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Good news. You’ve adopted Salesforce CRM and But do you know how many other groups in your organization have also implemented Salesforce? And what about the companies you’ve acquired?

There are many reasons for organizations to have multiple instances of Salesforce. You may have very different product lines, brands and/or go to market strategies. Whatever the case may be, it is critical that you’re able to access, analyze and share timely, relevant and trustworthy data across disparate applications. Whether you’re consolidating, integrating or creating a unified environment for analytics, Informatica Cloud master data management (MDM), powered by award-winning cloud integration, has the solution.

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  1. 1. You’ve Invested in Salesforce…
  2. 2. But How Many “Orgs” Do You Have?
  3. 3. And How Do You Get a “Single View”?
  4. 4. There Are ThreePrimary Options
  5. 5. Option 1: Single Org Consolidation
  6. 6. Option 2: Global Reporting Hub
  7. 7. Option 3: Master Sync Org
  8. 8. It’s Time to Get “Org”anized!
  9. 9. Read the Best Practice Guide
  10. 10. Informatica Cloud MDM