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Danforth Media Capabilities



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Danforth Media Capabilities

  1. 1. Danforth Media Company Overview Last update, 2014
  2. 2. Background & Credentials (About Us)
  3. 3. About Principal, Danforth Media Software Design & User Experience Consulting ● 20 years software design, 18 conducting user-centered research to improve products ● Author of peer reviewed IEEE ReadyNote, “A Guide to User Experience Research” ● President for Delaware Valley User Experience Professionals’ Association (DV UxPA) and speaker on software product innovation; UxPA Russia, PhillyCHI, J.Boye ● Previously VP Product Management for PC Management ASP, Director Web Services for Broadband DSL company and Director Client Services for software firm. Consultant to systems integrator and numerous silicon valley startups
  4. 4. About History ● Background in design & development; Perl/CGI, PHP, ASP (VB Script, Jscript), SQL Server/SQL, Director/Flash, … ● 1996 developed web content management system, “Parlay” allowing non-technical clients to update web content ● Developed functional prototypes for broadband modem software status, OSS, and various contact and content management systems ● Developed application service provider back office system (sales reports, case tracking, ecommerce integration), and customized billing system for cable reseller ● Desktop, iPad/Tablet, Kiosk/CD, Mobile/Smartphone, Set-top Box (TV), Web
  5. 5. About Early Projects (1995-2000)
  6. 6. About Danforth Media Today ● 7 year old design strategy firm, dozens successful fortune 500 through small business engagements • Range of industries; financial services, pharmaceutical, entertainment, transportation, education, retail, non-profit ● Direct and sub-contract clients. Agency clients represent the region’s top area firms ● Research - quantitative & qualitative; audits, user testing, eye-tracking, surveys, contextual inquiries, focus groups, interviews, taxonomy card sorts ● Design – recommendations, workflows, wireframes, PDF prototypes, & design mockups
  7. 7. Case Studies (Project Artifacts)
  8. 8. Case Studies We love to share what we’ve accomplished for clients, but we also respect privacy. For a private walkthrough of select case studies, please send an email to or fill out our online contact form to schedule a WebEx:
  9. 9. Case Studies Project Images
  10. 10. Project Process (Standard Engagement)
  11. 11. Project Process Overview Iterative process where each distinct phase informs subsequent phases. Final phases integrate into product SDLC Design Phase Implement User Testing Discovery User Research
  12. 12. Project Process Discovery Goals Project ramp-up, understand business goals, develop knowledge of system and it’s broader environment, clarify research goals and approach Example Activities • Stakeholder Interviews • System Audit & Business Process Review • Competitive & Comparative Review • Secondary Research (market trends, industry studies, metrics) Deliverables • Summary Report of Findings • User Research Plan & Scope
  13. 13. Project Process User Research Goals Primary research to understand user attitudes and behaviors per key user segment, use findings to make design recommendations. Determine key areas and scope for design phase. Example Activities* • Contextual Inquiries • Phone Interviews • User Testing • Quantitative Surveys Deliverables • Research Analysis & Findings Report • Key Design Areas Recommendations List • Preliminary Workflows & High-Level Wireframes (illustrative) * Not all projects include multiple activities
  14. 14. Project Process Design Phase Goals Use design recommendations from analysis to develop key screen recommendations and common interaction patterns. Example Activities • Workflows & Information Architecture • Wireframe Development • Early Pattern Library Framework • Design Mockups Deliverables • Annotated Wireframes • Finalized Designs for Key Screens
  15. 15. Project Process Implement (Proof of Concept) Goals Develop a testable version of proposed designs for use in user testing validation study. Example Activities • PDF Prototype • HTML Mockups or Other Simulation • Functional Prototype • Alpha/Beta Product Version Deliverables • User Testing Plan • Stimuli Recommendations or Prototype
  16. 16. Project Process User Testing (Design Validation) Goals Test proposed designs with users, observe behaviors to refine designs and uncovers innovation areas for future releases Example Activities • Participant Screener • Recruitment • Testing Protocol (Discussion Guide) • Study Implementation • Analysis Deliverables • Research Analysis & Findings Report • Recommendations List
  17. 17. Project Process Post Project Ongoing Availability • Ad-hoc project support • Future engagements Practice Consulting • Support developing in-house User Experience Design best practices • How to implement user-centered design practices within SDLC • Potential day to day resources for ongoing maintenance
  18. 18. Thank You.