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Webinar: How to Plan an Insanely Easy Content Marketing Workflow


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In this webinar, viewers will learn how to develop an easy step-by-step process to plan, research, write, edit and distribute content.

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Webinar: How to Plan an Insanely Easy Content Marketing Workflow

  1. 1. How to Plan an Insanely Easy CONTENT MARKETING WORKFLOW
  2. 2. Download the Recorded Webinar Click here to watch webinar & download slides now
  3. 3. Today’s Presenters Partner & Founder Katie Edgar Content Strategist Mia Orantes
  4. 4. What We Do …is a Washington DC WordPress Web Design & DigitalStrategy Agency. CreativeAnalytics partners with forward-thinking companies and organizations to build data-driven,conversion-optimized digitalstrategies and experiences that captivate, convince, and convert. We learn your organization’s culture, constituents or clients,messaging andproblems, and then partner with your team to optimize your digitalecosystemthat communicates – consistently andeffectively– theright messageat theright time to theright audience. We don’t just delivera strategicplan,we empower your organization to betterleverageits internalresources over timeto take advantageof thedigitallandscape. C rea t i v e A na l y t i cs …
  5. 5. What is content marketing? Telling a continuous story that seeks to influence consumer behavior by providing them with valuable information via social platforms instead of actively promoting products or services. Content Marketi ng The idea is that if you position yourself as an expert and provide youraudience with useful benefits, they will eventually give you their business and loyalty in return.
  6. 6. Who do I need on my team? ◉ Chief Storyteller ◉ A Managing Editor ◉ Content Creators ◉ Designer ◉ Content Producers ◉ Chief Listening Officer ◉ Subject Matter Experts
  7. 7. When should my content team meet? of B2B marketers meet daily or weekly—eitherin person or virtually—to discuss the progress of theircontent marketing program 44% of B2B marketers that identify theircontent marketing efforts as “effective” meet daily or weekly 61%◉ Give your entire organization access to your content marketing calendar, editorial mission statement, strategy doc, and update them about changes to your strategy. ◉ Even those who aren’t directly involved in the process will be able to contribute ideas and feedback and it’s important that your entire organization is working toward the same goal.
  8. 8. How often should I publish? ◉ The correct answer is this…as long as the content serves these two goals it’s worth publishing: ☑ It is a compellingand interestingstory to your target audience(the reader), and ☑ It meets a stated objectivefor your organization. ◉ If that means five postsper week, great. If it’s one per week, that’s finetoo. Focus on whether or not you have a story worth telling.
  10. 10. Strategize, Research & Plan STEP 1
  11. 11. Strategize, Research & Plan ◉ Create a documented Content Marketing Strategy Plan ◉ Research what typeof content is mostsuccessful in your industry and see what influencers are posting ◉ Brainstorm content and topics – remember to write for microniches and your best customer ◉ Conduct keyword research and understand how to incorporate your top SEO keyword phrases ◉ Create a Content Editorial Calendar
  12. 12. Creating a Content Editorial Calendar ◉ This iswhere your team fleshes out content ideas - expect the initialcalendar to change significantlyafter you begin to see results ◉ Use a cloud based system - it’seasy to lose thelatest version of a word document and programs like Google Docs let multiplepeople edit your content at one time. ◉ Look at your goals, then determine frequency and work backwards ◉ Plan quarterly ◉ Create a strategic mix of content types, categories/topics, and personas
  13. 13. Example: August Editorial Calendar
  14. 14. STEP 2 Create & Manage
  15. 15. Content Creation: Step-by-Step 1. Determine specific measurable goal, CTA, repurpose options 2. Research topic and prepare outline of content – it often helps to answer a question 3. Determine search keyword phrase 4. Write/Optimize headline and subtitle (if applicable) - use a Headline Analyzer 5. Create a draft in a doc collaboration tool 6. Edit & Format 7. Design/Experience 8. Peer Review & Team Collaboration 9. Editor Review 10. Final Approval 11. Error checking & testing links/references 12. Prepare & Post (schedule social, if possible)
  16. 16. Example: CoSchedule Calendar
  17. 17. STEP 3 Optimize, Curate & Aggregate
  18. 18. Optimize, Curate & Aggregate ◉ Optimizeyour content for SEO ◉ Content creation aloneno longer creates authority. There is no way that you can produce enough original content to keep up with the flood of informationnoise that your readers and prospects have to sift through to get all of theinformation that they want or need. You have to be both thecontent creator and the aggregator/curator/compiler/synthesizer of valuable discovered content. ◉ curated content should account for one-quarter of thecontent marketing your business produces. ◉ Aggregation is automated syndication of content (either your own or someone else’s) and it doesn’t include your own insightsor commentary.
  19. 19. STEP 4 Promote, Converse & Listen
  20. 20. Promote, Converse & Listen ◉ Syndicate content across all social media platforms ◉ Use an social media management service like Hootsuite, CoSchedule, Buffer, or SproutSocial for notifications and auto post-scheduling ◉ Engage with your audience by replying to comments and messages each day ◉ If you are a larger organization, try Radian6, Attensity, or another enterprise listening tool to help you monitor your relationship with customers ◉ If you are smaller, set notifications for someone onyour team (either manually on Google calendar or set them up in your social network settings) to regularly review engagement and respond. It is often helpful to have one person focus on this task for consistency in voice.
  21. 21. STEP 5 Measure, Analyze & Improve
  22. 22. Measure, Analyze & Improve ◉ It’s crucial that you set measures of success overall in the planning and strategy phase as well as for each individual piece of content. ◉ Analyze data to understand audience behavior and gauge the success of your content. ◉ How is this content affecting your KPIs? Is it effectively helping you accomplish your goals? If the answer is no, it’s time to make some changes. ◉ Even if your content is a huge success, there’s always room for improvement. ◉ When you are first starting out, expect to wait at least 3-6 months to see consistent improvement in your results.
  23. 23. STEP 6 Repurpose
  24. 24. Repurpose ◉ Repurpose your mostsuccessful content by re-publishing it in different content formats - ex. Turn a popular “how-to”blog post into an infographic ◉ Content that has a long shelf-life that can be repeatedly used is called Evergreen content
  25. 25. What tools should I be using? R e s e a r c h P l a n & S t r a t e g i z e W r i t e & C r e a t e C u r a t e & A g g r e g a t e P r o m o t e & C o n v e r s e Keyword Planner BuzzSumo Google Analytics Google Trends Google Suggest UberSuggest SocialCrawlytics Social Mention ContentIdeator RiteTag Impactana Toolbar Google Calendar Google Sheets Trello Wrike Evernote Google Docs CoSchedule Content Launch Asana Google Docs Evernote Grammarly Canva AdobeCC Hemingway App Piktochart Audacity Dragon Dictation Atomic Reach HeadlineAnalyzer Pablo byBuffer Google Alerts Curata Nuzzel Quuu Feedly Hootsuite CoSchedule Buffer SproutSocial Outbrain Vocus Disqus Meltwater
  26. 26. How can I get all of this done? ◉ Plan a yearin advance- you can always edit your calendarlateron ◉ Takeadvantageof content marketing tools ◉ Share the burden - Don’t be afraidto delegate ◉ Don’t biteoff more than you can chew! Berealisticwith your deadlines and timelines.Don’t baseyour milestones on the requirement that you work nights and weekends to get it done, because chance areyou won’t. Trying todo everything at once will cause stress,frustration,and burnout. ◉ Makequality the priority! It’s betterto produce content less frequently and ensureit’s awesome, than publish mediocre content often ◉ Consider theorder in which you createcontent.
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