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DockerCon 2017: Docker in China


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Docker has become extremely popular in China. Since October of 2016, Alibaba Cloud and Docker partnered to drive adoption of containerized applications in China. In this talk, I will share the status for this program and will present the latest survey of container adoption in China. We'll take a deep analysis of the current landscape and what is different about China's market.

In this session, we will also share some use cases for container usage in enterprises - i.e. how Alibaba group build the core business application platform based on scalable container infrastructure and how local enterprises run their business with container technologies in a hybrid cloud environment.

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DockerCon 2017: Docker in China

  1. 1. Docker In China Zhimin Tang Alibaba Cloud
  2. 2. 1. Docker Adoption in China 2. Docker Use Cases in China 3. Docker & Alibaba Cloud partnership Agenda
  3. 3. • Survey results of Docker adoption • Docker Adoption Status • Desired Benefits • Barriers • Choices of orchestration tools • Ecosystem Docker Adoption in China
  4. 4. No 17% Possibly 51% very probably 18% Using 14% Will use Docker in next 6 months Not familiar 33% Learning 32% Experimenting 12% Dev/Test Only 13% Using in Production 10% Docker Adoption Status Survey results from 1000+ feedbacks by Alibaba Cloud, April 2017 17% respondents say no to Docker 23% are using Docker in production or Dev/Test environments.
  5. 5. Survey results from 1000+ feedbacks by Alibaba Cloud, April 2017 957 684 501 428 425 387 Accelerate software development Improve resource utilization Application portability Support microservices architectures Better control and standardization Hybrid cloud portability(avoid lock in) Desired Benefits
  6. 6. Barriers Survey results from 1000+ feedbacks by Alibaba Cloud, April 2017 Lack of skills Inexperience to operate Networking Persistent Storage Workload migration Security Performance Depends on open source
  7. 7. Choices of Orchestration Tools 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 Internally developed tools Docker Swarm Kubernetes Mesos others Survey results from 1000+ feedbacks by Alibaba Cloud, April 2017
  8. 8. Ecosystem Startups Cloud Platforms Standard Organizations Financial Investment in Container Technology Grows New standards announced
  9. 9. Docker use cases in China E-Commerce SNS Financial the biggest B2C e- commerce platform China’s biggest microblog the biggest conglomerate of China
  10. 10. TMALL Double 11 Singles’ Day • All core business systems are containerized • 175,000 Transaction/Sec • Optimization on scalability • Largest Docker Swarm cluster over 30k nodes • Global image distribution supports 7000 concurrent pulls
  11. 11. Weibo Challenges – Unexpected spikes • 3 times traffic when hot news happens Solution – Hybrid Cloud • On-demand scaling in cloud • Scale out 1k nodes in 10mins • Consistent application mgmt with containers Weibo Docker Container Platform Public Cloud Multi cloud &VPC support Private Cloud Openstack& KVM Bare-metal
  12. 12. CITIC Group CITIC Industrial Cloud -Jumps on ‘Internet Plus ’ bandwagon Challenges • Developing an open platform to integrate all kinds of cloud services • support types of workload from the group’s affiliated companies as well as other clients and partners. Solution • Cloud service brokerage (Alibaba Cloud , etc.) • Using Docker to deliver financial industrial applications
  13. 13. Docker & Alibaba Cloud Partnership Enterprise adoption for Docker solutions • Apsara Stack Agility Landing Docker Hub in China (coming soon) Community collaboration • Documentation • Meetups • Workshops • Trainings 28 Innovation Centers
  14. 14. Thank You! @ddbmh #dockercon 感谢聆听