Internal Social Media: The ties that bind


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An update of the work of the U.S. Social Media Advisory Committee at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. This was presented at the Social Media for Pharma. conference in Philadelphia, May 23rd 2012

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Internal Social Media: The ties that bind

  1. 1. Internal Social Media: The ties that bind David C. Thompson
  2. 2. Disclaimer This is the story so far of our U.S. organization’s adoption of internal enterprise Social Media The journey we describe may be familiar to many of you and for that, we apologize, but we guarantee you won’t have heard our story before, so you’re sure to learn at least one new thing (so don’t leave … ) If you have been through this already, let us know what your next challenges were and, ideally, how you navigated them 2
  3. 3. Thanks for the feedback … “Wonderfully funny. From a content standpoint, we are years ahead, so nothing new." 3
  4. 4. What’s this all about again? 4
  5. 5. Why Social? 1. It makes us a ‘better’ business 2. Expectation “It used to be that the best IT experiences people had were in the office. Now that technology has been democratized, they have become used to doing new and exciting things themselves.”–Tony Bates, President Skype Division* * The Economist SpecialReport on PersonalTechnology,October8th 2011 5
  6. 6. Up until now, as an employee … • I see we are using Social Media to engage externally • I see we are using Social Media to promote the Company • I (may) use Social Media in my personal life • I know that other companies are using Social Media • I know that we have Social Media tools But … • Clear organizational expectations have not been set So … • Confusion persists, adoption lags* * This isn’t us stating this ‘intuitively’, this is based on research 6
  7. 7. U.S. Social Media Advisory Committee: The Foundation Responsible Organizational Adoption of Social Media Guidance Education & CommunicationPolicy + + Formal Framework User Framework Materials to support the guidelines 7
  8. 8. Engage, Learn, and Share 1. You are responsible for your behavior 2. Understand the tools 3. Think about your audience 4. You are our Eyes, Ears, and Voice 8
  9. 9. The Big Roll Out: 2012 OBJECTIVE To drive responsible organizational adoption of social media to the ultimate benefit of our business Key Messages  Social Media is a great way for us to communicate and collaborate, and given its open nature, enables us to live our Lead and Learn principles  There are extraordinary benefits to engaging in Social Media, including savings in time, effort, and resources, in addition to almost continual learning and development opportunities  There are potential risks both for yourself and for the Company. We have created the Social Media Toolkit to help mitigate these potential risks  Employee participation in responsible use of social media is fully endorsed, and encouraged, by the organization This is being rolled-out, to U.S. Boehringer Ingelheim Colleagues starting in January and running throughout 2012 via a robust and comprehensiveeducation strategy It will be, we hope, fun, informative, and engaging And, you guessed it, parts of it, we’re going to gamify Objective: To drive responsible organizational adoption of social media to the ultimate benefit of our business 9
  10. 10. 1. Created a cross-functional cohort of passionate/responsible ‘Social Media Champions’ 2. Created Educational Resources including Success Stories (1/16) 3. Socially Savvy blog to support on-going dialogue (2/16) 4. U.S. wide LOS Roll-out (beginning 3/12) 5. Additional activities (online and offline) throughout 2012 What’re we doing to support this?
  11. 11. Content resources should be independent of the tool We’re trying to educate around behavior, not functionality We made up a fictional platform – LinkedBook
  12. 12. U.S. Internal Social Media Guidance
  13. 13. Choose Your Own Adventure • Social Media is subjective • Outcome should reflect choices (you know, just like in real life …) • 249 possible paths from start to finish, all starting from Casey’s choice in profile picture Nonsequential Narratives: Hypertextual Books
  14. 14. Initial roll-out to 3467 Employees As of 4/9/12: • 602 completed (17 %) Voluntary survey included at the end of the module 4 questions, 375 respondents (62 %) Question 1: Do you believe the use of internal social media tools offer business value? • Yes – 92 % • No – 8 % Question 2: Was the four-point guidance describing expected behavior when employees engage in social media instructive? • Yes – 96 % • No – 4 % Question 3: If you selected 'No' to Questions 2 please take a moment to tell us about your concern(s): (34 / 6 %) 14 Social Media: Yes, No, Maybe So?
  15. 15. “The training looks like it was designed for a fourth grader's educational level.” “This is the best LOS training I've ever seen in LOS.” “the only place I could see it useful is an on- line meeting or phone meeting?” “The format of this training was informative and enternaining at the same time. Nicely done.” “I thought this module was well thought out. I did this module a couple of times picking differently each time to view the end results - thank you! More modules should be fun as this one!” Question 4: Please take a moment to share with us any thoughts or comments you may have regarding this, or any other aspect of our internal social media initiative: (137 / 37 %) “I enjoyed how you could choose different Story lines and explore how your choice Impacted the direction of the story. I also Appreciated that you could go back and try different scenarios” “Had not heard of LinkedBook Before. LOS training video was a bit lame and moved way too slowly.”
  16. 16. How an external networking opportunity brought some gamification to research A funny thing happened at my 1st external communications conference … A heart wrenching tale of man versus coffee machine 17 Or … Or …
  17. 17. Really? Kaggle? I don’t even know how to pronounce that 18
  18. 18. Competitive Data Science 19
  19. 19. Predicting a Biological Response
  20. 20. The internet is here to stay 21
  21. 21. Acknowledgements Lilly Ackley Amy Fry Amy Kunkel Alexander Renner U.S. Social Media Advisory Committee U.S. Social Media Champions Leah Fallon Ellie King Dayna Rosen Keith Seward Cindy Ay 22
  22. 22. And, if you’re still yet to learn anything new … 23