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IMG (Philippines) Presentation


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The vehicle allowing us to achieve our vision and our mission. It has effective ways to build a business with its duplicatable, turnkey marketing system. It provides a great opportunity for individuals to become entrepreneurs and build their teams.

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IMG (Philippines) Presentation

  1. 1. What is IMG?
  2. 2. IMG means InternationalMarketing Group
  3. 3. OUR MISSIONTo Make Your Family’s Dream intoReality. We are committed in helpingfamilies achieve their dreams, throughour business opportunity, as well as ourproducts and concepts.
  4. 4. OUR VISIONTo Lead the Financial RevolutionInternational Marketing Group ispositioned to become the no.1 marketingcompany to deliver investment products& concepts to the average people on agrand scale.
  5. 5. IMG: The Total Financial Solution
  7. 7. Panganiban