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Mitel BPC


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Mobiso Speech Assistant - Look to the Cloud for Speech Technology

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Mitel BPC

  1. 1. Why S-P-E-L-LWhen you cansimply SPEAK?
  2. 2. Mobiso Unified Speech Assistant for Mitel
  3. 3. Mobiso’s Speech AssistantEnhances customerrelationshipsBoosts productivityFrees employees fromkeypadsVirtualizes your voiceenvironment
  4. 4. Mobiso allows any Mitel partner the ability tooffer a world class speech assistant.
  5. 5. A speech recognition solution hostedin the cloud offers significantadvantages, leveraging innovativetechnologies & eliminating majorinvestments ininfrastructure, costly deployment &support costs.
  6. 6. Cloud-based Speech for IP PBX Providers Differentiates IP service offerings No local speech hardware, software, expertise Automated provisioning Centralized speech monitoring, correction, support From SEAA to Virtual Speech Assistant “Tom Fyfe” BroadSoft NSP BroadWorks SIP Lyrix Professional Services Enterprise Provisioning IP PBX Service Provisioning Directory Integration User Moves/Adds/Changes Monitoring Correction Customization Mitel/Cisco/Avaya Languages Service Partner SIP Tenant Grammars Synonyms 3300/CCM “Northeast Sales”
  7. 7. Connecting Mitel Business Partners to Mobiso in Cloud Mobiso Cloud VoIPCOCust1 VoIP Co Communications SIP Internet CA VoIP Co Network B SP Platform VoIPCOCust2 PSTND • Caller (A) dials Mobiso extension (speed dial button) • Mitel Partner(B) routes call to Mobiso (C) cloud • Mobiso greets caller and accepts name VoIPCOCust3 • Mobiso transfers (REFER) caller to destination (D) • Call path results in direct audio connection between (A) and (D) Lyrix Confidential
  8. 8. Flexible Service Model  Premise, service provider, or cloud deployment  All speech servers under management  VMWare & Disaster recovery option Service SME Provider Professional Enterprise LyrixLyrix Services Provisioning Directory Integration Monitoring Correction SIP Customization Grammars Enterprise
  9. 9. Utilizes SIP over Internet m o b is o Hosted VoIP Provider SIP Internet SP Platform Enterprise 1 Hosted VoIP Provider Network Utilizes SIP over Internet to access the Mobiso speech recognition servers.
  10. 10. Easy Administration Options • Service Provider Admin. m o b is o• Enterprise Administrator Hosted VoIP Provider Internet • Automated Administration SP Enterprise 1 Hosted Platform VoIP Provider Network Easy Administration Options
  11. 11. Mobiso’s Key SEAA Features The Basics:  Simply speak the name/department/product etc. for easy transfer  Zero out capability at any time  Barge In on the SEAA at any time  Name Collect-collect personal name responses/enhances customer experience  Find Me- supports mobility and DR  Multi-Lingual  CSV file or Active Directory Import  Multiple Call Session profiles-for internal/external callers  OnBoard Reporting Interface
  12. 12. Mobiso’s Key SEAA Features Key Critical Differentiators:  Logical choice-US patent and layer of application intelligence for advanced disambiguation where Mobiso learns about employees community of interest, self improves  LMD-proprietary directory, built over time, enhances engines accuracy, all benefit  Linguistic Services and Day2 continuous improvement for long term success and satisfaction  Disaster Recovery/Redundancy Configuration-fully synchronized databases  Flexible Deployments: Cloud, VMWare, OnPrem
  13. 13. Mobiso’s Key SEAA Features Additional Feature Availability:  Speech Enabled Ad-hoc conferencing, speak the names of individuals or teams for quick collaboration.  Speech Enabled Personal Contact Dialing. Smartphone, Outlook Sync. and web  Speech Enable other UC offerings: messaging, contact center,etc
  14. 14. Advanced Recognition Superiority Lyrix experience in UI assures User Interface VXML satisfied users “John Hines” Analytical layer reduces results “Celebrex” lists to one choice. Maintains “American Express” Logical Choice experience data, integrates to IT Context Engine, Experience “Message John Hines” and UC environment “Conference IT Team” Day2 Linguistic Automated trapping of errors and user actions with routing to Lyrix Sentry/Service linguistic group over internet US Patent Proprietary dictionary enhances Cisco (Product of Year) LMD contextual accuracy. Improves Telesphere (Product of Year) upon engine provider’s default Telovations (Innovation Product Award) dictionaryErnst & Young, Raytheon, Aerospace etc Speech Engine Mitel Developer, Avaya DevConnect Broadsoft IncubatorTMC Innovation Product of the Year 2011 201
  15. 15. Case StudiesMobiso at Ernst & Young • Private cloud – 27,000 travelers • Speech-driven corporate and personal directories • IP-PBX integration for workpods • Proprietary messaging, list management • Automated expense reporting • Achieved breakeven in Month #3 (saved $2MM/year) Mobiso “John Jacobs” “Call Dave Ender on his cell” “EY Travel Desk” “Voicemail” Company Confidential
  16. 16. Benefits of Mobiso SEAA for the Enterprise THE BENEFITS  Improved customer service with shortened connection times & efficient call handling with ability to handle increased call volumes more efficiently  Offload significant amounts of switchboard traffic (internal&external) while simultaneously retaining high service levels for Callers. Customers can subsequently eliminate operator positions, or allow existing operators to spend more time with specialized calls or on other tasks.  Significantly reduce dropped or abandoned calls due to caller frustration  Customize the application for internal/external callers for enhanced end user experience  Creates a numberless organization enabling calling & conferencing of individuals, teams & departments without knowledge or concern of numbers or location - anywhere, anytime, always available
  17. 17. User Results
  18. 18. Partner Benefits
  19. 19. Break up with your Keypad !  Free Internal Pilot for new partners  In addition-90 days of Mobiso for free-so that you can offer Mobiso to your customers at no cost to you. you  Once they have experienced the power of Mobiso, they will not want to lose this vital service & the ease of connecting it provides to help them stay competitive.  Go to http://  In “comments” field reference Mitel BPC
  20. 20. The Lyrix Team Deborah Brown: Global Strategic Sales & Marketing Manager: Jeff Gardella: VP Product Development & Support: Lyrix Inc 9 Trafalgar Sq Nashua, NH 03063 (978)442-3000 say “Tell me more” For Free Partner Trial set up-contact Deb directly
  21. 21. Try It: Hosted Mobiso Pilot Overview-via SIP ClientRegistration SET UP  Create a user with SIP registration capabilities  Assign the appropriate "SIP Phone" device profile  Configure SIP authentication credentials  Assign an available phone number  Verify the delivered DNIS is the full phone number  Assign the "Call Transfer" privilege  Assign ANI/Caller ID privileges for internal/external calling line ID delivery  Provide Proxy Server address and SIP Domain  Provide a Mobiso Phone Number & Extension  Provide a Mobiso Authentication User Name & Password  Optional: Provide an Operator and Voicemail number for call transfers TEST  Sign in with admin credentials and perform test calls  Review administrative interface, confirm support process, set up initial training  Discuss Nightly Update Process REVIEW  Provide Day2 Services and Report on results weekly for the pilot