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Australian curriculum resources in scootle


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Australian curriculum resources in scootle

  1. 1. Australian Curriculum resources in Scootle How to access
  2. 2. Access CNA Portal via CEVN:http://cevn.cecv.c
  3. 3. Select yourParticipant ID
  4. 4. Enter yourusername and password
  5. 5. Under the EducationResources tab,click on scootle
  6. 6. Choose Sciencefrom the ‘Find by Australian Curriculum’ tab
  7. 7. You will now see the strands of Science under each year level
  8. 8. Click on the strand you are interestedin. This enables youto read the content description and access resources
  9. 9. Resources organised under strand,content description and elaborations