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Thinking inside the box - What is the role of digital within the four walls of pharma?


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A slightly modified version of the presentation I made at the iPharma. 2013 meeting in Philadelphia, on February 12th 2013

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Thinking inside the box - What is the role of digital within the four walls of pharma?

  2. 2. favourite papers from each period:[1] J. Chem. Phys. 122, 124107 (2005)[2] J. Chem. Phys. 128, 224103 (2008)[3] J. Chem. Inf. Model. 49, 1889 (2009)[4] J. Chem. Inf. Model. 51, 93 (2011)
  3. 3. And now?• I work in Social Business – Along the way I have discovered I am a fierce opponent of organisational skeuomorphs and a passionate advocate for diversity in all things
  4. 4. Okay, so what’s ‘Social Business’?• Let’s start with Enterprise Social Media• Enterprise Social Media: “A contextual, digital, interaction between people and content, mediated by search” People Content This is inherently asymmetric with respect to people
  5. 5. 3 ½ things we would like you to think about for the future 1. The on-boarding and utilization of Employee’s Networks 2. Finding experts is ‘easy’, we want to find ‘influencers’ / ‘boundary spanners’ * 3. Can we achieve ‘near’ real-time business value, through a real-time understanding of our organization? And what processes need to be in place to support this?* ‘Turning things, inside Klout’ Erin Arcario and David Thompson
  6. 6.
  7. 7. “The core process of innovation has two stages. The first is arguably the hardest toquantify or reproduce and amounts to the synthesis of an idea, a concept, or a process that issomehow more than simply the collection of a group or an individual’s experiences. Manyinnovations have similar themes, but every one is arrived at in a unique way, and is specific to its diversity of thought begins and endsoriginator(s):with the individual. The second stage in the innovation process is arealization of the innovation; the turning of an idea from an amorphous concept into a tangible Only once an innovation has been realizedthing.are its full benefits known and enjoyed. “Innovation Nation, David Thompson, 2010
  8. 8. Offline and/or Online Offline →
  9. 9. Where does that get us?Social Business: “Enterprise Social Media”woven into the fabric of our work andresulting in ‘better’ business outcomes
  10. 10. Social media is a great way to reach the right people. Consider the following …Following the 2010 U.S. Engagement Survey, the topic of Work, Structure, and Process washighlighted as an area of organizational frustration. This is a pretty broad topic though, andthe Work, Structure, and Process team needed to identify the root causes of the frustrationswe all expressed and try to find ways to fix them.So, the team did the sensible thing, and simply asked.On Thursday, November 4th 2010 the first ever all Employee online discussion was run usingEmployeeCONNECT (Ask BI back then). During this discussion, Scott Lanzilotta, acolleague at Ben Venue Laboratories, self-identified as an expert in Business Processexcellence, and shared a number of insightful comments around Meeting Effectiveness. Thiswas a known issue for the Work, Structure, and Process team, who subsequently approachedScott to lead a team around that very problem. Throughout 2011, Scott and colleaguesestimated that approximately two million Effort Hours were used on ineffective meetings andhave fashioned a strategy, toolkit, and communication plan, which they rolled out across theU.S., to support the reduction of ineffective meetings by 20% by April 2012.Through social media an expert was found andorganizational efficiencies realized.
  11. 11. Meeting Effectiveness• A team of 6 • Launched meeting effectiveness toolkit via• Evaluation of meeting practices identified desktop icon in September 2011 approximately 2 MM Effort Hours (1,040 • Worked with Corporate Communications to FTEs) associated with ineffective meetings orchestrate targeted messaging through• Strategy, toolkit, and communication plan existing channels (e.g. email lists, standing rolled out to support the reduction of meetings, OCS calls, etc.) ineffective meetings by 20% by April 2012 • Provided Site Business Partners, VTI team members, ERGs and other “championing” groups with “plug-and-play” style communications • December 2011 survey executed and data analyzed – Effective meetings goal of 20% improvement was exceeded – 37% increase in meetings with agenda, exceeding goal of 20% • Currently working with leadership to ensure sustainability
  12. 12. We talk to craft our identity How to find the signal amidst the ‘noise’?Technology can help but, ultimately, you have to simply listen
  13. 13. I just built a cool app. Wanna’ see?Sure!
  14. 14. Several weeks later …
  15. 15. Behold … Lunch Roulette 500+ people in the U.S. have used this 80% match rate Recently rolled out to German HQ
  16. 16. Here’s why it’s powerful
  17. 17. Taking back ‘the cool’*[*]
  18. 18. Now, how to bring this to scale … Opportunities Volunteer Network Enablers SEE PMO BPE Guiding HR Coalition Legal Finance …U.S. Organization Similar to, John P. Kotter’s construct for accelerating change:
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Acknowledgements• Amy Fry• Lilly Ackley• Christopher Tan