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Pinson presentation


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Pinson presentation

  3. 3. CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE• I or my spouse have no actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to this program.
  4. 4. LEARNING OBJECTIVES• Provide an overview of the scope of prescription drug abuse in our country.• Demonstrate that prescription drug abuse in the U.S. is a deep rooted cultural problem.• Explore how our drug culture developed throughout our history.
  5. 5. BOARD OF PHARMACY ACTIVITIES• Licensing – 17 different categories• Regulatory – Drug donation programs – Propofol; Synthetic Cannabinoids; Bath Salts• Discipline – Alyssa Shin case
  6. 6. Medi-Spa
  8. 8. NATIONAL NUMBERS• AMERICANS COMPRISE APPROX. 6% OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION YET WE CONSUME: – 60% of all manufactured drugs – 80% of the WORLD’S supply of opioids – 75% of the WORLD’S supply of oxycodone – 99% of the WORLD’S supply of hydrocodone – Greeting card . . .
  9. 9. 700mg Morphine Each• Drug distribution through pharmaceutical supply chain equivalent to:• 1997: 96mg morphine/person• 2007: 700mg morphine/person• Enough for each person in the US to take 5mg Vicodin q4h for 3 weeks!
  10. 10. WHAT TO DO??• How do we address a cultural problem?• We cannot legislate our way out• We cannot incarcerate our way out
  11. 11. HISTORICAL TURNING POINTS(how our drug culture developed)• 1860’s – Civil War (widespread use of MS & invention of the hypodermic needle)• 1870’s – “Patent Meds”-birth of PHARMA (cocaine put in everything; employers touted ↑ production; 1st advertising; cocaine in Sears Catalog; no studies)• 1890’s – liberal use of narcotics in women; Bayer markets heroine as safe and calls addiction a “weakness”
  12. 12. • 1906 – FDA created• 1914 – Harrison Act (criminalized addiction leading to drug trafficking)• 1930’s – Bill W. and his 12-step program• 1938 – FDA: must prove worth of a drug (alcohol & tobacco slipped through)• 1950’s – Dexedrine and the housewife• 1960’s – Age of Aquarius, Timothy Leary & the hallucinogens
  13. 13. • 1970’s – Nixon’s “War on Drugs” creating the DEA & the Controlled Substances Act forming drug schedules – Tried to deal with the drug culture created in the 60’s.• 1974 – First legal methadone maintenance programs – 2 million addicts by then and only treated 280K
  14. 14. • 1980’s – Reagan’s “Just Say No” & first 3rd party payment for drug addiction. – ↑ cocaine use→escolated violence• 1990’s – Purdue-Fredrick’s introduction and aggressive marketing of long acting oral opiates. – Explosion of opiate abuse & addiction – 2007 guilty plea for felony misbranding and marketing as a “non-addictive” tx of pain with long acting opiates resulting in $634.5 million fine.
  15. 15. – Opiate Rx’s have escalated 350% since 1991 with only a 19% increase in population. – 1990’s - ↑ meth use and emergence of drug wars ($1000 drug in Mexico worth $10,000 in US)• 2000 – DATA (Drug Addiction Treatment Act) – DEA allowed for the first time, office-based tx of addiction (Suboxone). – Diversion issues (8mg buprenorphine getting $10 on the street)
  16. 16. • Drug companies now “sell sickness” (“if you are shy, you need an SSRI . . .”)• 7 million people over the age of 12 are current non-medical users of psychotherapeutic drugs.• Every day 2700 youths (age 12-17) abuse an opioid for the first time
  17. 17. • CDC reported in 2007 that the number of poisoning deaths involving opioid analgesics has more than tripled in 8 years.• One death every 19 minutes in 2007!• *previous data from CDC, SAMHSA, DAWN & NSDUH
  18. 18. LATEST CONCERN• Pure time-released hydrocodone packing up to 10X the amount of drug as Vicodin&Lortab and w/o APAP
  19. 19. NEVADA NUMBERS• In amount of drug consumed per 100 thousand people, Nevada ranks in the nation: – #2 for hydrocodone (Vicodin & Lortab) – #2 for oxycodone (Percodan & Percocet) – #4 for methadone – #7 for codeine – #17 for meperidine (Demerol)
  20. 20. • In 2008, Nevada pharmacies filled 26 million prescriptions for alprazolam (Xanax)• We have a population of only 3-4 million people . . .• 5% of the total number of practitioners prescribe 88% of the controlled substances.
  21. 21. UNR STUDY 2009-2011• 509,251,028 doses for 3-4 million residents – 187 million doses of hydrocodone – 93 million doses of oxycodone – 62 million doses for alprazolam – 25 million doses of Ambien – (soma was not counted)
  22. 22. • 84% of these Rx’s were written by an MD or DO.• 15% were written by an APN or PA• 52% were filled in Las Vegas – 18% filled in Reno – 12% filled in Henderson
  23. 23. • ZIP Code? – Over half from 89169 and 89102 (LV) • W. of I-15 between Charleston & Tropicana • Winchester area; N of airport & between Eastern and Maryland Parkway – Most of Reno’s from 89511 • Southeast & southwest
  24. 24. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE ADDICT?• 40 YR STUDY (1956-1992)• 48% - dead (180 people/day die in the U.S.)• 22% - sober• 15% - disappeared• 7% - still using daily• 6% - maintenance program• 2% - occasional use
  25. 25. BIG BUSINESS• Hydrocodone $5 - $20/tab (cost=30 cents)• Vicodin $5 - $25 (cost=$1)• Percocet $10 - $15 (cost=$3.50)• Oxycodone $12 - $40 (cost=$3.20)• Oxycontin $50 - $80 (cost=$3)• Prometh w Codeine up to $600/pint• $25 to $35 BILLION BUSINESS!!
  26. 26. FLORIDA “PAIN CLINICS”• More “pain clinics” in Broward County than Starbucks• $200 per visit (cash) X 60+ pts/day = $2 million/year (cash)!• $825-$900 for the “Holy Trinity” (oxy/soma/xanax)• Ave Rx = 180 pills• No PMP for years
  27. 27. TYPICAL HABIT• OXYCONTIN – #10, 80mg tablets per day – $1/mg on street – = $800/day!!• Both “Dr. shopping” and heroin are less expensive• Pharmacy robberies on the increase
  28. 28. APPROACHING THE PROBLEM• How do you combat the combination of: –Big profits –An insatiable appetite –marketing ??
  29. 29. THREE MAJOR PLAYERS–The patient • Who wants or needs the drug–The pharmacist • Who generally must dispense the drug–The practitioner • Who must prescribe the drug
  30. 30. • We must understand that the patient cannot get the drug unless it is prescribed and that the pharmacist cannot give the drug unless it is prescribed.• A pharmacist can only refuse to fill a prescription under two circumstances: if in his professional judgment – The prescription is fraudulent – The drug may harm the patient
  31. 31. • Patients now speak of “cashing in” a prescription rather than getting it filled and of having a “relationship” with their doctor’s DEA number.• How do you protect a person from themselves?• Is it a bad person in need of punishment or an ill person in need of care?
  32. 32. • The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world AND it is the highest it has ever been in all of history.
  33. 33. WHO IS ABUSING?• Many more men than women (women static ) & many more whites & Native Americans than other races.• Middle-aged adults have the highest prescription opiate overdose rates• People in rural counties are twice as likely to overdose than people in the cities.
  34. 34. WHERE DO THE DRUGS COME FROM??• PRESCRIPTION drug abuse insinuates that they are prescribed – 40% of what is prescribed goes unused by the patient (ending up in medicine cabinets) – “pill mills” are moving west – Estimated that 80-90% of doctors have no formal training in prescribing opioids
  35. 35. • INTERNET – Craig’s list • 11/19/2011: “Need to fill tank of oxy 30mg fuel – bone dry stuck on side of road - $200 (Ls Vegas). As you can see from my ad, I’m actually lookling for some 30’s to refuel me . . . I’m new to the area with my fiance.” • 12/02/2011: “Zannie Bars - $3 (Trop& Jones). 2mg zannie bars for sale; white bars; script is now higher; hard to find since docs have got busted; I will be raising prices soon . . .”
  36. 36. • DIVERSION IN PHARMACIES – Pharmacy Techs • Prosecuting 4-5 cases per meeting • Stores increasing security (smock checks; smart shelves; cameras) – Lam’s Case • DEA cracked down settling for a $1 million fine (largest civil fine every paid by an independent pharmacy) – Florida CVS closures
  37. 37. • DRUG WHOLESALERS –Quantity sold to pharmacies is four times greater in 2012 than in 1999. • Reflection of prescriptions being filled or diversion? • DEA is pressuring wholesalers to cut- off pharmacies ordering extraordinary quantities (several in Las Vegas area)
  38. 38. CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE PRESCRIPTION ABUSE PREVENTION TASK FORCE• Hereafter referred to as “The Task Force” or “PMP” – What is it? • A database with thresholds and a goal of identifying potential “doctor shoppers” (A FELONY) and referring them for treatment. • Nevada was one of the first states to systematically share prescription information among practitioners and has been doing so since 1997 • Working toward data sharing between states.
  39. 39. • The Task Force is comprised of participants from SAPTA; NDI; health licensing boards; medicaid; prof. assns; pain mgt docs; impaired professional help groups; industry• Funding: through federal grants and the Board of Pharmacy
  40. 40. HOW DOES IT WORK?• Pharmacies and dispensing practitioners must report their controlled substance prescription records at least weekly.• Staff then filters this data for warning signs of abuse, such as multiple doctors and multiple pharmacies.• If a patient sets off enough “red flags”, the task force generates an “unsolicited report”.
  41. 41. • This report is sent to each practitioner and each pharmacy that the patient has visited.• It is then up to each of these professionals to determine how to best handle their patient.• It is not for law enforcement “fishing”.• We employ one intervention officer with a case load of about 30 patients to help the patient get into treatment.
  42. 42. IMPACT?• Getting nearly 300K hits per year and this is with only 21% of licensed prescribers and 14% of licensed dispensers registered to use the PMP.• Godsend for urgent care and ER docs – A doc can run a pt 24/7 while the pt is there. – As can a pharmacy. – A doc can run his own profile anytime.
  43. 43. • With intervention: – Ave # of Rx’s drops from 150 to 46 per year – Ave # of MD visits drops some 37% – Ave # of dosage units drops 43%• Standard of Practice (2007)
  44. 44. HOW TO ACCESS• WEBSITE:• TELEPHONE: 775-687-5694• Register for access via website
  45. 45. SECURITY WITHIN YOUR PRACTICE• Prescription pads – protect• Electronic prescribing – define – Approval of software – No controlled substances – protect
  46. 46. SECURITY• Writing prescriptions – Qty (10 and “ten”) – Sig (q.d. and q.i.d.) – Refills (write number or “none”) – DEA# (do not pre-print on Rx blanks)• Security paper – Not in statute or regulation• Faxing prescriptions – Must be signed
  47. 47. SCAMS• Spilled bottle (Vicodin must be hydrophilic)• Dog ate it• Lost the prescription• Washed in laundry• Medication stolen• Left somewhere• The !%$&*$# pharmacist shorted me
  48. 48. • “Oh, by the way . . .• You are the only one who understands• I love you Doc
  49. 49. WHO TO CALL• Reno: 775-334-3065 (RPD) – Regional Street Enforcement Team• Las Vegas: 702-828-3111 (Metro) – Ask for “narcotics”
  50. 50. DISPENSING PRACTITIONERS• Licensing• Reporting (to PMP)• Dispensing practice – If you want to be a pharmacy then you must act like one! • Records • Labeling • counseling
  51. 51. MUSTS!!• Access the Task Force prior to prescribing for a drug seeking patient unknown to your practice.• Access the Task Force prior to prescribing for a patient known to your practice who suddenly is seeking narcotics.• Access the Task Force at least monthly for yourself.• Report fraud to the Task Force.• Only access your own patients.
  52. 52. TOBACCO• #1 KILLER BY FAR! (more than aids, alcohol, murder, car wrecks, fire, suicide and all drugs combined)• 2K per day start (down from 3K)• Third Hand Smoke• Australia: – Must package tobacco in an ugly colored pkg
  53. 53. ALCOHOL• 50% of all the alcohol consumed in our country is consumed within a 30 day period every year.• HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!• Energy drinks (Rock Star/Sparks/Charge) – 6-12% (like a bottle of wine & a pot of coffee)• Alcoholic whipped cream (36 proof)• “Don’t drink and park, accidents cause people . . .”
  54. 54. FENTANYL PATCHES• CAUSE AN INTENSE HIGH, BUT ONLY A STEP AWAY FROM RESPIRATORY DEPRESSION• Boiling patches and making tea• Cutting up and chewing patches
  55. 55. WHAT TEENS ARE WATCHING AND DOING• How did we go from “Cosby” to “16 and Pregnant?”• YouTube – Eyeballing vodka – Smoking Vicodin – Anal beer bong – Vodka tampons – Paraphernalia (reef flip flops; veg-a-pipe; Dasani)
  56. 56. SYNTHETICS & OTHERS• Synthetic cannabinoids – K2; Spice; HU & JWH cmpds – 10-100X more potent than THC• Synthetic cathinones – “Bath salts” (MDVP); “Ivory Wave”; “Cloud 9” – 2-3 day trips• Inhalents; Salvia; Special K; PCP; Ecstasy; GHB (“date rape drug”); rohypnol; Provigil
  57. 57. IN SUMMARY• Prescription drug abuse is a cultural problem within our society with no simple remedy. – We must all work together at every level: • Federal govt through education & tracking • State & local govt through education; support of state PMP; enforcement & strengthening of current laws; access to treatment programs; action by licensing boards. • Health Care Insurers through increased coverage for alternative pain tx and Rx claim review programs
  58. 58. • Prescribers and Dispensers through education• AND FINALLY the public through education and media campaigns.
  59. 59. SMILE• It takes 17 muscles to smile• It takes 41 muscles to frown• It takes zero muscles to sit there and look dumb, so . . .
  60. 60. • QUESTIONS??
  61. 61. TEST QUESTIONSEven though the U.S. comprises approximately 6% of the world’s population, what % of the world’s supply of opiates do we consume? a) 20% b) 40% c) 60% d) 80% e) 99%
  62. 62. • The majority of addicts in the U.S. ultimately:• a) disappear• b) get sober• c) die• d) continue to use
  63. 63. • The majority of prescription drug abusers in the U.S. are:• a) men• b) white• c) women• d) middle aged• e) live in the city