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EXplora MUseum


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My keynote for Antenna Lab in Amsterdam, September 27th 2014.

EXplora MUseum is the new multimedia guide for MUSE, Museum of Science in Trento. It uses iBeacons technology to help visitors get information while visiting the museum.

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EXplora MUseum

  1. 1. EXplora MUseum Amsterdam, September 27th, 2014
  2. 2. Daniele Dalledonne mobile specialist @ DIMENSION
  3. 3. MUSE, Museum of Science in Trento, made by Renzo Piano.
  4. 4. The project started when the MUSE was in the making.
  5. 5. We only had draft of the inside.
  6. 6. MUSE is a big open space full of interactive and visual elements.
  7. 7. MOMA Directors and Curators believe people stand stills in front of art. New York, 2013
  8. 8. But people use technology every time, everyday. We call them millennials.
  9. 9. And this is what museum offers to millennials…
  10. 10. Some museum has an app, but most of the time it’s just an audio player on a better device.
  11. 11. Louvre use Nintendo, it’s a fantastic experience, but quite exclusive and expansive.
  12. 12. Meanwhile at MUSE curators where creating great contents. We urge to create a stunning guide.
  13. 13. Tablet devices were the best choice, easy to use and a big screen for all ages.
  14. 14. But how do you use the tablets in a museum? How do you search or get relevant informations?
  15. 15. 113 Most museums use “numbers”. But seriously, no, we couldn’t use them.
  16. 16. QR Code looks “technological” but they are really bad looking and not really easy to use.
  17. 17. In complex environment it’s really challenging to scan a QR with a phone.
  18. 18. Augmented reality works, but it require a “clean” environment.
  19. 19. But we didn’t want people walking around like this.
  20. 20. We believe technology is good when it disappear. Jony Ive, VP Apple
  21. 21. And today AR technology can’t solve the problem in this complex environment.
  22. 22. Not even Google Glass!
  23. 23. Contextual Awareness The solution to the problem was already in our pocket.
  24. 24. A smartphone knows our position.
  25. 25. Position is used to filter searches when we look for something.
  26. 26. In a museum we have thousands of information we need to filter.
  27. 27. If we know the floor, we can filter them and shows only the most relevant.
  28. 28. If we are more precise with the position we can offer the 4 most relevant items around a visitor.
  29. 29. Applying the same rules to the guide UI and visitors has 4 items around him.
  30. 30. We don’t push content, we let visitor decide what he want to see.
  31. 31. To get position we used WIFI technology, but it turned out to be inaccurate and slow.
  32. 32. iBeacons, instead, proved to be reliable and fast to provide “proximity” information.
  33. 33. We placed iBeacons everywhere close to a content.
  34. 34. Even one inside of a skull.
  35. 35. And this is what we managed to do.
  36. 36. The guide is available at MUSE since July 2014.
  37. 37. Reaction was awesome: this 2 kids are reading info about the tree in front of them (real photo).
  38. 38. People use the iPad but keep the focus on the museum. It’s a companion, not a distraction.
  39. 39. They use the iPad to undertand and get inspired by the museum.
  40. 40. Guide With iBeacons contents appears on the screen when the visitor is in the right place.
  41. 41. 8% of visitors rented the iPad €1 /1 floor covered 35 minutes avarage usage 27 minutes without guide 24 content explored 1/3 to the end
  42. 42. We integrated Google Analytics to understand visitor behaviors.
  43. 43. And we enabled realtime user tracking to have a better idea of what’s hot or not in the museum.
  44. 44. 10:00 User tracking aggregated by hours.
  45. 45. 11:00
  46. 46. 12:00
  47. 47. 13:00
  48. 48. 14:00
  49. 49. 15:00
  50. 50. 16:00
  51. 51. 17:00
  52. 52. 18:00
  53. 53. Business Intelligence softwares combines analytics to tickets sold.
  54. 54. At the end of the visits, visitors receive a link to their experience at the museum.
  55. 55. Why choosing an iPad instead of a cheaper solution?
  56. 56. Because of the ecosystem.
  57. 57. We have games about dinosaurs on the App Store.
  58. 58. Amazing interactive books.
  59. 59. Tools to be creative.
  60. 60. Even music playlist curated by the same people who made the museum.
  61. 61. With today’s information overload we need content curators, people we trust that provide relevant information for us.
  62. 62. Grazie!
  63. 63. EXplora MUseum