Stained Glass Presentation


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Taking a new look at stained glass. Old and new interpretations for using in residential, commerical settings as well as sacred places. Preserving and restoring stained glass.

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Stained Glass Presentation

  1. 1. DC Studios LLC RHINEBECK, NEW YORK Doris Cultraro Stained Glass Artist Presents……
  2. 2. A New Look at Stained Glass:Restoration and Custom Work
  3. 3. Stained Glass – Repair it, rebuild it, or do something new… What should I do?… The „quick fix‟, repairs, and restoration. What‟s the difference?•…Stained glass is „Green’•…Incorporating salvaged glass from old panels,use new glass made the old fashioned way, or anymaterial that can be enclosed in the glazingmaterial and be soldered is fair game.•…New materials…Longevity… Sustainability•…Where does the inspiration comes from?•…How we design•…Examples of Stained Glass in various settings
  4. 4. TOP 10 LIST – WHEN TO KNOW YOUR STAINED GLASS NEEDS HELP1. Lead separating or 6. Glass paint flaking or bent up from glass missing.2. Broken or missing 7. Poor condition of lead and solder joints frames3. Cracked or missing 8. Corrosion due to glass elements4. Tie wires or support 9. Putty in poor condition bars separating from or missing the windows 10. Lack of maintenance5. Bulges or bowing over the years. Previous bad repairs.
  5. 5. Sample Problems Glass separating from lead, or missingFailed Paint
  6. 6. Sample Problems
  7. 7. The Quick Fix, but not really…
  8. 8. Repairs• … sometimes that’s all that’s needed
  9. 9. Restoration•Damaged or missing lead•Broken or missing glass•Releaded panels can easily last 100 years
  10. 10. Old Items: Repaired and Restored
  11. 11. Giving an old panel a new life!
  12. 12. Important Restoration Project•Current project in our studio•The following slides will showsome of the many processes Beforeinvolved with this extensiverestoration.•The window was made in 1890.The panels, when cleaned andreleaded, will look brand new.All the lead will be replaced.•Stained Glass is one of themost sustainable decorative artmediums. It is an asset worthpreserving.•Value increases with time andwindow condition is animportant factor whenembarking on a restorationproject.
  13. 13. Getting the Window to the Studio… Unwrap and Inspect
  14. 14. Record Photos Prior to Disassembly
  15. 15. B & W photos are important for Contrast
  16. 16. And Details….
  17. 17. Restoration –There’s the Rub
  18. 18. Restoration - Documentation
  19. 19. Accurate rubbings, notes, and computer layouts are part of our Project Documentation
  20. 20. The Old Framing will not be reused…
  21. 21. Recommendations for Energy Efficiency
  22. 22. New Energy Efficient Framing
  23. 23. Temporary Storage of Project
  24. 24. Refitting And LeadingOnto New Pattern Taken From Rubbing
  25. 25. 1 Completed Panel – Test Fit Into New Frame
  26. 26. Side Panels
  27. 27. 3 Restored Panels in new frame
  28. 28. The Arch Installed
  29. 29. Repainted Sections Repainted section on new glass. Traced painting overOriginal painted glass with original piece.missing paint and trace lines.
  30. 30. Detail: Restored Center Panel-InstalledAny new glass that was needed iscarefully matched to the originalglass color and type.
  31. 31. Full ViewInstalledFully restored.Dimensions:10‟ H x 6‟ W
  33. 33. Foliage and Flowers
  34. 34. Water and Landscapes
  35. 35. Wild and Not So Wildlife
  36. 36. Sketches, Objects, Client Material
  37. 37. And It Becomes …
  38. 38. Pet Portraits
  39. 39. Other Animal Friends
  40. 40. Birds and Fish
  41. 41. Home Decor
  42. 42. Free Hanging Pieces…
  43. 43. Or Built In…
  44. 44. Details from the home…
  45. 45. Lampshades
  46. 46. Hanging or on a Base…
  47. 47. Traditional style panels, LogoEnty Door For sports fan
  48. 48. Including Jewels In a Project
  49. 49. Specialized jewelsand hand-blown rondels…..
  50. 50. Doors and Sidelights
  51. 51. Vision Panel w/ Peephole and a picture frame…
  52. 52. Door Inserts Frank Lloyd Wright Influence Entry Door and Hallway NY Co-Op
  53. 53. GLASS, INSTEAD OF FABRIC IN SHUTTERS Peacock Landscape Scene Private Residence Yonkers, NY
  54. 54. Concept taken from a photo in an auction catalog for a Tiffany Sidelight…. Wisteria Tree Living Room Panels Westchester Home
  56. 56. Shutters in a Library/Game Room
  57. 57. Frank Lloyd Wright – Style Panel Inserts for a Dining Room Featured in Westchester Home and Garden Magazine July 2006
  58. 58. Victorian Panels Private Residence: Powder Room – left Stairway Landing - right
  59. 59. Hudson River View Fabricated for “The Craft Landscape Exhibition” at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, NY. Image based on their Event Poster for the show
  60. 60. SACRED PLACES: 12 Tribes of Israel Issacar, Zebulen,Levi, and Yehuda
  61. 61. Tribes: Dan, Naphtali, Reuvan,Simion
  62. 62. Tribes: Gad, Joseph, Benjamin and Asher
  63. 63. Meditation Room – Assisted Living Ctr.
  64. 64. Synagogue – Heritage Center
  65. 65. Panel Details
  66. 66. Baptist Church – Dalle de Verrephotographed in NC, during 2007 Stained Glass Assoc. of Amer. Tour
  67. 67. Retrofit Old Panels & Design New in Same Style Relocation and Retrofit Project: Existing Stained Glass going to another Synagogue after merger.
  68. 68. New Panels and Old in New Frames
  69. 69. HOW WE DESIGN AND PLAN YOUR PROJECT• Most of our designs are created on the computer in our studio• Designs are reviewed with the client for comments and approvals• Color renderings are created incorporating client comments, changes or additions
  70. 70. COMPUTER GENERATED DESIGNSImage from clients fireplacewas scanned, then manuallytraced into our computer.
  71. 71. Approval Sketch, Finished Panel
  72. 72. Layout for approval, Completed shade
  73. 73. Client Requests included in Panel Design
  74. 74. The Design – The Finished Panel
  75. 75. DESIGN SIGN –OFF
  76. 76. So what’s the process?• Once the design is approved, the patterns are generated from the same drawing in full scale.• Templates are cut, glass selected, and the project moves into the cutting stage.• We use glass the way a painter uses a brush stroke…
  77. 77. So what’s the process?• Selecting swirls or waves in the glass to correspond to flower petals or leaves.• The glass is wrapped in either lead or copper foil.• Soldered, patina applied, cleaned.• Ready for installation.
  78. 78. First, A Look At The Studio…
  79. 79. Tools and many years of Glass Scrap sorted by color
  80. 80. Select, Cut, Fit…
  81. 81. Fit some more, solder, putty….
  82. 82. We also can include painted pieces ….
  83. 83. Painted sections new and reproduced…
  84. 84. Installation…
  85. 85. For additional information or aconsultation, please call us atDC Studios LLC845-876-3200Visit our Website at:www.dcstudiosllc.comOur next project can be yours!!!
  86. 86. Ideas for Transom Windows…
  87. 87. Doris Cultraro – Stained Glass Artist End of Slides Thank You, for taking a new look at stained glass today. DC Studios LLC 2011 ©