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UX Evolution Mindset & Methods


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User Experience Design (UX) is a hot term in software these days, but as a relatively new and evolving field there has been confusion as to what this discipline entails and how it relates to other design practices. In this talk, Dorothy will provide an overview of current user experience design and research best practices, touch on how these methods have evolved in recent years, and discuss what many practitioners believe to be core philosophies behind "User Experience Design" as an approach to software design. In addition, Dorothy will walk through a software product lifecycle using case study examples to illustrate how common UX methods can be leveraged to improve a product. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion about where User Experience Design methods parallel or counter other human factors and ergonomics practices.

Takeaways - Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of User Experience Design as a practice, an overview of current methods, and insight into how these practices might relate to broader human factors and ergonomics approaches.

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UX Evolution Mindset & Methods

  1. 1. User Experience Design Evolution, Mindset, and Methods Prepared by Dorothy M. Danforth for DelVal HF&ES
  2. 2. About Me Dorothy M. Danforth President, Danforth Media ● Design strategy consultant ● 20 years practicing user-centered design ● Trained as fine artist, PDS & Metalwork ● Software programmer, web designer ● Kayaker, DIY-er, science nerd
  3. 3. Presentation Evolution, Mindset, Methods 1. The User Experience Revolution 2. The Role of Research 3. User-Centered Case Study 4. Iterative Design Case Study
  4. 4. The User Experience Revolution
  5. 5. All user-facing software has a user experience Not all software is designed using human-focused methods
  6. 6. Software Was Really Bad  User Experience Design
  7. 7. Common Vision, Different Flavors ● Human Computer Interaction • 1980s • Usability • Goal Directed Design • User Centered Design • User Experience Design …and many more. 1990s
  8. 8. An Evolving Definition …it’s not User Interface …it’s not Usability …it’s not Marketing …but it is... (Basically, we still can’t agree.) ‘‘User experience’ encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.” – NN/g
  9. 9. UX in 200 Words… ● “UX is community” ● “UX: An RX for Humanity” ● “User Experience is a commitment to developing products and services with purpose, compassion, and integrity” ● “UX as an approach for organizations to add value to what they offer”
  10. 10. So, really, what is it? ● User Experience Design ● Visual Design ● Interaction Design ● Information Architecture ● Content Strategy …and so on ● User Centered Design ● Contextual Inquiries ● Personas ● User Narratives ● User Testing …and so on
  11. 11. ● Empathy Empathy. Think like a user to design for one. .. ● Active Listening?
  12. 12. Storytelling. Our brains are wired for stories.
  13. 13. Delight. Delighting users drives conversions.
  14. 14. The Role of Research (or research-like activities)
  15. 15. What the heck are they doing over there?
  16. 16. Applied Research ● Its not really science (or academia) ● Exploratory ● Insights, not proof ● Best practice methods Dramatization: A user study gone very wrong.
  17. 17. Design Research Strategy Good strategies use multiple methods to uncover a breadth and depth of information Quantitative Chris Jordan’s ‘Cans Seurat’ (2007) Qualitative
  18. 18. Contextual Inquiry
  19. 19. User Testing
  20. 20. User Testing
  21. 21. Card Sorting
  22. 22. Surveys & Quantitative Tests
  23. 23. User Centered, Iterative Design (failing until you succeed)
  24. 24. User Centered: Case Study Contextual Inquiry User Testing
  25. 25. Design Planning 1. Design Kickoff Priority Screens Persona 2. Persona Define User Narratives Workflows 3. Workflows Finalize Key Narratives Content Priorities 4. Home Design Collaborative Session Dashboard 5. OS&D Design Collaborative Session Planning Screens Five work sessions Collaborative
  26. 26. Persona
  27. 27. User Narratives “Missy is just back from lunch and would like to continue processing trailers that have been “inbounded” in the morning. Workers have been uploading scanners as they complete each trailer. Scanner information is automatically updated so when Missy begins, everything is ready and up to date in the system. Missy clicks on the application window already open to the Inbound screen. From Inbound she clicks through to the Trailers screen to view the status of all trailers…”
  28. 28. User Narratives Missy will get lost if we include all those options and something goes wrong…so, what specific decisions will Missy need to make here?
  29. 29. Narratives to Workflows
  30. 30. Design
  31. 31. Design
  32. 32. Iterative Design User Testing
  33. 33. Research Planning
  34. 34. Early Concepts
  35. 35. Paper Prototype
  36. 36. Clickable PDF
  37. 37. Interactive Prototype
  38. 38. Evolved into Production
  39. 39. @danforthmedia
  40. 40. Thank You.