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Seo Free Tools


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Free SEO Tools

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Seo Free Tools

  1. 1. Types of Tool Tool Name Good For LinkKeyword Checker Abakus Topword Keyword Check Tool Analysis websites for keywords and keyphrases http://www.abakus-internet-marketing.de/tools/topword.htmlKeyword Checker GoRank Ontology Finder Related Keywords Lookup Tool www.gorank.com/seotools/ontology/Keyword Checker Digital Point tool Not working any longer http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion Google Smackdown analyzer Compare 2 keywords to which one got more Google Resuts http://www.googlefight.com/Keyword Checker Enter two words, names, or phrases, and find out which one occurs on Google Duel (Alternative) www.googleduel.com more pages on the web. A tool which will validate your xml sitemap and optionally ping GoogleSite XML Validator XML Sitemaps validator to inform them of their location. www.xml-sitemaps.com/validate-xml-sitemap.htmlRobot text Robot.txt standard On this site you can learn more about web robots. www.robotstxt.orgBlog Live Search official blog Bing Blog Search http://www.bing.com/community/site_blogs/b/search/default.aspxRSS Feeds RSS Feeds Social Media Monitoring www.moreover.com Get data about crawling, indexing and search traffic. ReceiveWebmaster Tools Google Webmaster Tools www.google.com/webmasters notifications about problems on your siteDomain Broker Name Jet Aftermarket domain names (just expired and reusable) www.namejet.comDomain Broker Sedo Aftermarket domain names (just expired and reusable) www.sedo.comDomain Broker Snap Names Aftermarket domain names (just expired and reusable) www.snapnames.comDomain Broker Deleted Domains Aftermarket domain names (just expired and reusable) www.deleteddomains.comDomain Broker Pool.com Aftermarket domain names (just expired and reusable) www.pool.comKeyword Density Analyzer Icrossing Page Analyser http://www.icrossing.co.uk/seotoolkit/seo-toolkit/page-analyser/HTML Validator W3C Markup Validation Service http://validator.w3.orgVideo Uploader Google web-based uploader (under 100MB) https://upload.video.google.com/Video Uploader Google web-based uploader (over 100MB) https://upload.video.google.com/video_instructions.htmlWhois Tool Domain Tools http://whois.domaintools.comWhois Tool Domain Tools http://whois.scWhois Tool Domain Tools http://domainsearch.comReciprocal link-building Links Pal Automatic Links exchange www.links-pal.comReciprocal link-building Quality Link Exchange Websites Automatic Links exchange www.qlew.orgReciprocal link-building 123 Exchange Links Automatic Links exchange www.123exchangelinks.comReciprocal link-building Link Market Automatic Links exchange www.linkmarket.netReciprocal link-building Link Metro Automatic Links exchange www.linkmetro.comReciprocal link-building Links4trade Automatic Links exchange www.links4trade.comReciprocal link-building Link DIY Automatic Links exchange www.linkdiy.comDirectory Service Yahoo! Directory Where to submit your URL http://dir.yahoo.comDirectory Service Best of the Web Where to submit your URL www.botw.orgDirectory Service Business.com Where to submit your URL www.business.comDirectory Service Clush Where to submit your URL www.clush.com/dirDirectory Service Elib Where to submit your URL www.elib.orgDirectory Service Starting Point Where to submit your URL www.stpt.com/directoryDirectory Service Alive Where to submit your URL www.alivedirectory.comDirectory Service Aviva Where to submit your URL www.avivadirectory.comDirectory Service Chiff Where to submit your URL www.chiff.comDirectory Service Ezilon Where to submit your URL www.ezilon.comDirectory Service Joeant Where to submit your URL www.joeant.comDirectory Service Internet Business Where to submit your URL http://www.internetbusiness.co.uk/directoryDirectory Service Site Sift Where to submit your URL www.site-sift.comDirectory Service Uncover the Net Where to submit your URL www.uncoverthenet.comDirectory Service V7N Where to submit your URL http://directory.v7n.comDirectory Service Abilogic Where to submit your URL www.abilogic.comDirectory Service Gimpsy Where to submit your URL www.gimpsy.comDirectory Service GoGuides Where to submit your URL www.goguides.orgDirectory Service Illumirate Where to submit your URL www.illumirate.comDirectory Service Qango Where to submit your URL www.qango.comReciprocal Directory Directory Data Where to submit your URL www.directorydelta.comReciprocal Directory Directory World Where to submit your URL www.directoryworld.netReciprocal Directory Iozoo Where to submit your URL www.iozoo.comReciprocal Directory Link Direc Where to submit your URL www.linkdirec.comReciprocal Directory Sootle Where to submit your URL http://directory.sootle.comReciprocal Directory T Section Directory Where to submit your URL www.tsection.comReciprocal Directory Post Dotcom Where to submit your URL www.postdotcom.comReciprocal Directory Rise Directory Where to submit your URL www.risedirectory.comReciprocal Directory Sams Directory Where to submit your URL www.samsdirectory.comReciprocal Directory Work At Home Where to submit your URL www.wahlinks.comReciprocal Directory World Directory Where to submit your URL www.worlddirectory.inReciprocal Directory TikiFind Where to submit your URL www.tikifind.com
  2. 2. Reciprocal Directory I-Searches Where to submit your URL www.i-searches.comReciprocal Directory King of the Web Where to submit your URL www.kingoftheweb.netReciprocal Directory Links To My Where to submit your URL www.linkstomy.comReciprocal Directory Premium Sites Where to submit your URL http://www.premiumsites.org/Reciprocal Directory URL Chief Where to submit your URL www.urlchief.comReciprocal Directory Webmaster Hole Where to submit your URL www.webmasterhole.infoReciprocal Directory Top Dot Directory Where to submit your URL www.topdot.orgFree Directories Dmoz Where to submit your URL www.dmoz.orgFree Directories Librarians Internet Where to submit your URL www.lii.orgFree Directories Jayde Where to submit your URL www.jayde.comFree Directories Web World Index Where to submit your URL www.webworldindex.comFree Directories Turnpike Directory Where to submit your URL http://www.turnpike.net/directory.htmlFree Directories Mavicanet Where to submit your URL www.mavicanet.comFree Directories Web Searches Where to submit your URL www.websearches.infoFree Directories I Mom Links Where to submit your URL www.imomlinks.comFree Directories Little Web Directory Where to submit your URL www.littlewebdirectory.comFree Directories Simple Directory Where to submit your URL www.simple-directory.netFree Directories sinotribe.com Where to submit your URL www.sinotribe.comFree Directories Intestyle Where to submit your URL www.intestyle.comFree Directories I Web Info Where to submit your URL www.iwebinfo.comDeep Link Directories Excellent Guide Links exchange and submission www.excellentguide.comDeep Link Directories MozDex Links exchange and submission www.mozdex.comDeep Link Directories Kwik Goblin Links exchange and submission www.kwikgoblin.comDeep Link Directories Elegant Directory Links exchange and submission www.elegantdirectory.comDeep Link Directories Mingle on Links exchange and submission www.mingleon.comDeep Link Directories Smittyz Links exchange and submission www.smittyzweb.comDeep Link Directories Your Index Links exchange and submission www.2yi.netDeep Link Directories Links Juice Links exchange and submission www.linksjuice.comDeep Link Directories Seven Seek Links exchange and submission www.sevenseek.comDeep Link Directories Links Giving Links exchange and submission www.linksgiving.comDeep Link Directories Links Arena Links exchange and submission www.linksarena.comDeep Link Directories Goo Linx Links exchange and submission www.goolinx.comDeep Link Directories Directory Free Links exchange and submission www.directory-free.comDeep Link Directories LDM Studio Links exchange and submission www.directory.ldmstudio.comDeep Link Directories Lite Directory Links exchange and submission www.litedirectory.comSearch Engine Exactseek www.exactseek.comSearch Engine Gigablast www.gigablast.comSearch Engine EntireWeb www.entireweb.comSearch Engine ScrubTheWeb www.scrubtheweb.comSearch Engine Amfibi www.amfibi.comSearch Engine Search Hippo www.searchhippo.comSearch Engine Towersearch www.towersearch.comArticle Repository Articles Factory Submit your article here www.articlesfactory.comArticle Repository Ezine Articles Submit your article here http://ezinearticles.comArticle Repository Article on Ramp Submit your article here www.articleonramp.comArticle Repository Idea Marketers Submit your article here www.ideamarketers.comArticle Repository Go Articles Submit your article here www.goarticles.comArticle Announcement Yahoo Groups Free Content http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/aabusinessArticle Announcement Yahoo Groups Free Content http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aabusinessArticle Announcement Yahoo Groups Free Content http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Free-Reprint-ArticlesArticle Announcement Yahoo Groups Free Content http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/aainet This tool allows you to determine the percentage of similarity betweenSimilar Page Checker Webconfs.com www.webconfs.com/similar-page-checker.php two pages. The exact percentage of similarity after with a searchCreative Commons Licences Creative Commons Share content legally http://creativecommons.orgPress Release Repository Business Wire Press Release Distribution www.businesswire.comPress Release Repository PR Newswire Press Release Distribution www.prnewswire.comPress Release Repository PR Web Press Release Distribution www.prweb.comPress Release Repository Vitual Press Office Press Release Distribution www.virtualpressoffice.comPress Release Repository PR Log Press Release Distribution www.prlog.orgBlogging Blogger www.blogger.comBlogging Drupal www.drupal.orgBlogging Joomla www.joomla.orgBlogging Moveable type www.moveabletype.orgBlogging Typepad www.typepad.comBlogging Wordpress http://wordpress.comBlog Directories Technorati Blog submission www.technorati.comBlog Directories Blogcatalog Blog submission http://www.blogcatalog.com/
  3. 3. Blog Directories Blog Hub Blog submission www.bloghub.comBlog Directories Blog Flux Blog submission www.blogflux.comBlog Directories Brit Blog Blog submission www.britblog.comBlog Directories Blogtoplist Blog submission www.blogtoplist.comBlog Directories Blog Dirs Blog submission www.blogdirs.com A service to update different search engines that your blog hasSyndication Ping-O-Matic http://pingomatic.com updatedFeeds FeedSweep www.feedsweep.comTagging Digg http://digg.comTagging Del.icio.us http://del.icio.usTagging Stumbleupon www.stumbleupon.comTagging Fark www.fark.comTagging Slashdot www.slashdot.orgTagging Propeller www.propeller.comTagging Reddit http://reddit.comTagging My Blog Log www.mybloglog.comTagging Kaboodle www.kaboodle.comTag Button Aggregator Add This www.addthis.comWikis Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.orgWikis Citizendium www.citizendium.comWikis Webopedia www.webopedia.comWikis About Us www.aboutus.orgWikis BBC www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2Lenses Sqiudoo Sharing content www.squidoo.comSpam Detector Search Engine Spam Detector http://tool.motoricerca.info/spam-detectorGoogle Adwords Goodle Adwords https://adwords.google.comUK Directories Applegate www.applegate.co.ukUK Directories Freeindex www.freeindex.co.ukUK Directories Lifestyle UK www.lifestyle.co.ukUK Directories Ozami www.ozami.co.ukUK Directories Splu www.splut.co.ukUK Directories B2B Index www.b2bindex.co.ukUK Directories Top Local Listings www.toplocallistings.co.ukUK Directories UK Business Directory www.business-directory-uk.co.ukUK Directories HaaBaa www.haabaa.co.ukLocalisation Google Maps http://maps.google.co.ukLocalisation Google Maps http://maps.google.comLocalisation Multimap www.multimap.comLocalisation Geocoder.us http://geocoder.usTaiwan Directory Cooperative Directory http://www.webdirectory.com.twTaiwan Directory Taiwan Directory http://www.taiwandirectory.com.twHong Kong Directory Web Guide Hong Kong www.index.webstudio.com.hkRussian Directory Russia on the Net www.ru/engRussian Directory Tickets of Russia www.ticketsofrussia.ru/russiaRussian Directory Rusmarket www.rusmarket.comLocalisation Panoramio www.panoramio.comGoogle Analytics Google Analytics Web Analytics www.google.com/analyticsGoogle Toolbar Google Toolbar http://toolbar.google.comGoogle AdSenseTraffic Monitoring Google Trends for Website Comapare Websites trend http://trends.google.com/websites?q=wikipedia.orgGoogle Labs Apps and Innovation Apps and Innovation http://www.googlelabs.com/?tags=search Google Suggest returns search queries based on other users searchGoogle Suggest Google Suggest search activities.Traffic Monitoring (Search) Google Trends Compare keywords http://www.google.com/trends Compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories,Traffic Monitoring (Volume) Google Insight http://www.google.com/insights/search/# time frames and properties.Keyword Performance Google rankings www.googlerankings.comKeyword Performance Google Alert www.googlealert.comKeyword Performance Go Rank www.gorank.comTraffic Monitoring Alexa Web Traffic www.alexa.comTraffic Monitoring Ranking.com Web Traffic www.ranking.comTraffic Monitoring Compete Web Traffic www.compete.comTraffic Monitoring Quantcast Web Traffic www.quantcast.comLink Popularity Checker Marketleap Link Popularity checker www.marketleap.com/publink/deafult.htmWeb Statistics Webalizer Stats www.webalizer.comWeb Statistics Awstats Stats http://awstats.sourceforge.netWeb Statistics Analog/Report Magic Stats www.reportmagic.org