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RFID Survey Overview


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Published in: Technology, Business
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RFID Survey Overview

  1. 1. ISM 5021Information and Technology Management
  2. 2.  Animals JCPenney Public Schools Privacy and Security Walmart
  3. 3.  Curtis Bowden, Megan Diehl – Orlando, FL – The University of Central Florida Daniel Duffy - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - ABB Inc Jeremy Fout – Dallas, TX – 7-Eleven, Inc. Elizabeth West – Hollywood, FL - Broward College David Willink - Palatka, FL - Data Concepts Unlimited Inc
  4. 4.  The group wanted to survey some of the interesting ways RFID was used. This allowed each one to research what interested them most about RFID. Each one contributed a section which gave our wiki some organization. In true wiki fashion, group members were encouraged to edit and add to each other’s work.
  5. 5.  Team focus needed to create an informative and educational Wiki that was also entertaining. Harmonizing the Wiki so all thoughts flowed together. Covering a broad enough cross-section of our subject matter to ensure that we arrived at a thoughtful and informative Wiki. Collaborating effectively while working separately
  6. 6.  Share your thoughts and ideas because more input leads to more collaboration and, ultimately, a better final group product. Wikis don’t need to be boring! RFID has an absurd amount of applications! If you missed it on the website, RFID tags can fit onto the back of a honeybee!
  7. 7.  Pick Wiki software that is easy to use so that everyone is able and motivated to contribute. Organize it well so that it is easy to follow for the reader. Make it attractive. Wikis dont have to be ugly. Make it fun. Wikis need not be a boring summary of a random topic; they can be an in- depth look at real-world applications of a technology that are entertaining to learn about.