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Time Theft - How Hidden & Unplanned Work Commit the Perfect Crime.

There are 5 thieves that if we could see & measure the impact of, could help us improve performance. Unplanned work, Neglected work, Unknown Dependencies, Conflicting Priorities and, the ring leader -- Too much WIP. This presentation gives you the essential bit of info you should know for each thief.

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Time Theft - How Hidden & Unplanned Work Commit the Perfect Crime.

  1. 1. @dominicad     Time Theft – How Hidden & Unplanned Work Commit the Perfect Crime November 2016 Dominica DeGrandis - Director, Training & Coaching
  2. 2. @dominicad How to make uncertainties visible
  3. 3. @dominicad 5Unplanned work The Thieves   Conflicting priorities Too much WIP Neglected work Unknown Dependencies
  4. 4. @dominicad THIEF #1 – TOO MUCH WIP When demand exceeds capacity demand capacity
  5. 5. @dominicad WHY TOO MUCH WIP MATTERS Effective people say yes deliberately Too much WIP delays work
  6. 6. @dominicad WIP is a leading indicator
  7. 7. @dominicad YOU KNOW THIEF #1 STEALS TIME WHEN... Ø  Context switching is common. Ø  We start new tasks before finishing older tasks. Ø  Work gets neglected and ages. Ø  We say, “Yes, I’ll do that.” Molecules  Of  Emo-on:  The  Science  Behind  Mind-­‐Body  Medicine,  Candace  B.  Pert,  1999  
  8. 8. @dominicad hAps://­‐ emzSo4p0RLhzLaIR4Yp3owWR3JdT5QghoY/edit#gid=0   delivered Build/ fix Study Silver Bullet Team work feedback Business requests cycling done (5)   (3)   (1)   EXPOSE WIP
  9. 9. @dominicad THIEF #2 – UNKNOWN DEPENDENCIES Time delays due to: Ø  Tightly coupled architecture Ø  Bottlenecks from specialized skillset Ø  Work outside of our control    
  10. 10. @dominicad WHY DEPENDENCIES MATTER Every dependency increases the probability that you will be late by 50%. Dependencies are asymmetrical in their impact.   Troy Magennis
  11. 11. @dominicad Dependency x 3 you   friend   brother   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   1 chance in 8 = 12.5% of arriving on time
  12. 12. @dominicad YOU KNOW THIEF #2 STEALS TIME WHEN... Ø  Coordination needs are high. Ø  People aren’t available when you need them. Ø  A change in one part of the code unexpectantly changes something else.  
  13. 13. @dominicadEXPOSE DEPENDENCIES deliveredinvestigate Expedites or Unplanned Dependencies feedback Everything else waiting 8 days
  14. 14. @dominicad THIEF #3 – UNPLANNED WORK An Interruption – usually to fix a problem Ex: Break fix, expedites, incidents, fires
  15. 15. @dominicad WHY UNPLANNED WORK MATTERS Unplanned work steals time away from planned work.
  16. 16. @dominicad YOU KNOW THIEF #3 STEALS TIME WHEN... Someone joins your slack channel and within 2 min, 4 people are sucked into the vortex.
  17. 17. @dominicad donedoingTo do Unplanned work Planned work validate EXPOSE UNPLANNED WORK  
  18. 18. @dominicad THIEF #4 – CONFLICTING PRIORITIES Conflicting priorities are when people are uncertain or disagree on what to work on.
  19. 19. @dominicad WHY CONFLICTING PRIORITIES MATTER If people can’t prioritize effectively, they try to do too much at once. Too much wip = longer Cycle Time.
  20. 20. @dominicad YOU KNOW THIEF #4 STEALS TIME WHEN... Ø  “When will my thing be done?” Ø  “My thing is a high priority!” Ø  “If my thing doesn’t get done by ____, then…
  21. 21. @dominicad EXPOSE CONFLICTING PRIORITIES mainmnai   delivereddoingTo do Expedites validate Project 1 work Project 2 work On-hold work Maintenance work
  22. 22. @dominicad THIEF #5 - NEGLECTED WORK Neglected, often important work sits idle when other work is seen as a higher priority.  
  23. 23. @dominicad WHY NEGLECTED WORK MATTERS Important work sits waiting – until it eventually becomes an emergency.
  24. 24. @dominicad YOU KNOW THIEF #5 STEALS TIME WHEN... “When are we going to finish x?” “We can’t get to x right now, because we’re working on y.”
  25. 25. @dominicad EXPOSE NEGLECTED WORK 5   donedoingTo do Expedites Unplanned work validate 9 days 13 days Revenue protecting Revenue generating
  26. 26. @dominicad
  27. 27. @dominicad The   5 Thieves
  28. 28. @dominicad 5   delivereddoingNext Expedites Revenue protecting validate Revenue generating ALL THE TIME THIEVES EXPOSED
  29. 29. @dominicad THE TIME THIEF O’GRAM Unplanned work Unknown dependencies Conflicting priorities Neglected work Too much WIP 20   10   5   15   1  
  30. 30. @dominicad AGGREGATED TIME THIEF O’GRAM TREND 20   10   5   15   1            Oct  3              Oct  10            Oct  17                Oct  24      
  31. 31. @dominicad CONGREGATED TIME THIEF O’GRAM 20   10   5   15   1           OCTOBER, 2016 Unplanned work Neglected work Unknown dependency Conflict priority Over WIP
  32. 32. @dominicad
  33. 33. @dominicad MORE ON TIME THEFT & UNCERTAINTY
  34. 34. @dominicad TO RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING: Ø A copy of this presentation Ø A copy of the Kanban for ITOps white paper Ø A discount code for DevOpsDays Seattle 2017 Ø A copy of the Lean Kit Lean Business report Just pick up your phone and send an email to: Subject: Flow