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Data Driven Change


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Some thoughts on using data to drive change. Presented at The Conference Board, Digital Workplace Seminar in NYC, NY May 28th 2015

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Data Driven Change

  1. 1. Data  Driven  Change   David  C.  Thompson   @dcthmpsn  
  2. 2. 1st  things  1st  
  3. 3. What’s  the  plan?   •  Some  reflec=on(s)   •  Some  examples:   – CombaCng  the  aspira=onal   – Say,  Listen,  Do   – It’s  not  what  you  know,  it’s  who  you  know  
  4. 4. Some  reflec=on(s)  
  5. 5. Me  Internet  
  6. 6. hKp://­‐heppner/astounding-­‐facts-­‐about-­‐how-­‐we-­‐actually-­‐spend-­‐our-­‐=me/    
  7. 7. hKp://­‐heppner/astounding-­‐facts-­‐about-­‐how-­‐we-­‐actually-­‐spend-­‐our-­‐=me/    
  8. 8. hKp://­‐heppner/astounding-­‐facts-­‐about-­‐how-­‐we-­‐actually-­‐spend-­‐our-­‐=me/    
  9. 9. And  yet,  for  the  amount  of   =me  we  spend  at  work  …  
  10. 10. hKp://­‐toy-­‐room/    
  11. 11. hKp://     “HR”  
  12. 12. Anyone  know  who  this  is?  
  13. 13. Complex  ≠  Complexity  
  14. 14. CombaCng  the  aspira=onal  
  15. 15. hKp://­‐am-­‐miKags=sch-­‐warum-­‐man-­‐beim-­‐lunch-­‐rouleKe-­‐nur-­‐gewinnen-­‐kann/7674646.html     hKp://    
  16. 16. hKp://    
  17. 17. Say,  Listen,  Do  
  18. 18. Advocacy   Understanding   Awareness  
  19. 19. Are  you  aware  of  OE?   Do  you  know  someone  who  has  been  involved  in  an  OE  project?   Are  you  currently,  or  have  you  previously  been  involved,  with  an  OE  project?  
  20. 20. It’s  not  what  you  know.  It’s   who  you  know.  
  21. 21. Maps  “R”  Cool  
  22. 22. 10.1126/science.1217330    
  23. 23. Can  we  crac  contagion?   •  A  randomized,  double-­‐blind,  placebo-­‐controlled   field  experiment   •  Treatment:   –  8  business  units   –  HR-­‐iden=fied  change  agents   –  Network-­‐iden=fied  contacts   •  Control:   –  9  business  units   –  HR-­‐iden=fied  change  agents   –  Network-­‐matched  contacts   Eric  Gladstone,  Brian  Rubineau,  David  C.  Thompson,  Alexa  Beavers,  and  Erin  Arcario,  “Cracing   Contagion  in  an  Organiza=on:  A  Field  Experiment”  (In  Prepara)on)  
  24. 24. Par.cipa.on  Rates  by  Treatment     Eric  Gladstone,  Brian  Rubineau,  David  C.  Thompson,  Alexa  Beavers,  and  Erin  Arcario,  “Cracing   Contagion  in  an  Organiza=on:  A  Field  Experiment”  (In  Prepara)on)  
  25. 25. Unit  No  Shows  by  Treatment     Eric  Gladstone,  Brian  Rubineau,  David  C.  Thompson,  Alexa  Beavers,  and  Erin  Arcario,  “Cracing   Contagion  in  an  Organiza=on:  A  Field  Experiment”  (In  Prepara)on)  
  26. 26. A  possible  component  of  the  Future  of   Work   “In  a  nutshell,  it  means  we’re  this  close  to  finally   designing  (and  then  constantly  redesigning)   workspaces  that  actually  help  you  do  your  job,   rather  than  struggling  against  them.  The  key  is   deploying  a  new  genera=on  of  sensors  —  in  our   phones,  in  our  offices,  or  even  worn  around  your   neck  (or  your  wrist)  —  that  can  collect  the   necessary  breadth  and  depth  of  data.  With  that  in   hand,  we  can  start  to  understand  who  we  should   really  be  working  with,  where,  and  why  —  a   milestone  that  means  the  end  of  the  office  as  we   know  it.”  –  Greg  Lindsay   hKp:// harvard_business_review_workspaces_that_move_people/    
  27. 27. Ques=ons?   David  C.  Thompson   @dcthmpsn   Amy  M.  Fry   Alexa  W.  Beavers   Erin  Acario   Melissa  Hagman   Victoria  A.  Gamerman   Brian  Rubineau  –  McGill  University   Eric  Gladstone  –  Cornell  University