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Tips on using Facebook to engage customers and grow sales.

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Facebook Tips Women Ties

  1. 1. Facebook Tips to help you Build Your Brand, Engage with Customers and create Presented by - Donna DeClemente October 17, 2012 Women Ties Greater Rochester Luncheon 1 SEM MARKETING • SOCIAL MEDIA • ONLINE PROMOTIONS • MARKETING STRATEGY
  2. 2. Speaker - Donna DeClementeIntroductionDDC Marketing Group - President, FounderPromotional, social media, brand marketing andInternet advertisingBlogs: Donna’s Promo Talk The Lip-Sticking BlogTwitter: @ddeclemente 2
  3. 3. Social MediaIt’s all about connecting with people and building relationships 3
  4. 4. Social MediaSmall businesses need to be where their customers are 4
  5. 5. Social Media Proves Value, Gets Budgets“State of Digital Marketing 2012 Report,” found that 52% of US B2C marketers and 41% of US B2B marketers planned to increase their social marketing budgets in 2013 5
  6. 6. Facebook now has 1 Billion usersFacebook pages are now driving the most business forsmall business owners, second to their website 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. 168 Million U.S. Users
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Facebook Fans = “Likes”
  11. 11. Facebook “Open Graph”
  12. 12. Setting Up a Fan Page www.facebook.com/page
  13. 13. Creating Fan Pages
  14. 14. Creating Fan PagesFirst Steps - Get to the magic #30 Likes to set your user name– Facebook.com/username– Invite your current Facebook friends to Like your page
  15. 15. Building Your Fan BaseFacebook Advertising
  16. 16. Building Your Fan Base Facebook Advertising1. Location – Country, State, City, Zip2. Age – 13+3. Gender - All, Male, Female4. Precise Interest – i.e. “Cooking”5. Broad Interests – 14 listed that break into smaller groups6. Connections7. Relationship status, Education, Workplaces, Languages
  17. 17. Building Your Fan Base Facebook Advertising Set your budget CPC–Cost per ClickSponsored Stories - messages coming from friends about themengaging with your Page, app or event. Only people who are eligibleto see the original news feed story can see it as a sponsored story.For example, if John only shares with his friends, then only his friendswill be eligible to see sponsored stories about his activity..
  18. 18. Facebook Advertising
  19. 19. Marketing Tips to Engage your Facebook Fans Creating yourFacebook Fan Page is only the startTo make it successful you need:Engagement, Interest and Constant Connection
  20. 20. Engaging with your Facebook Fans
  21. 21. People love the chance to win!• 50% of online users enter sweepstakes at least 1x/month• Entering sweepstakes and contests is one of the most popular online activities,• Social media enables people to access them easier and share! 22
  22. 22. Benefits of running a Sweepstakes• Drives traffic to your website, blog, Facebook page• Highly cost effective way to build a database and Facebook fan base• Start a dialog with your customers, prospects, fans
  23. 23. Official Rules• The rules are a contract.• A promotion should have official rules that are readily available to all eligible participants and clearly set forth the terms and details of the promotion.
  24. 24. Facebook Promotional GuidelinesRequire administration through a 3rd- party applicationMay NOT use Facebook features or functionality: -• As a way of entering or registering for a promo - Cannot have users simply “Like” page to enter - Must include a registration form• As a method of voting for a promotion - Must be contained in apps• To notify winners - By sending a message, chat, or wall post
  25. 25. Contests are the Heart of Social Promos• Encourage users to submit content - Photo, video, essay, designs, etc.• Creates buzz , awareness and engages followers - Share their entries with friends• Voting phase increases sharing – wall posts, Likes, tweets 26
  26. 26. Facebook Applicationswww.shortstackapp.com 27
  27. 27. Facebook ApplicationsShortStack has tons offeatures to help you getthe most from yourFacebook Pages,including contests,polls, data collectionand analytics. 28
  28. 28. Facebook ApplicationsShortStack has tons offeatures to help you getthe most from yourFacebook Pages,including contests,polls, data collectionand analytics. 29
  29. 29. FB Application Photo
  30. 30. Falken Tire Sweepstakes Like US Invite
  31. 31. Falken Tire Sweeps Entry Page
  32. 32. Falken Tire Status Update
  33. 33. Desktop vs. Mobile Screens
  34. 34. Create Engaging Fan Pages
  35. 35. Facebook e-Commerce App• 2nd Qtr profits from Facebook stores were up 38% from 1st Qtr for the 180,000 small to midsize retailers• Businesses that sell on Facebook using Ecwids app as well as on their own websites make 22% of their sales on Facebook
  36. 36. Create a Weekly Editorial CalendarPost daily or 3x’sa week?Share headlinenewsProduct/serviceoffers andupdatesFun personal
  37. 37. Create a Facebook/Social Media Editorial CalendarMarket around Holidays andevents that are relevant toyour business
  38. 38. Keep Users EngagedContent you link todoesn’t need to beabout your ownbrand.Facebookdominates sharingin general, with44% of all sharingvolume
  39. 39. How to Schedule your PostsType your post asyou would normally.You can attachphotos, add links,add YouTubevideos, add tags toother pages andevents or justinclude regular text.
  40. 40. How to Schedule your PostsIn the lower-leftcorner of your post,click on the clocksymbol.You can now addthe year, month,day and time youwant the post to go.
  41. 41. Promoted PostsIn the bottom of yourpost click on PromoteSet your BudgetLifetime budget, notdailyGoes to your currentfan base
  42. 42. How do you measure social media?• # of Comments on blog/Facebook page - are they positive?• How often are you being mentioned & by whom?• Have more people engaged: Facebook fans, team members volunteer s base• Who is participating and have they become advocates?• Has your blog/website traffic increased?• Rankings on search engines improved?• Has your database increased via newsletter/email updates?
  43. 43. The #1 Basic Rule to FollowTransparencyClearly communicate whoyou are - be realTeach your team to statethat they are employeesAddress negative commentsPeople want to do businesswith people they connectwith
  44. 44. Remember,Customers are the ones with money
  45. 45. People want relationshipsGreat Businesses & Great Leaders value their relationships the most
  46. 46. Thank You Contact: Donna DeClemente ddeclemente@ddcmarketing.com 585-261-5020 Website: www.ddcmarketing.com Blogs: www.donnaspromotalk.com www.lipsticking.com Connect: www.Twitter.com/ddeclementewww.facebook.com/donna.declemente www.linkedin.com/donnadeclemente