particularly the Samana Peninsula. In many ways, it’s much different than the rest of the D.R. She’ll talk about why the lack of all-inclusive resorts there (that exist across much of the rest of the island’s coast) is an advantage for investors, how you could easily get in, and where the best-value opportunities are. Benjamin Beja, one of the most well-respected developers in Mexico, will speak about the great profit potential today in the Riviera Maya. This stretch of land south of Cancun is directly in the path of progress, with the government’s tourism-development arm planning to bring 11 million tourists to this stretch of coast. New roads, bridges, and even an international airport are planned. Benjamin will walk you through the best ways you could capitalize on this play today. Francisco del Castillo, whose firm in Ecuador provides services in architectural design and construction and real estate development will be on hand from Ecuador to talk to attendees about the extraordinary profit opportunities on offer in his country right now. In particular, he’ll focus on the northern Pacific coast—firmly in the path of progress—where investors will discover extraordinary value today. Ronan McMahon—that’s me. I will, of course, share with you my boots-on- the-ground assessments and my picks for the best value-oriented markets around the world today. I’ll show you why I feel the way I do about them, and talk about how I analyze a market so you can do the same. Global events can create opportunities… but you need to be armed with the most in-depth and up-to-date information to capitalize on situations as they arise. At the International Real Estate Investment Forum, I and the other speakers will ensure that you are. Dan Prescher, International Livingsmhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  18. 18. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 18 of 25 Special Projects Editor, will be our emcee. He and his wife have lived in A Wealth of Information Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua, and Mexico. Dan will share his experiences "Well researched info all in one living and buying Real Estate across the place, wealth of knowledge region. uncovered." —Ambrose H., Attendee, IREIF 2011 Plus youll hear from attorneys flying in from Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, and elsewhere. Theyll talk you through whatever considerations you need to make from a legal standpoint before investing in their countries…and introduce you to structures that can help make your investment smooth and easy. Well have on hand finance and tax experts who will share with you techniques and insights designed to help you safely maximize your investment and minimize your taxes. Also joining us from their homes in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, the D.R. and beyond are developers and real estate professionals who will be on hand to speak with you about the opportunities they themselves have to offer you and to share their own stories about investing internationally as well. Thats just a very partial list of the more than two dozen experienced players weve invited who youll have a chance to talk and meet with this summer in the Dominican Republic. For reasons Ive explained, the developers who come to this Forum with off- market deals dont want the general public to know theyre offering preferential treatment to a select group of insiders. It only stands to reason. So the final list of speakers who will be in attendance and the list of folks offering deals, thats only available to registered attendees. I can assure you, however, that youll find all our speakers and contacts to be approachable and willing to share their opinions and experiences. Thats important to me. You need straight-shooting insights. And thats exactly what youll get when you join me and my colleagues at this event. Where to Find the Best Real Estate Deals in 2012 Im going to give you something else, too.mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  19. 19. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 19 of 25 I want to make sure you have the low-down on the regions Im targeting for the best profit plays this year. A little background, essentially. That way, when you get to this event, you can put the deals you see there in context immediately. So Im pulling together a special report called 2012 Profit Plays: Where Youll Find the Worlds Best Real Estate Deals. When you register for the International Real Estate Investment Forum, Ill send it to you—free. Inside youll find out about… A market about to blossom in good-value Ecuador. A stretch of coast that offers not only glorious beaches, but forests that top coastal cliffs. Here clear blue water washes up on pristine beaches. Wild cats, anteaters and tapirs prowl the thick forests. Toucans with rainbow bills and delicate hummingbirds fly through the canopy. Offshore, the rich ocean is a breeding ground for whales and provides a living for local fishermen. Find out exactly where it is, how you get there, and why now is the right time to take a look for yourself. The best lakeside buy in Latin America today. The first place you get to when you approach this lake from the capital is a town with pizzerias, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and souvenir stores. A cluster of new luxury spa resorts and hotels sits on the edge of the town. Most visitors never venture farther on, though they could be on the far side of the lake in just 45 minutes. They dont know what theyre missing. Its spectacular. And properties are still incredibly good value. Here, a half- acre lake view lot will set you back as little as $19,000. A secret stretch of beach in a stable, democratic, peaceful country with a strong economy and a burgeoning tourism sector—visits were up 40% last year. The country is edging toward investment grade. It has good infrastructure—the tap water is drinkable…roads are modern and paved…and many public places (and some buses) have free Wi-Fi. The second-home market here is hot right now. Big international developers are moving in. The jet set will follow. But you can beat them with a path of progress play that could pay out significant gains… And much, much more… 2012 Profit Plays: Where Youll Find the Worlds Best Real Estatemhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  20. 20. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 20 of 25 Deals is yours with my compliments when you register for the International Real Estate Investment Forum. And, in fact, its the only way to get a copy. We wont sell it the bookstore. But its yours, free, when you sign on. This June 7-9, 2012, Enjoy the Sunny Dominican Republic Were hosting this event in the Dominican Republic for a host of reasons. First of all, its extremely easy to get to…and tickets are reasonable—sometimes downright bargain-basement. (Plus, in fact, weve arranged with American Airlines a 5% discount on flights for attendees.) Its an easy hop. Not only that, its spectacularly This Isnt "Rich Man" Investing, gorgeous. Well be hosting this event Its "Smart Man" Investing at one of the very nicest spots on the island. Indeed, one of the nicest in You dont need to be super-wealthy the Caribbean. to protect and grow your portfolio with international real estate Well meet at the opulent Casa de holdings. (Though this is exactly Campo Resort, once dubbed the how many of the worlds savviest "Monte Carlo of the Caribbean." and wealthiest investors do it.) Its home to one of the top 50 golf You dont need to spend weeks on courses on the planet—Pete Dyes end traveling. Sure, you can if you Teeth of the Dog course (and two like. Its always good to "kick the other courses, as well) and was just tires" before you commit to a place. named the Top Resort in the But Ive got the legwork under Caribbean at the World Travel control—I do it, so you dont have Awards in January, the "Oscars of the to. travel industry." You dont have to fall in love The place is a luxurious 7,000 acres. personally with every investment You can take advantage of horses for play. Its great when you can rides and polo, bicycles, tennis combine a lifestyle perk with a profit courts, shooting excursions, water play. But what Im most concerned sports, spa treatments. Or just relax with is whether an opportunity poolside or on the sand. Thirteen makes for a sound investment, pure restaurants offer a wide variety of and simple. You dont have to want choice. to live in a place to have it makemhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  21. 21. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 21 of 25 And a new, $50 million renovation money for you. has left nothing to chance. Oversized rooms provide balconies or patios, crisp white linens and beautiful mahogany hardwoods. You get a golf cart you can use to get around. Weve arranged for a special discounted rate for event attendees. Instead of the usual $276 a night, room-only, youll stay for just $199—and that includes breakfast daily as well as complimentary wifi. In addition, as an attendee at this event, youll get 10% off all food and drink throughout the resort. Profit-Focused, Value-Minded, and Fun While youll find it a wonderful place to relax…thats not why well be there. Well be gathered to connect you to off-market deals in the best real estate markets on the planet. And this is your official invitation to have a seat at the table. Remember, youve got to be in the room to be in on the deals. And there wont be a more affordable time to reserve your seat. Forgive me if Im being too direct here. But I have to be honest: I dont think were charging enough for this program. Were handing you incredible insider access. Just one single deal could be worth thousands of dollars to you. Just recently, I arranged a deal like the ones Im putting together for this program in the Dominican Republic. It was in a high-end coastal development with magnificent views of the Caribbean and the surrounding mountains and valleys. Its in a 640-acre space set up at 1,300 feet—so you get great ocean breezes. The site is diverse, with virgin rainforest, five rivers, two waterfalls, and gently rolling hills. The wildlife is abundant, with hundreds of bird and animal species. Its being developed tastefully and thoughtfully. Roads wind instead of cuttingmhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  22. 22. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 22 of 25 through at straight angles. I checked this place out for myself, of course, and we winded our way through internal roads that followed the contours of the land…roads lined with well-maintained flowers and grass areas. Thought and work goes into these little things. Thats why they are an important reflection on the developer. A communal pool and barbecue area with an infinity-type pool is complete. Nearby homes are in and more are near completion. The deal I negotiated included this one: $51,000 for a 1.9-acre lot. Thats 51% off the list price. In other words, this deal alone was worth $55,000 to anybody who grabbed it. Given that math, I think we could quite A Sweet Pot of Gold reasonably charge $5,000 per seat for this International Real Estate "I think whoever invested based Investment Forum—and it would be on your recommendations is worth every penny. sitting on a sweet pot of gold." After all, you could recoup that—and —Frank I., Real Estate Trend thousands of dollars more—on just ONE Alert Member of the special off-market deals youll learn about. But it wont cost you $5,000 to come. In fact, it wont even cost you half that. We wanted to make this International Real Estate Investment Forum as accessible as possible. And so right now—through May 2, 2012, youll pay just $1,295 $1,095 for a seat. (You save $200 when you register early, and you may be eligible for additional discounts as well, on top of that.) Your guest is welcome for a modest $895 $695 when you register by May 2. The Secrets—and Access—that Can Change Your World Your ticket to this event includes not only formal presentations by all our speakers, but also small-group workshops theyll host. In addition to that, I think one of the most valuable things you gain at a live event like this is the chance to rub elbows with your fellow readers who sharemhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  23. 23. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 23 of 25 your same interests. So weve worked some "social" time into the agenda as well. Well host two cocktail receptions Save When You Register by where you can kick back, network, May 2, 2012 and enjoy yourself. Naturally, coffee and snack Put your name on the attendee breaks throughout the program. list by midnight on May 2, and you’ll save $200 (as will your And, of course, you have full guest). Plus you may be eligible access to our networking and for an additional discount as exhibit hall, where youll find well. Don’t delay. We expect incredible resources to help you put this event to sell out, and I’d into action the plan that best fits hate for you to miss out. Click your portfolio. below now to register and save. There won’t be a more Plus, of course, this event also includes affordable time to reserve your access to all the off-market deals not seat. available to the general public. Your running head start on profits… This Event is Likely to Sell Out I expect this International Real Estate Investment Forum to sell out— just as it has in years past. The Dominican Republic is an easy, affordable hop. But because of that, I encourage you to reserve your place now, while Now I Can See a Clear Path to seats are still available and you can Where I Want to Be still take advantage of the Early Bird Discount. "I enjoyed the very open, authentic atmosphere of speakers and More and more people are coming to exhibitors. I also enjoyed the in understand that in these uncertain depth, info packed, straight, low economic times, having a portion of down on the different opportunities your nest egg outside the States is in each country. just plain common sense.mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  24. 24. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 24 of 25 With the right international real "Perhaps the best benefit is being estate plays, it can be easy to able to distinguish my investment diversify—and position yourself for strategy. That works for me and excellent returns…outside stocks, and being able to speak to the lawyers, outside the dollar. developers, brokers, experts to flesh out that strategy so I can see This June in the Dominican Republic, a clear pathway from where I am well show you exactly how to do now, to where I want to be." —Glen that…and hand you some amazing A., Attendee, IREIF 2011 off-market deals designed to put you in ahead of the crowd in markets I like, even at full price. If youre ready to have a safe hedge against volatile markets at home and an uncertain US dollar. If youre ready to enjoy a toe-hold overseas where your nest egg can grow and you can relax… Then theres no more efficient, enjoyable, or affordable way to make that happen than to join me at our International Real Estate Investment Forum in the Dominican Republic, June 7-9, 2012. Simply click below to put yourself on the attendee list. Or, if you prefer to register by phone, call tel. 1-866-381-8446 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada) or 1-410-622-3040 direct to our offices in Baltimore. I hope to see you there! Click below to register now at a discount. Sincerely, Ronan McMahon Real Estate Trend Alert P.S. If youre on board with the idea of growing and diversifying your portfolio (and I hope you are—for your portfolios sake!)…then this event is for you.mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012
  25. 25. International Real Estate Investment Forum Page 25 of 25 Thats because I and the other experts on hand will pass along to you the proven tools we use for finding, evaluating, and cashing in on real estate deals that can produce extraordinary annual gains…outside the States, and outside the dollar. By the time our Dominican Republic program comes to a close, youll know what to look for on your own and how to decide (in an instant) whether an opportunity makes sense for you or not. But we wont just send you off to fend for yourself. Instead, Ill hand you—on a silver platter—a basketful of off-market deals you cant access any other way. Deals in what I think are the very best real estate markets on the planet today. It means you get a running head start on gains. Thats what this program is all about. Join me in Dominican Republic this June, and Ill show you how its done. You can reserve a seat at a discount right now here below. Simply click on the link. But please dont delay. The opportunities are extraordinary right now. And so we expect this program to sell out quickly. Id hate to have to put your name on our wait-list. Click below now to save a seat for yourself… (Youll have a chance to review your order.)mhtml:file://C:Documents and SettingsdderemigisDesktopInternational Real Estate Inves... 5/1/2012