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Debbie Dogrul Associates - How We Work


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Published in: Real Estate
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Debbie Dogrul Associates - How We Work

  1. 1. DEBBIE DOĞRUL ASSOCIATES: #1 Team in Northern Virginia SELLING HOUSES SINCE 1989 © 2014 Debbie Doğrul Associates LLC, All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. “I have been successfully selling homes in Northern Virginia for 25 years…. -Debbie Doğrul Team Leader, #1 Team in Northern Virginia Click Again
  3. 3. “…and through my experience I have developed a system to sell your home…” -Debbie Doğrul Team Leader, #1 Team in Northern Virginia
  4. 4. “…for the highest possible price while meeting your unique timeline.” -Debbie Doğrul Team Leader, #1 Team in Northern Virginia
  5. 5. Meet The Best Way To Serve A Client
  6. 6. A hand-picked team of talented sales professionals
  7. 7. Mentored to provide the highest level of Customer Service
  8. 8. Committed to treating the sale of each client’s home as if it were their own
  9. 9. A Top-Notch TEAM of management, marketing, customer service & sales
  10. 10. A TEAM That Possesses The Wide Array Of Skills Successful Selling Demands...
  11. 11.         Communication Marketing Research Market Analysis Negotiation Administration Staging Resources
  12. 12. …You Get The Best of All Worlds You have access to all the benefits of working with the #1 Team in Northern Virginia…
  13. 13. …While experiencing the personalized service of working with one professional agent
  14. 14. Each Debbie Doğrul Associates’ Listing Agent  Specializes in specific communities throughout Northern Virginia  Ensuring your Listing Agent will know the most about your local real estate market
  15. 15. Debbie Doğrul Associates’ Buyer Agents  Actively seek qualified buyers for your home… even before it comes on the market!
  16. 16. Nothing Is Left To Chance Our Team assists behind the scenes on all facets of the real estate process
  17. 17. The Debbie Doğrul Associates’ Marketing Group  Works hard to attract the most buyers and agents possible to your home
  18. 18. We Give You Maximum Marketing Reach To All Types Of Properties In Northern Virginia…
  19. 19. …To Create The Largest Pool Of Buyers For Your Home
  20. 20. Advertising Support Team Second to None to maximize your exposure both online and on the ground
  21. 21. Network Of Resources To Prepare Your Home For Sale
  22. 22. Real Team Advantage for a Single Agent Cost! Get All This Support For The Cost Of …
  23. 23. 2013 Sales Proven Results: Debbie Doğrul Associates The #1 People’s Choice in Northern Virginia 500 400 300 200 100 0 #1 Realtor® #2 Realtor® #3 Realtor® #4 Realtor® #5 Realtor® Debbie Dogrul Debbie Doğrul Cynthia Schneider Bruce Tyburski Ashley Leigh Jennifer Young Associates Data provided by Realtor® Multiple Listing Database Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William counties; Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church cities.
  24. 24. Call or Email Today To Get Started DEBBIE DOĞRUL #1 Team in Northern Virginia (703) 425-3582 INFO@TEAMDDA.COM