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10 Expert WordPress Hacks for Advanced Bloggers


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Try these 10 advanced tips to increase your speed and efficiency using WordPress.

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10 Expert WordPress Hacks for Advanced Bloggers

  1. 1. 1 0 E X P E R T W O R D P R E S S H A C K S F O R A D V A N C E D B L O G G E R S ON POINT
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  3. 3. EASILY SWITCH HEADING STYLES WITH THIS KEYBOARD SHORTCUT CTRL+2 - Windows/ Linux users CMD+2 - Mac Users Click anywhere in the line, and use one of these shortcuts... Simply change the number in the keyboard shortcut to switch the headline style to anything from h2 to h6
  4. 4. LET WORDPRESS FIND INTERNAL LINKS FOR YOU Open the dialog box to insert/edit a link, and use the "or link to existing content" feature to browse all your old posts and pages.
  5. 5. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR WORD COUNT Word count in WordPress appears... - at the bottom left of the text box in standard editor or - at the bottom of the menu that appears when you hover at the top of full-screen editor.
  6. 6. EMBED FILES AND CREATE OBJECTS WITH SHORTCODE Insert these tags directly in the body of your posts as a short cut for more advanced code... [audio] to embed an audio file as an audio player [gallery] to embed an image gallery [youtube] to embed a YouTube video. [playlist] to embed a playlist [instagram] to embed an Instagram post See the full list of WordPress shortcodes here.
  7. 7. MASTER SINGLE AND DOUBLE LINE SPACING Press Enter to create a paragraph with double line spacing Press Shift+Enter to create a simple line break with single line spacing, In the visual editor window...
  8. 8. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SPECIAL CHARACTERS BUTTON To quickly add special characters like copyright, registered and trademark signs, click the Special Characters button in the post editor.
  9. 9. USE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS IN VISUAL POST EDITOR Ctrl + b = Bold Ctrl + i = Italic Ctrl + c = Copy Ctrl + v = Paste Ctrl + x = Cut Ctrl + a = Select All Ctrl + z = Undo Ctrl + y = Redo Alt + Shift + n = Check Spelling Alt + Shift + l = Align Left Alt + Shift + j = Justify Text Alt + Shift + c = Align Center Alt + Shift + d = Strikethrough Alt + Shift + r = Align Right Alt + Shift + u = Unordered List Alt + Shift + a = Insert link Alt + Shift + o = Numeric List Alt + Shift + s = Remove link Alt + Shift + q = Quote Alt + Shift + m = Insert Image Alt + Shift + w = Full screen distraction free writing mode Alt + Shift + t = Insert More Tag Alt + Shift + p = Insert Page Break tag Alt + Shift + h = Rich text editor help
  10. 10. USE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS IN PLAIN TEXT EDITOR Ctrl + c = Copy Ctrl + v = Paste Ctrl + x = Cut Ctrl + z = Undo Ctrl + y = Redo Ctrl + p = Print Alt + Shift + p = Publish Alt + Shift + f = Fullscreen distraction free writing
  11. 11. USE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS FOR COMMENTS SCREEN J = Next comment (moves the current selection down) K = Previous comment (moves the current selection up) A = Approve comment U = Unapprove comment D = Delete comment R = Reply comment Q = Quick edit a comment Z = Restore Comment from Trash or Undo if you Delete a comment Click Users » Your Profile and check the Keyboard Shortcuts check box to enable the following shortcuts.
  12. 12. LEARN THE LINK MODIFICATION KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Alt+Shift+A to insert a link Alt+Shift+S to Remove a link
  13. 13. For more WordPress tips and resources, sign up for the Digital|Symmetry monthly email list