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Cooleaf intro


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Employee engagement, culture, retain, retention

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Cooleaf intro

  1. 1. Engage. Reward. Retain. Company Culture with
  2. 2. Social Learning … Community Powers Collaboration
  3. 3. The Workforce is Changing Employee engagement and culture is the #1 challenge faced by CEO’s today. - Deloitte’s 2015 Global Human Capital Trends 75% of workforce will be Millennials by 2020
  4. 4. Definition of an Engaged Employee Emotionally invested in their work and committed to helping their organization improve
  5. 5. Unengaged Employees Cost the U.S. $500 Billion Every Year Full Report on 80,000 workers:
  6. 6. “Culture” is How Your Employees Treat Each Other Employee satisfaction jumps by almost 50% when people have close friendships at work … Yet, only 18% of people work for companies that provide enough opportunities to develop friendships on the job. 2013
  7. 7. You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure (Now in a friendly version)
  8. 8. • What are you doing to satisfy your employee's need for engagement? • What data from your employees are you using to track productivity? • Have you considered how more committed employees can positively affect your sales and customer satisfaction? 3 Questions: What is The Value of Your Culture?
  9. 9. We help companies modernize their approach to corporate culture and retain top talent
  10. 10. Objectives  Increase employee engagement  Reward & recognize employee contributions and achievements  Improve team communication  Retain top talent
  11. 11. Results  Discover and share the secrets of top performers  Measure the effectiveness of any existing projects  Manage new activities that encourage and monitor employee connections  Maintain the culture of a sharing community
  12. 12. Programs and Communications in One Place Company-branded web platform and iOS, Android mobile app
  13. 13. - Company updates - Internal meetups/events - Recognition highlights Group Collaboration And Reach your Team Anywhere
  14. 14. Engagement Metrics #Tagging architecture is designed to capture data and insights for improving employee morale and retention
  15. 15. Rewards & Recognition Employees can earn points and be recognized for contributions that may be redeemed in a custom catalog.
  16. 16. Integrate With and Measure Across… Intranets – Used? Not dedicated to team issues Emails - Flooded already Internal Social Networks - Distractions Video/Print - Time-consuming Corporate Events - Expensive and infrequent I.M. Chat - No management features or integration
  17. 17. Clients Get Results with • Cooleaf has helped Daugherty Business Solutions achieve a 40% reduction in ‘unwanted turnover’ within one year and realized nearly $1M in cost savings. They also recently signed a 2 year contract extension. • 92% of the Woodward Academy employees agree that Cooleaf has helped to reinforce WA as a Top Workplace. • 60% of employees have signed up for "WestRock Connections" … 17 employee interest groups (social, professional and community-based) have been formed … 160+ employee-led events have been held. They have also recently expanded their contract and have doubled their scope of Cooleaf-serviced employees.
  18. 18. Turnkey ImplementationStress-Free Implementation: o Dedicated Cooleaf Account Manager o 4-Week Project with Weekly Team Calls o Customized Platform Around Your Challenges o Best Practices Shared from Successful Rollouts o Single Sign On (SSO) or Other Integrations
  19. 19. Provides your leadership toolset 1. An employee engagement strategy and insights platform dedicated to your priority issues 2. A bottom-up team-building method that empowers department Champions to manage the right mix of professional and personal events 3. Desktop and Mobile App "Tagging" system that measures participation, collaboration activities, actions and attitudes 4. A more complete employee directory for cross-company communication, knowledge sharing, and teammate match-making 5. A customizable recognition and rewards fulfilment service 6. A management dashboard for control, metrics, REAL insights, and tweak your own constantly evolving formula for optimization
  20. 20. Stand-alone Solutions or Integrated Across your Employee Management “Stack” Examples at
  21. 21. Engage. Reward. Retain. Thank You from David Cutler 617-331-7852 Jim Morin 978-210-5632