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Informatica Cloud Master Data Management (MDM), part of the Informatica Cloud family of solutions, is a master data management solution that enables customers to cleanse, de-duplicate, and enrich data.

This presentation focuses on Cloud MDM Hierarchy Management, which allows Salesforce customers to use logic from any data source that reflects how you interact with your customer. This could be D&B, your ERP systems, a vertical data provider or simply based on how you sell to your customer. You’re able to easily and automatically relate these to ultimate parent accounts and can find records with the Fuzzy search engine.

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  1. 1. 1Single View of a Customer:Hierarchy Management with Cloud MDMDina Elsokari, Informatica Cloud MDMJoshua Minton, Informatica Cloud
  2. 2. 2Today’s Agenda• The Single Customer View Challenge• Informatica Cloud MDM Hierarchy Management• Informatica Cloud MDM Demonstration• Q&A
  3. 3. 33Primary Cloud Data Management ChallengesDisconnectedSaaS SilosNo SingleCustomer ViewInefficientProcesses13758246How to visualize relationshipsin
  4. 4. 44SingleCustomer View:HierarchyManagement• Multiple Salesforce Environments• Different Back Office Systems• Complex Relationships• No Ownership of Data• Poor Reporting• No Ability to Cross Sell/ Up SellThe Single Customer View Challenge
  5. 5. 55CFO“Will cloud save memoney?”Sales Ops“How can I maintainchanging territories?”Legal“How do I map Salesto contractcompliance?”VP Sales“How do I find cross-sell and upsellopportunities?”VP Support“How can I get acomplete customerhistory?”VP Apps IT“How can I supportthe multiple businessusers and stay onbudget?”CMO“How do I segmentour customer data?”CIO“How will it work withmy existing systems?”Which Creates New Business Challenges
  6. 6. 66LegalSales/MarketingDelivery/SupportOne Platform – Multiple ViewsFinanceSingleView
  7. 7. 77• Manual Process to Create Hierarchies• Static – Cannot Change Easily• Limited to Salesforce Accounts Only• Only One Source of Hierarchy• One Hierarchy Per Account• Only One Type of HierarchyHierarchy Challenges in Salesforce
  8. 8. 8Confidential & ProprietaryToday’s Agenda• The Single Customer View Challenge• Informatica Cloud MDM Hierarchy Management• Informatica Cloud MDM Demonstration• Q&A
  9. 9. 99Informatica Cloud Master Data ManagementDelivering the ‘Single Customer View’Thanks to Informaticawe have experienceda 20% increase insales efficiency,which cascades intoa 20% increase inrevenue.Customers Include:
  10. 10. 1010HierarchyManagement ConsolidationPrimary Use Cases of Informatica Cloud MDM
  11. 11. 11Hierarchy ManagementDataLoaderMcDonaldsUSOppty: LifeOppty: P&C - HouseholdDataLoaderMcDonaldsUSPolicy: 32423427987324DataLoaderMcDonaldsUSDUNS: 234876358Global DUNS: 765098123Policy: 12323427987324Global HQGlobal HQDomestic HQ(USA)Domestic HQ(USA)SiteSite
  12. 12. 12• Multi-dimensional hierarchies:e.g Salesforce, D&B orFranchise, etc.• Easily visualize, navigate andmanage the different hierarchytypes• Relate Global Accounts withtheir subsidiaries rolled up toUltimate ParentEnhanced Hierarchy ManagementAutomatically find Ultimate Parent or Fuzzy Search
  13. 13. 13Enhanced Hierarchy ManagementMultiple Views and Multiple Types• Multi-dimensionalhierarchies: e.g Salesforce,D&B or Franchise, etc.• Relate Global Accounts withtheir subsidiaries rolled upto Ultimate Parent
  14. 14. 14Enhanced Hierarchy ManagementFlexibility to Create and Change Hierarchies• Easily visualize, navigateand manage the differenthierarchy types
  15. 15. 15Informatica Cloud MDM DemonstrationCheck out our YouTube ChannelCloud MDM Playlist
  16. 16. 16Cloud MDM Compared to Native SalesforceCloud MDM SalesforceMultidimensional hierarchies √ Automatically calculate andtrack ultimate parent forreporting√ Opportunity, Lead and Contactvisibility across entirehierarchy√ Drag & drop support forflexible hierarchy management√ Fuzzy search for Accounts* √ Ability to Clone hierarchynodes**√ • *Fuzzy search - A user can do a Fuzzy search when looking for an account to add to a Hierarchy• **Clone hierarchy nodes – A user can clone nodes (from the Edit Hierarchy screen) if, for example,they wish to clone the “Sales” hierarchy into a “Legal” hierarchy.
  17. 17. 17Q&
  18. 18. 18Next Steps• Learn More About Informatica Cloud MDM:•• Follow Us On Twitter:• @CloudMDM• Salesforce Customer Company Tour:•
  19. 19.