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Diffuse Hotel in Finland


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An daft idea that never came alive.

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Diffuse Hotel in Finland

  1. 1. A concept for RE-HINKING tourism in the Archipelago of Finland
  2. 2. Archipelago Facts• 70.000 tourist per year• 10.000 are foreign• Cottages are sold out during summer time• Many are private & unused most of the year
  3. 3. Archipelago Facts• Several small business• No marketing coordination
  4. 4. A brand for the Archipelago The Hotel is just the beginning
  5. 5. Diffuse hotelAn innovative concept of hospitality
  6. 6. in ItalyAssociazioneNazionaleAlberghi
  7. 7. Diffuse hotel• A horitonzal structure not the usual vertical hotel builing• Immersive experience for guests not a close tourist structure• Quality of services same benefits of a hotel
  8. 8. Alberghi diffusi• Central managment It’s like a hotel, with a owner and a centralized managment• Hotel class service A professional managed reception• Rooms delocated on different or contextual buildings
  9. 9. Alberghi diffusi• Common areas Presence of a reception, a snack/food area, etc.• Presence of a Community Territorial integration• Authentic feeling Living like a local citizen
  10. 10. Alberghi diffusi• Recognizability A well defined identity, unified offer and services• High integration with the local economy and culture
  11. 11. Alberghi diffusi• Born in Italy in the ’80• First Albergo opened in ’90• More then 40 now open• Swissland and Croatia following
  12. 12. Diffuse Hotel in the Archipelago An different way to think hospitality
  13. 13. Diffuse hotel in the Archipelago• Cottages are the rooms of the hotel• Every cottages is different, but they will offer same level of services (cleaning, accessories, advertisment, ...)• A manager and a central reception will take care of guests and cottages
  14. 14. Services for Guests• Cleaning (before and after the staying)• Fridge with first day duties• Internet access (mobile/iPad)• Detailed map• ...
  15. 15. Services for Guests• Towel + Sheets + Ludry service• Breakfast service• Minimarket service• Bike + boat rental
  16. 16. Advantages• Only one place to promote (google, tripadvisor, ecc)• Different options for costumers• Better availability of rooms and options• Virtually unlimited rooms• Unified managment reduce costs• Packages enables niche tourism
  17. 17. Building the HotelSo many unused cottages
  18. 18. Cottages• Majority of cottages are owned by individuals or families• Avarage staying is 1 month out of 12• Private rentals is time consuming• Renting by yourself is risky
  19. 19. Cottages• Renting equals to income• Renting is giving other the chance to experience the Archipelago• Renting helps growing the local business• With better business, better services for everyone
  20. 20. Services for householders• A professional staff take care of the cottage• Cleaning service before and after guest staying• Risk ensurance free• Get some money out of the investment
  21. 21. How to pomote• Starting up the B2B website for the project• Creating a brochure for householders• Offering an exclusive contract• Decide the size of the business
  22. 22. Running the HotelFrom “click” to “goodbye”
  23. 23. Running the Hotel• Creating the B2C website• Start collecting cottages
  24. 24. Thinking big• Packages to experience the Archipelago• Extending the vacation to weekends• Specific offers for specific targets
  25. 25. Project DeadlineCountdown to summer
  26. 26. Project Deadline• Spring 2012: defining the idea• Summer 2012: proposing to house holders• Winter 2012: startup the company• Spring 2013: publish the offer• Summer 2012: hotel launching