Microsoft Dynamics Integration with Informatica Cloud


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Informatica Cloud Microsoft Dynamics integration use cases include:

Application Synchronizing: Connect key objects in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP systems (as well as other sources)
Business Intelligence: Get a single view of your customers by integrating Microsoft Dynamics data and your data warehouse for better BI
At Informatica, our goal is to unlock your information potential.
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  • Key Concept: Informatica Cloud delivers and optimized architecture for Cloud to on-premise integration, also providing cloud-to-cloud and on-premise-to-on-premise integration.Users connect to Informatica’s multi-tenant cloud serviceIf first time use, download our secure agent, built using INFA’s market leading PowerCenter integration technology engineData then moves through the agent directly between on-premise systems and Cloud systems.Benefits include data does not move through the INFA cloud avoiding security and latency concerns and requires no on-premise IT infrastructure.The agent can be deployed anywhere that has access to the data sources including on-premise and in the Cloud. Thus, the cloud service can be used for Cloud to On-prem, Cloud-to-Cloud, and On-prem – to – On-prem integration.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Integration with Informatica Cloud

    1. 1. Point, Click, Connect: Microsoft Dynamics Integration with Informatica Cloud Darren Cunningham, Informatica Cloud Ashwin Viswanath, Informatica Cloud 1
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda• Microsoft Convergence 2013 in Review• Microsoft Dynamics Integration Scenarios• Introducing Informatica Cloud• Demonstration• Next Steps 2
    3. 3. Convergence 2013 in New Orleans 3
    4. 4. Microsoft’s Views on the Cloud With The Move To The With the move Cloud to the cloud… …integration becomes even more important 4
    5. 5. Informatica: Industry Leader in Cloud Integration #1 by Customer Count #1 by Data Processed 2000+ companies 50B+ transactions/month #1 by Customers/Analysts #1 by Connectivity “The company now boasts a single data integration architecture that works across both on-premise and cloud environments.”AppExchange Informatica Cloud Marketplace 5
    6. 6. Today’s Agenda• Microsoft Convergence 2013 in Review• Microsoft Dynamics Integration Scenarios• Introducing Informatica Cloud• Demonstration• Next Steps 6
    7. 7. Primary Microsoft Integration Scenarios To Application Data Two-Tier Integration Warehousing / ERP Analytics 7
    8. 8. Application Integration ChallengesDisconnected Front and Back Office…Fulfill Orders Quote in real time correct prices Get a single viewAccelerate Maximize cash flows ROI 8
    9. 9. Typical Application Integration Approaches 9
    10. 10. The Business Intelligence Challenge Inefficient ETL procedures with source data delays everything 10
    11. 11. BI/Analytics Integration ScenariosSales Forecasting Demand Planning Financial Modeling 11
    12. 12. The Result:Increase in Time, Cost and Incorrect Data Complex Scripting Repeated Manual Procedures Inconsistent Data 12
    13. 13. Two-Tier ERP Integration Scenarios 13
    14. 14. Two-Tier ERP Integration Details Incremental updates of Bulk upload of Customer, Product,1 2 Customer, Product, Materials master data Materials data from Oracle EBS or SAP from Oracle EBS or SAP to Dynamics AX to Dynamics AX Incremental updates to Customer Data in Periodic order summaries from all3 Oracle EBS or SAP from Dynamics AX of 4 subsidiaries with Dynamics AX to Oracle newly acquired customers in subsidiaries EBS or SAP for financial reporting 14
    15. 15. Today’s Agenda• Microsoft Convergence 2013 in Review• Microsoft Dynamics Integration Scenarios• Introducing Informatica Cloud• Demonstration• Next Steps 15
    16. 16. Informatica Cloud DATA MASKING, PROCESS AUTOMATION, MS DYNAMICS AX, ORACLE CRM ON DEMAND, AMAZON REDSHIFT INTEGRATION APPS, Cloud and On-Premise Connectivity CONNECTIVITY, MSFT CRM, NETSUITE, CONT ACT VALIDATION, MDM, EN Avg. Records Integrated/Month TTM Integration as a Service Solutions HANCED UI ADMINISTRATION, 31.3B Cloud Integration Platform GOVERNANCE MOBILE INFORMATICA 9, MARKETPLACE, EXPRESS 17.4B DATA SYNCHRONIZATION SALESFORCE & DATA DATA WEB SERVICES LOADER 8.2B CONNECTIVITY REPLICATION 2.3B “The shift tonext wave of datais “ driving the cloud computing fragmentation, across enterprise 500M boundaries.” ” - Sohaib Abbasi, CEO Informatica www.InformaticaCloud.com2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 16
    17. 17. Informatica Cloud Architecture Your Enterprise 1 Point & Click Innovation Rapid Deployment 2 Unified Platform Secure 3 Agent Data Loader Data Sync Data Replication Contact Validation Master Data Management Data Quality Assessment Custom Apps … 17
    18. 18. Informatica Cloud Demo:Dynamics CRM to AX Integration Opportunity to Order: Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics AX 18
    19. 19. Before Integration: Dynamics CRM Online& Dynamics AX Opportunities haven’t been transferred over yet 19
    20. 20. Step 1: Define Your Task & Operation Give your task an easy to remember name Define your operation 20
    21. 21. Step 2a: Which Application Is the DataComing From? Name your connection Select your application from the drop-down list 21
    22. 22. Step 2b: Which Object Will You Pull DataFrom? Select desired object within the application 22
    23. 23. Step 3: Which Application & Object is theData Going To? Select your application Select your object 23
    24. 24. Step 4: Apply Any Filters to SourceApplication Object In this example, only opportunities with certain status codes will be sent to Dynamics AX 24
    25. 25. Step 5: Drag and Drop Fields to MapSource and Target Perform complex expressions between fields as well 25
    26. 26. Step 6: Define a Schedule and Automate 26
    27. 27. After Integration: Closed Opportunities inDynamics AX 27
    28. 28. Today’s Agenda• Microsoft Convergence 2013 in Review• Microsoft Dynamics Integration Scenarios• Introducing Informatica Cloud• Demo• Next Steps 28
    29. 29. Next Step – Get Started Today!1. Go to and click on2. Once logged in, go to3. Select the Dynamics connectors you want 29