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Salesforce and SAP Integration with Informatica


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Webinar featuring an interactive demonstration of integrating SAP and For more information visit:

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Salesforce and SAP Integration with Informatica

  1. 1.  Integrating Salesforce and SAP Informatica @ PEAK TechnologiesLearn More: Informatica Cloud for Salesforce & SAP Twitter: @infacloud
  2. 2. Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with SAPFulfill Orders Quote in real time correct prices Get a single viewAccelerate Maximize cash flows ROI view 2
  3. 3. Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with SAPFulfill Orders Quote in real time correct pricesAccelerate Maximize cash flows ROI view 3
  4. 4. Informatica for Salesforce and SAP Comprehensive, Powerful, Proven• Comprehensive connectivity: • ABAP, IDOC, BAPI, DMI, BCI, SAP BI Web Services• Powerful: • Real-time and batch data integration• Proven: • #1 on AppExchange 4 years in a row view 4
  5. 5. w w w . In f o r m a t ic a C lo u d . c oInformatica Cloud“ Informatica continues to Q2 2012 Cloud Integration Platform – Developer Edition provide thought Q1 2012 Contact Validation, Connectivity Framework leadership in the market Q3 2011 Mobile Admin, Dynamic Data Masking by exploring alternative Q2 2011 Enterprise Governance, Hybrid MDM delivery models for data Q4 2010 D&B360 partnership, Enterprise, Express ” integration capabilities. Q3 2010 Q2 2010 B2B and DQ Transformations, Marketplace Q1 2010 Data Archive Cloud Store Option Connectivity Q4 2009 Informatica Cloud 9 Q3 2009 PowerCenter and DQ Cloud Editions on Amazon Cloud Services Q1 2009 Informatica Cloud Data Sync Service Cloud Platform Q3 2008 Informatica Cloud Data Loader Q1 2008 Informatica Cloud Data Quality Assessment Q2 2007 Informatica Cloud Data Replication Service Q1 2006 PowerExchange for WS & 5
  6. 6. Profile: Tim VanVranken• 20 years of overall IT experience  • Current Role: Information Technologies Director• Worked in variety of roles from helpdesk support  to programmer/analyst to management• Technical Lead on SAP implementation at PEAK 6
  7. 7. Case Study: PEAK Technologies 7
  8. 8. Case Study: PEAK Technologies 8
  9. 9. Case Study: PEAK Technologies 9
  10. 10. PEAK SAP Integration Architecture 10
  11. 11. Integration Deployment Phases System Integrator – Expedien, Inc 11
  12. 12. Best Practices Funda me n In it ia l d a ls Im p le m e n t a t io n T e s t in g 12
  13. 13. Twitter: @infacloud Next Step: Take a 13