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The Art of Lean Performance


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Shallow implementations of Lean Kanban leave money on the table. Visualizing work helps, but only so much. It’s hard to improve if work isn’t flowing smoothly. In this presentation, Dominica shares actionable steps you can take to help you transform a shallow Kanban implementation into a Lean system focused on flow and continuous improvement.

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The Art of Lean Performance

  1. 1. @dominicad THE LEAN HOUSE Ø  Leadership Ø  Value Ø  Respect for people Ø  Flow Ø  Kaizen
  2. 2. @dominicad Communicate Purpose & Priorities Respect People “Remove barriers that rob people of their right to pride of workmanship.” ~ Deming
  3. 3. @dominicad   Business value? Customer value? Employee value? (These may not all be the same) How is VALUE defined & communicated? Is Purpose & Priority crystal clear? How do people know what to work on to provide the most value for the company?  
  4. 4. @dominicad   PULL VALUE thru the whole system SMOOTHLY FLOW      
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  8. 8. @dominicad Some Visibility is a good start1 But… work items not broken down small enough can get stale and prevent Flow.
  9. 9. @dominicad A Focus on individuals & siloed teams2 Individually named swim lanes may make it easier to see who is working on what. But… if the goal is to see value flow thru the whole system quickly, consider how people might not collaborate when using this kind of visual.
  10. 10. @dominicad WIP Limits, if they exist, aren’t adhered to3           Visualizing WIP limits is a great start. But… ignoring them puts you at a disadvantage. A true pull system increases Flow & Value.
  11. 11. @dominicad Not Much Continuous Improvement4 Fast feedback reduces risk Abandoned feedback rarely converts to an improvement
  12. 12. @dominicad   If you find yourself in the Shallows, don’t fret. Here’s what to do: Ø  Think like a System Ø  Focus on the Flow of Value Ø  Kaizen to Continuously Improve  
  13. 13. ENTERING THE DEEP Tips for diving deeper to discover hidden business value @dominicad
  14. 14. @dominicad Ensure Metrics Foster the Right Stuff1Think like a system, not a siloed team Value is delivered after work flows across the whole system. We need many hands across many teams to get the job done.
  15. 15. @everydaykanban 1 Build Relationships with Other Teams
  16. 16. @dominicad Visualize Cross-Team Dependencies2
  17. 17. @everydaykanban Respect people – Use Safe Metrics3
  18. 18. @everydaykanban Focus on the Flow of Value
  19. 19. @everydaykanban Visualize workflow, not busy people1
  20. 20. @everydaykanban Use “Pull” to Manage Flow2
  21. 21. @dominicad Limit WIP to Find Problems3 Remove barriers of too much WIP, so people can deliver some value before starting something new.   Partially completed work results in unmet value.
  22. 22. @dominicad Check Amount of Unplanned work4
  23. 23. @dominicad Kaizen to Continuously Improve Constantly assess and improve conditions to enable better Flow  
  24. 24. @dominicad Make Feedback a Habit with Lean Coffee1 To reduce J-curve resistance, the hearts and minds of people must be open to change. Casual, in-person conversations with people of opposing viewpoints is one of the easiest paths to change. Nothing accomplishes this better than a personal relationship generated by frequent face-to-face conversations in a safe, calm and respectful setting such as Lean Coffee.
  25. 25. @dominicad Remove Fear – Create a Safe Culture2 Like the captain of a ship, leadership should provide a safe environment for the crew. Don’t let teams dive for treasure without proper support.
  26. 26. @everydayakanban Rub Some Science On It3
  27. 27. @dominicad Track your progress
  28. 28. TO RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING: Ø A copy of this presentation Ø A copy of the LeanKit Lean Business report Ø A Kanban roadmap e-book to help you dive into the deep Just pick up your phone and send an email to: Subject: FLOW
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