Informatica Cloud Customer Success: Uponor


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  • Turns out that there wasn’t even a catch in the buying process. Our account executive was attentive and the quoting process fair and quick. The conversion from trial to live version painless. The onBoarding process smooth. I even had a data cleansing issue that was too complex for me and the Informatica onBoarding team sent me the solution within hours of me asking for help.
  • I had heard nothing but raves about Informatica Cloud from our Twin Cities Salesforce user group so with one quick search of Salesforce’s App Exchange, I found the Informatica Cloud app and had a trial version installed in our Salesforce development environment within an hour. By the end of the day, I had all of our Cast Iron orchestrations converted and running as Informatica Cloud Data Synchronization Tasks. This included the setup of connections to Oracle, our SQL server customer program database and our flat file configuration. The Informatica Cloud user interface was so intuitive and easy to use that I barely had to use their very helpful help files to complete our connections and tasks. I kept waiting for error messages, Google searches, and for something to be really hard. It didn’t happen.
  • Informatica Cloud Customer Success: Uponor

    1. 1. Informatica Cloud Customer Success: Uponor 1
    2. 2. Uponor• Uponor is a leading international provider of plumbing and indoor climate systems for the residential and commercial building markets• Create a comfortable setting for living, work and leisure 2
    3. 3. Oracle EBS & Salesforce• Oracle EBS is the product master• Salesforce has sales and customer transactional dataOn-Premise Cloud Firewall 3
    4. 4. The Initial Approach…• Knew integration was important • Understood their data • How to transform the data• Previously used Cast Iron • Unsupported appliance • Upgrading was impossible • Not able to reach anyoneNeeded to find a true cloud integration solution 4
    5. 5. Using Informatica Cloud• Looked at Informatica Cloud and in 1 day: • Downloaded Trial, Create and Run Tasks• Informatica Cloud vs. Cast Iron • 3 hours with Informatica Cloud to create a task vs. 1 week to put together an orchestration • Mappings and transformations easy-to use 5
    6. 6. Why Informatica Cloud• Scalable • True cloud solution with automatic upgrades • With a hardware appliance, each instance must be upgraded one by one.• Service • Robust, but easy-to-use • Do more with less• Support • Gets back to us in hours rather than days • OnBoarding process was smooth 6
    7. 7. Integration Details• Product Management • Items are very dynamic• Opportunity to Order • Salesforce is the single source of sales and customer activity• In addition to Oracle EBS, connecting to FTP, XML (McGraw- Hill), Flatfile, SQL 7
    8. 8. Lessons Learned• Keeping track of data is as important as producing products• Integration is critical to Salesforce Adoption • Before Informatica Cloud, adoption was less than 20%• Vendor Support 8
    9. 9. Lessons Learned: Think Outside the Box “The Informatica Cloud user interface is so intuitive and easy… I kept waiting for error messages and it neverhappened. It was as easy as I could have ever imaged it ever being.” - Ann Marie Woelfel, CRM Developer 9